Amoi Racist? Wah La Wei…

Now, more and more drama unfolds this weekend when first I saw the posting of Vicknes in his blog about a racist Chinese blogger who posted up some flaming article. Since it was already highlighted, there was nothing much need to be done with the ‘amoi’ after all the bashing she got.

Bitter Truth..

I’ve got this through e-mail and I’m not sure if you have read this before. A well written article. Read and ponder. A well written M1 article. If you know the author of this, please contact me.


I’ve got something new on my car today. It matches my car color, and best of all, reminds everyone that the struggle continues…

God,Help Me!

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kita berehat seketika dari politik. ——————————————————————————— My grandmother came to my house the other day just for a visit. Well, a visit led to a stay. Being a not so-popular grandson all of this while, I’ was anticipating some sarcastic comments to be made by her. Well, she didn’t disappoint me.


1. It’s the day promised by Anwar and I was not surprised why Anwar couldn’t keep up with his words. I don’t mind waiting a few more weeks even. 2. The Government are trying their best to stop any transition of power . Best examples what happened and what is happening now. 3. I agree […]

Nation in Distress

Once I woke from sleep today, as usual it is time for me to check my blog. Immediately I got hold of the most breaking news of this year for me, the draconian and most poisonous ISA law had been unleashed to contain the transformation of power. I’m very much interested in who on the […]


For all the people who lost their lives on the September 11 tragedy, let’s pray for their soul to rest in peace. Allah Malik.

Never ending

I’ve been following up  a forum lately and somehow it linked up to this blog in which something so degrading about Hinduism had been pictured . It’s about Makkal Sakthi as well. What they have understood about Makkal Sakthi is Sakthi means our goddess and the Islamic people of Opposition party are actually shouting the name […]

Indian Machan

I was inspired by something that I read in my Friendster and in another blog to write about this. No, do not worry. This time my rifles are not pointed towards bashing something that is totally unnecessary. That is the reason my first line used the word ‘inspired’ rather than the word ‘raged’. First of […]

16 9

I like the number 69 because it resembles something. But anyway, it’s not 69 but its 16 9. The question is :Do you really think the September 16 th takeover by DSAI is really going to happen? For a man with that much capability, I for one would say Yes, it might. What is your […]