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According to Malaysia-Today (Raja Petra) , this is the original medical report that had been given by Dr. Osman Abdul Hamid.

Now , tell me, what seems odd or out of place here? Let’s see if hundreds of people in Malaysia Today couldn’t see it, is there any chances of you noticing it?

I doubt the originality of this report.

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  • inba

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    -font on date looks diff from main report

    -too many grammatical and spelling errors, compared to the statutory declaration, if indeed they were written by the same person.

    -anything else?

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    IC number has one digit too many. *Could* be a typo.

    Font is the same, the test below the date is in bold. Thats all.

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    Exactly, The IC number.

    How can an official medical report has type error?

    Hmmm…sathre sintheke vendiye visiyem..

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    Hmm my guess is that since its not on the hospital’s letterhead, it could not be official and the doctor could have typed it up after he went in hiding. But of course, it could also mean anyone could have typed it and forged the signature, if it was the doctor’s signature in the first place.

    But then, I rather trust RPK than anyone else out there (including PR people).

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    IC number buta.com .. lol!

    Anyway, the letter seems to be kinda unprofessional and at the same time, I could not deny the fact that it might be wrong either.

    Hmmm… let’s wait and see..

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    @sactyr : Yep. RPK is the man, agreed bro. :D

    @Makkez : Athan bro, have to wait and see only lo i think.

  • Prasenna V

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    Forgive me for commenting on such a old post, especially on an issue that has died down already [as I think].. I just couldn’t help myself from laughing at the mockery of this lousiest medical report.
    As obvious it is, the letter is missing a freaking letterhead and this is from a leading healthcare center. Then, the IC number is another give away. Next is the format the letter is written is as if the medical officer is writing to a friend [like the ones we used to write back in school i.e surat kiriman tak rasmi] If I am not mistaken, all hospitals in Malaysia use the same format of patient history clerking. It has to be precise and straight to the point with MEDICAL information and not Descriptive information of what the doctor does. I am not even going to start about the grammatical error. Lastly, every letter signed by any officials requires a name stamp. This letter lacks one. Well I guess when DNA samples can be destroyed and not contaminated then this is after all jujubi report. Its Malaysia Boleh once again..Thought of sharing just for the laughs :)

    P/s: You have got me hooked to your blog for the past 4days and I am yet to feel bored.. Keep up the good humor and sarcasm streak. :)


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