Thunder vs Raaga

On the way driving to work everyday which takes at least half an hour, I enjoy listening to music. Yes, just like the rest of you. Well, I do not listen to radio unless I’m driving early in the morning.

And well, something triggered my mind to write about this. I was listening to this THR Raaga channel when I started comparing it to our very prominent For those who needs translation, it’s ‘’.*Smile.

From the day I ever start listening to radios which might be around 10 years ago, I’ve to tell you, I’ve never ever enjoyed listening to our or formerly known as “Vanulli 6″.

Why? Well, that’s what this post is all about.

Before I start off, let me forewarn you that I hold no grudge towards the radio deejays and so on. I’m just trying to showcase my points through my ‘own blog, I repeat, ‘my own blog’, on why I do not personally prefer

I would personally prefer a radio show that has a lot of variety in it. You would definitely get tired of listening to the same old crap again and again.

See, deejays should know how to crack jokes. They should know how to make people laugh. The problem is, most of the jokes that is being told over seem to be too lame. The deejays usually try to crack some jokes using excellent Tamil language command and what we call as ‘suhthe Tamil’. Mind you, the previous word did not refer to ‘ass’.

When they try to do these things, usually it ends up with a very lame ending. I’ve sometimes try to at least interpret their in between crack joke lines but just could not get the point on where they’re heading to.
I end up looking stupid myself.

The only person laughing in the end would only be the deejay themselves. If you try to tell a joke and the only person laughing for it is you, then you know how it looks like.

Next comes the selection of songs. The worst in the world I would say the least. Most of the time, songs that I’ve never heard before would be playing. I do not really know where they pick these songs from but that really explains the real reason why people do not really turn on for the purpose of listening to songs.

All the ‘kuppe’ songs would be playing and all would be exactly at the time everyone would be turning on to listen to radios. I mean peak hours. I remember once I was listening to at 4 am in the morning, and they played quite a few 80’s songs which was really soothing. But a few songs later, they returned to their ‘kuppe’ songs selection.

I do not really know why THR Raaga can play good and recognizable songs while the other can’t do the same thing. I wonder if that would lead to copyright infringement for the songs. But how come Raaga able to do it?

Sometimes when I work the whole night, I listen to radios. Without any choice because THR Raaga is only for half a day, I’ve to tune in to

And the songs would really keep me awake the whole night. Mind you, because it adds up the stress level on you with the songs that is played. You would be cursing and wondering where they find these songs from.

See, it is not wrong to copy a concept from other radio stations and implement it in your own station. After all, if it is entertaining, why not? That’s what I’ve seen THR Raaga is currently doing. Their daily morning program of making prank calls is almost similar to the one done by

That’s where your creativity comes into picture. A deejay should be exploiting new ideas on how to entertain their listeners.

Let me tell what I usually hear:

Kalai mani mundre mupethe rende. Adethe padelei virimbe kepervegel, Muthu Mentakab, Saroja Johor Bahru ,Vimalan Kannan Karupayah Muthu kumaran Subang eh senthevergel,Seetha ,Meena, Mani, Jeeva Seremban ….

And the list of name and location goes on for another one minute…

After an excruciating few minutes, finally the song plays. You know what would the song would be, NO, you wouldn’t! I bet that might be the first time in your life you would have heard that song!

Where do people have the patients to listen to all this name and location, enough deejays, your thunder is striking too hard.

Kamachi Meenachi Vantachi Poyachi Mayirachi ne sollikithe,cut it short, and even if you have to rap about all that before the song, put some quality songs ay. Something that is good, I don’t even mind listening to MGR songs.

After midnight, if I’m not mistaken there is this program where listeners who cant’ sleep can send in poems and so on. There will be few heartbroken young Indian schooling teenagers sending out SMS and do you know how fucking boring is that when you have to listen when the deejays read that out? Oh god.

And yes, simple, if I don’t like, I should just turn it off right or switch to another right? Indeed. That’s what I did.

What about you? Raaga va Minnal ah?





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    I think I have stopped listening to this both channels few years ago..i have own song collection and prefer to listen then their fully slotted with irritating ads..Both totally lame…If thunder with lame songs,THR will be lame advertisements….Ads will take about 15 minutes of the program that supposed to be for 30 minutes…wth….THR deejays do crack some lame jokes too…and some of the deejays damn irritating with their talks wic makes no sense, stupid jokes and laughs and their so called innovative ads..sigh

    Conclusion = both are lame with own style of lameness.

  • inba

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    ahah…old time memories….does still suck as it used to?
    back in 03, i used to stay up all finishin my lastminute homework n stuff. and needed a companion real bad while doin’em.

    1) astro vaanavils’ night programmes were real fucked up with b & c grade movies being repeated over 142 times. oosai boleh tahanla

    2)tv distracts, so i tuned the radio to 96.7 (kedah side)-minnal minnaaaaalll fm. like pundek only some fukers had to send their dedications at the middle of the night telling that they missed their loved ones and other bullshit stuff..
    -“im getting married tommorrow and im exteremely happy”,
    (go rest 4 ur shanti muhurthamla sis)
    -“my moms’ aunts’ grandmas’ mamas’ great-grandson is turning 21″
    (athukku enna ippo? bachelor party vekkelema?)
    and this has been dedicated by brothers (name name name) sisters (name name name) mother, father (name name name)oops, mamas (name name name) auntys (name name name) MATRUM UTRAAR URAVINAARGAL…ENNA KODUMAI SARAVANA ITHU!

    now, who the fuck is listening to thunder fm at kalai(pirpagal) mani 4:23 am & waiting for their name to be announced on the radio? i do accept that there are servicemen like lorry ottinars who work when the world sleeps…
    besides, the messed up song compilation that thunder fm plays wud put someone to sleep, literally.
    so, consequently pemandu lori pun tertidur while driving and terbabas ke dlm gaung di kilometer 351, lebuhraya utara-selatan.

    & as u said their “*suhthe tamil” just kanot jokela’pa….memang tak boleh..
    (*to ease the mind-boggling “assness” confusion tat may arise due to this word, u may instead opt 2 say “tuyye tamil” )..
    but this tamil doesnt kill as quick as the tamil spoken in “sun seithikal”

    3) one fine sunday, i found out tat raam n ananda had started their late nite slot from 12 to 6 am…
    the show was cantik macam bunga with awesome guests and my most anticipated moment was “MM top 10″ wic lists our mannin mainthargal songs. the two of them revived my lost love for local songs after too many “keys” themed bands appeared
    but shit…it was only on sunday nights/monday mornings!!!

    f*ck…im runnin outta needs to catch the bus to college now….

    kelunggal mahgilunggal unggal thr raaga’vil matrume…

  • IP

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    Good Day All,

    I have to agree with Durai and Inba(super post inba)….

    I usually and frequantly drive to penang to my in-laws.And i love driving at night.I start my journey at 7pm and THR tutup kedai at 8pm on fridays….After THR tutup kedai…i change from listening to Radio to Listening to CD’s…
    (WHY I DO THIS….Same reason like Inba said.. i dont want to terbabas at into gaung at KM351 Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan)
    This shows how much i love

    Their Telugu,Punjabi,Hindi songs is a killer ….I wonder why they dont play Malayalam songs….hmmmm

    THR is good… I dont say its great….Once they were the medicine selling station…U can find all the ad’s on Patti Vaithiyem,rohini,nanari and whatever crap peddled by the station….got irritating…

    Beggars cant be choosers…Since the indian community got only 2 stations…(not like the chinese or malays)…my current preferance is THR….

    AND THR is doing a great job promoting Local Indian Musicans..KUDOS to the Station…



  • nesha

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    Good morning.

    Very good topic. Normally most of us in JB never listen to Thunder FM and also THR… We choose Oli 96.8 which is singapore radio station and its 24hrs operated radio station. You also can choose to listen thru online..

    I think Thunder FM can try to copy some of the programs from this radio station.

    please log on to oli 96.8

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    I’m for Minnal FM :) . I prefer their suthe tamil over THR’s “FM” tamil

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    i prefer Walkman or Mp3,4,5 players… wud be better…
    no adds and can listen which song we 1…!

    bro, its my opinion… not heart feeling bangge!


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    @rubenee : In a way, what you’re saying is correct Rubee. Raaga sometimes had been very irritating with their ads. But that’s their source of revenue.

    @inba : Bro,innum konjem ellithirinthigeh enode article nithike vathe irukum.Hehe.NETHI ADI POINT BRO. I never knew radio channels had been contributing to the fatal accidents in the highways la bro…ena kodumeh bro ithe..

    @IP : Correct bro. One thing that I respect about them is promoting local artists. At least something rather than nothing

    @nesha : we can only listen to Oli 96.8 if we reside in Johor unfortunetaly. Well, somehow listening it online today, I find it not bad. Thanks for the suggestiong Nesha.

    @ Novinthen : Eneke ethera peserethe unggeleke hobby ah pochi bro…hehehe.chumma than bro.. :D

    @Theeyes05 : Not at all bro. In fact, thats what I’m doing now bro. My mobile is helpful. Ungge opinion type pandretheke than bro comment box iruke..therike udengge bro..:D

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    Agreed fully bro. One thing that I noticed about THR Raaga is the voice of Uthaya. Since they just copied’s Gotcha call to do a prank call on their own, at least they should consider putting someone else instead of Uthaya as his voice is so freaking common! And, his voice is kinda ‘heavy’ though…. Sometimes it hurts my ears when he changes his voice ‘slightly’ to do a prank call.

    As for Minnal.FM, it is “Old school”. Enough said.

    Both of them should put more MALAYALAM songs bro. We need MALAYALAM songs!

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    both are shits….dont have own style..
    i prefer to download the song i wan n listen

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    related post at my blog.. drop by :)

    makkez ingeyum malayalamaaaaaa
    thaaaange mudileh daaa ssaaaaaaaammiiiiiiii

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    @Makkez : Lol…very true bro. Sometimes maybe the one they call already knew it was Uthaya, and they were play acting that can be famous on radio kot..

    @mmuurrllyy : At the end of the day, download and listen..thats my choice too bro..

    @rujjcoomarh :Itho vanthuthen broo…..

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    ‘Kamachi Meenachi Vantachi Poyachi Mayirachi ne sollikithe’ wakaka bro….indha line semma settai :D

    inge kodheya malayalam kadhe odhede makkez bro ….

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    @JuNiO VinodX : Biasa thane bro..M1 style…
    M1 official broadcaster of Malayalees love problem bro…hahhaa..

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    haha… nadekethum2
    naala irundha cheri…..

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    late a vanthalum, late a thaan varuven..haha..both radio stations are superb (vomiiting blood for day light lies)!!haha, u’ve got what i meant rite?get an usb portable fm modulator ( if on budget) or get a usd input car player, download ur fav song from ms viswanathan to james vasanth (subramaniyapuram music director) and just plug and play instead of listening to their junks…thr’s prank show is full of shit…cant they come up with own fucking ideas?and stop imitating and doing mimicry la, fucking irritating pundah kalutheis…read at rujj’s blog, good tuppu for them…minnal was a total junk and now is a better junk, i would say…they are improving, we shall wait and see the progress…

  • Anonymous Gal

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    I think minnal is lightning. Thunder in tamil is edi rite???? shudn’t it be lightning fm. instead of thunder fm????? hmmmmm…….

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    @vickn3s : Seriyah sonigeh bro…at the end of the day..portable players are the most reliable..

    @Anonymous Gal : I’m not really sure about that..As far as I’m concerned, both carries the same meaning..anyone cares to enlighten?

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Hmmmm…..Google lar….thunder is edi….minnal is lightning….i am pretty sure….

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Hmmmm…..Google lar….thunder is edi….minnal is lightning….i am pretty sure….;)

  • Kasvini

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    well.. recently, Thunder’s got some good name from me. I mean, their morning show questions are more interesting and just creative. Well, at least creative and refreshing for the lapuk hapuk narrow indian entertainment mind. I was rather intrigued by people’s choices of least favourite words in Tamil. And it was a change when people actually exchanged real opinions about keeping pets or not.

    TAPI!!! THR’s prank calls sound fake, annoying, and why would I wanna listen to someone pretend to be pranked? and it’s so annoyingly ridiculous, I’d slam the phone in seconds already if it were me, but these people are so free to entertain freaks that can be nothing but pranksters. And guess what brilliant debate question THR came up with for new year’s eve. Who talks more? men or women?

    Bengap lar…. asyik asyik batu apikan the sexes. it’s not like the listeners have time to go and dig up social behavior research papers to cite on their way to work. So the debate ends up childish and shallow emotional crap worth nothing. What are we going to gain from such silly topics that head nowhere but hostility between the sexes? Yea.. one aunty will come and talk shit bout men. One syok sendiri tata will come and gossip bout women better than he claims women can do it themselves. Then, some wise girl would come and soothe out the issue or some wise guy would do it and sound like a MAHAAN. If no listener calls to play the peacekeeper, all the better for the deejay cause then, the deejay can act like some maahaan moole that can solve the question of which sex talks the most.

    Haizzz… not to mention the kinda “WE SHOULD SHOOT THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS SONG!” songs. local songs are good but there’s only that much violent incomprehensible Tamil rap someone can take. And itu pun usually Tamil (lyrics) tamil(lyrics) tamil(dunno what he’s saying). Some raps have good meanings but could do better if a better rapper raps it cause I can understand only bits and pieces. Besides that, there are these THR favourite brag subjects: Pathetically depressing kadhal pattus with really sick lyrics and near 0 originality.

    Yippediye ponnal, yarru onnum velanggathe Kpop kekame irrupa? I’d rather just listen to a collection of good Japanese, Korean, Hindi and REAL TAMIL SONGS than add kolaveri to my driving by listening to the radio. or even do my own Wedding Dress impersonation in the car.


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