Petrol PKK


I believe you would have read about this : Petrol price down


It’s a relief for all of us, some of the Malaysians might think. Behold my friends, as this might be just another political gimmick by our beloved Government.


Why do they have to reduce petrol price sooner than expected? I expect you to know the answers.


It coincides with the upcoming Permatang Pauh by-election. A clear tactic to pull some cheap sympathy votes perhaps and to show that the Government ‘cares’.


Increased RM 0.78 and reduced a mere RM 0.15. Anyway, my dear Government, the damage is already done. Prices of goods had done up, in fact everything is up, except for my salary.


Shoot up another man onto the moon and waste up some more money with our tax. And give him Datukship when he comes back.

“Kita tak nak kena tipu lagi la bang. Ini taktik budak kecik.”


By the way, don’t worry because the petrol price is only decreased 15 cent. I wanted to tell you all for quite some time. Sebenarnya :



We’re friends. I will discuss with him and make the petrol price 15 cent instead of reducing 15 cent. Haha.


Undilah PKK! Parti Kau Kaya! Hahaha. Siapa mau join?

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