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I was smoking in front of my house today in the field when I saw what I would describe a pitiful scene. It was kind of sorrow and heart-wrenching for me to see something like that. Of all the living things in the world, I would never want any to suffer. All deserves a good life.

While we, as normal human beings had always never been contended with life and always seem to give up whenever we face problems, I saw this quite unbelievable scene that boosted my self confidence that life, while we think sometimes it is difficult at times, is not actually the way we think it is.

The character like what you would be expecting does not belong to our group. It is not human. It is an animal. A dog for that matter. It’s a small dog, probably a puppy, and what we usually describe this kind of dogs is stray dogs. In Tamil, “Sorri Nai”.

That put a smile on your face. It’s uncountable the number of times I’ve been called like that. Indeed, maybe you’ve got the same experience too. Maybe someone just called you like that. Maybe your relatives called you ” Sorri Nai”.

Let me describe the dog. It was a small puppy. Small enough to be cute, if it was brought up with good care. Unfortunately, this puppy was not so lucky I believe. All over the body, it has the “sorri” as what you would describe it in Tamil. One of its leg was broken I believe and the way it was walking was too painful to see. From the other part of the body, few maggots-like creatures are crawling out, perhaps trying to grasp some fresh air.

“This one is not going to last long, I said to myself’

Enough of Mr. Puppy. Yes, I saw that dangling thing somehow, so it was a male. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this kind of stray dogs all over your housing area or perhaps in other places.

What had Mr. Puppy done that amused me anyway? What had a stray dog done that brought him to Presenting an animal as a centre of the topic had never been my normal modus operandi.

Mr. Puppy, with all the sufferings it was going through as I mentioned earlier, still trying to survive. It had never given up, not just yet at the moment I saw it. It was looking for food. It was eating the left-over’s of chicken bones some very clean Malaysians had thrown over the field. It was walking with a broken leg and maggot-like worm infected body looking for food.

With all this defects and no one taking care of it, it is still trying to survive. It is still trying to live out the last moment, going out and finding for food. There was no adult bitch anywhere around. Yes, the first time I’m using bitch to actually point to a female canine animal. So, this puppy was all alone.

While we tend to give up so easily in life when a small problem comes, this so unfortunate puppy is trying to make a living out of nothing. While some of us are living in luxury and still not contended with what we have, this puppy is showing the way, how to lead a life.

No, don’t be too sentimental. But then, this is not an M1 article either.

Ask yourself, how many of us really suffer things that bad in life? While we tend to think pain and suffering that we’re having now is the worst in life, have you ever seen worst one? Have you ever gone around the charity house and try to see how some other unfortunate ones lead their life?

How some kids who can’t see this world lead their life? While we have all, we claim that life is hard. Life is testing you. Life is this, life is that. And some of us dare claim that sometimes it’s not worth living.

Some of us are down without fighting. Some of us take everything sensitively.

When people mock you, take out the positive thing. When people do not think you’re not worth to be with them, prove your worth to them. When they say what you’re doing is wrong, prove to them that what is right and what is wrong is just a set of rules created by none other than our own species.

Studying for many is a thing we complain almost all the time in life. Remember, we’re the fortunate ones to have at least got an education in our life. Sometimes what we have at home had never been good enough. We would rather spend it out in Mc D’s and KFC . We eat our heart out without thinking they’re some that do not even have anything to eat.

And that is the sole reason I try to involve myself into charity. And that is why I urge all of you, my dearest visitors and readers of this site, do something. A small amount of money or your energy would be useful for some unfortunate ones out there.

Sometimes I do wonder. I hardly go to temples. Yet, when I do , I find how our Indian society spends their money out just like that. I’ll give you scenarios.

Scenario 1 :
You’re in a temple.
‘Ayer’ walks towards you in the temple with his huge belly and well, bell.

‘Ting,ting, ting,ting’, and then shows you the ‘arethi thatte’.You put your hands around the fire and ‘wash’ up your face. The ‘holy Brahmin puts some ‘thiruneer’ or holy ash into your hands. You take out RM 5 without thinking twice and put it on the plate.

Scenario 2:
You’re drinking away with your friends in a seafood restaurant.
A blind person walks to you with her small child and shows you the basket full of tissues.

Either you brush off the poor child away or squeeze out some coins from your pocket and put it in the basket.

Even if we give out the few coins or most to most RM 1, we would be complaining to our friends how these people are cheating in the name of donation and so on.

When a man with a belly throws some ashes, you willingly donate. To whom? You don’t know. God eh? Laugh out loud, at ourselves.

While you give away so much of money each week in temple, donating it to God as you might think, why so much fuss for giving it to another unfortunate human being?

I’ve seen my uncle putting RM 50 and so on. My mother taking out the red notes and many, many Indians doing the same thing too. Yet, how many of us visit charity homes or at least help the unfortunate one?

And so by putting that amount of money we claim ourselves to be nearing God or we’re highly devoted person. We frequent temples each week, is that how frequent we visit charity homes or orphanage homes for that matter?

Remember, religion is not all about having God, it’s about having faith.

There are few moral of the stories here;

1. Smoking is hazardous to health.
2. Wake up; you’re not suffering from the worst of things in the world.
3. Do as much as you could for others, charity wise.

Back to the puppy story. As some unwanted passing dicks from Friendster would be commenting what I have done for the puppy myself.

I can’t give food because all I have is a pack of cigarettes.

And please do not ask me why I did not take it back home. I just can’t. My mother would just brush it off by saying:

Ingge parrah,Ore sorri nai innore sorri nai kuttite varethe pareh.
(Look here, a stray dog is bringing another one back home)

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    Poor puppy…..I’m reading a lot of article related to puppy’s bad situation lately….
    I have wondered too,why people tend to spend a lot for God but not for another human being..Not enough of temples ard,some even have their own temple in house,well,it’s not wrong I say but indeed of spending thousand on a pooja and other sort of things,isn’t it better to do something with that much of cash for any orphanage home…Why don’t they think how much help do that kids need not want..but its a “need”.

    They spend thousands on a pooja and some do charity in temple..Why don’t do it in charity and orphanage home….I would rather spend for orphanage home than spending for God..God gave us that all and we are giving back that all to Him? How silly? Buy fruits and give it to orphanage home….Its better!

    Ingge parrah,Ore sorri nai innore sorri nai kuttite varethe pareh…LOL…U can write an article based on this too..Indians mentality….Cheers!

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    a puppy make u to think all this matter in the post… some ppl looking at this kind of “puppy” and say “naiye, chi poo”…hehehe…….funny rite, as it is the puppy come and beg for money….some ppl will help some ppl wont….dun help also its ok but some will chase the small puppy and throw stones al…..

    as u say…ppl spend more money with the name of god but very rare ppl spend money for charity and so on….because they never think and just doing wat people do……give money in temple means, gempak la… enavo…….simple la…rather than spending money on helding a birthday party al, better go orphanage home n spend ur time n money with them…they will be happiest person for u……think ppl…..

    *nice taught mr.durai…..

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    […] side of the planet! That is life, that is karma people! Talking about dogs, you might wanna read this article as […]

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    It has been a mind-boggling question for many as where does all the temple donation money goes… For the temple construction/upgrading, for the priests, for the temple ‘owner’, for the owner’s family or even to the god, which seems to be a joke…?

    I believe gods are the one who should be giving us some ‘luck’ and monies, and not we helping those gods by giving our monies. It is the needy, the unfortunate people who really needs our money. But even in that, we are having some difficulties in differentiating which is real and which is fake!

    Damn, enna oru valke ithu…

    Savadi article bro…. Ending semmeh M1… =b

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    The dog’s courage to life is really great .

    When facing promlem and feel frustated , i will tell to myself : ” There is many people out there facing bigger problem thean yours , compare to thier problem , your problem is nothing “. After telling this to myself , i will get a very powerfull intrinsic motivation to face my own problem .

    Try it out , it really works.

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    Bro, article rumbe touching ah iruke.. Ore hidden messsage vere … very nice and i cant stop laughing after reading the finishing line ahahahahhah

  • varsha.d

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    Good article..

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    First time reading this article as well… Written 3 years ago huh?? Nice..

    “Ingge parrah,Ore sorri nai innore sorri nai kuttite varethe pareh”- This made me laugh.. =P

  • Kasvini

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    hahahhaha… the last part.. oh my… THis was a serious article but the last part just made me laugh.

    yea… come to think of it… I’d put in more money for the temple than charity. haizz…. well, we’re gonna engage in more fruitful charity fundraisers this semester, so I hope that takes off some guilt in me.

  • EnPeeruPadiyappa

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    Hi Durai,
    I’ve been introduced to your blog today and have to say many truths speaking blogs, want to comment few either as one off or maybe even as a regular…we’ll see. Overall you have touched few home truths.

    You have misconstrued the concept of this money donation (one of which I have noted in few blogs). I am one of few million, who donates money to temple, brushes off the blind people with a child but donates money / raise money to/for charity at same time. You mentioned your uncle throws 50s and your mum throws red notes. But these are the notes that buys milk and flowers to be presented to God. This is the same notes that serves ponggal, kadalai, mothagam and vadai on Fridays, as God’s offerings to the people who visit HIM. Believing in GOD is one of the source that leads you to good dicipline in life and know your path (regardless if they exists or not!) – trust me, there are times where I ask where is GOD when I needed him the most? I cannot judge if you believe in GOD though some articles points out to NO, though I maybe wrong and could be judging you harshly.
    Then goes to the blind people we brush off, begging for money. You can see this issue as a glass either half empty or half full. Ultimately, you dont know why these people are begging? Have you ever asked a beggar what if you have offered food to them instead of money? (After all, isnt that what they are begging money for? A packet of food and a glass of water). They are sure to decline it! I have come across few myself. Why they prefer the money? To give it to the “Gang Leader” who runs this Begging Society/Group. If they dont come back with money, maybe they get beaten. But same time if they do come back with money, do you think they see a cent of it? Surely you must have watched Slumdog Millionaire? The blind boy by the tunnel? Thats not imagination, thats the reality check! I personally do not give money (if my offer for food is declined) as it gives me a perception that declining food means the money either goes to the leader, or to drugs/alcohol, which i hate to encourage.
    Unfortunately we are human being and its normal to make certain judgement in life that could be bad or good. I can ask you the same question – they say Dogs are Man’s best friend. If you lie injured, do you see 101 dogs walking past you trying to help you? No, maybe just one – if you are lucky. We are just like that. We may not be able to help every single charity thats out there (otherwise by now it will be me who needing the charity!), but we help where its possible and where we can. That doesnt mean, our offerings to GOD should be challenged, just because I chose to donate money to HIM than to an unlucky recipient.

    Good blog otherwise, i have read few and another comment for another blog is to come :)

  • simple_mind

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    dog is human’s best fren.. i love you Didi..

  • Racquel Edey

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    Bon article


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