Indian Machan

I was inspired by something that I read in my Friendster and in another blog to write about this. No, do not worry. This time my rifles are not pointed towards bashing something that is totally unnecessary. That is the reason my first line used the word ‘inspired’ rather than the word ‘raged’.

First of all, I’m having quite a lot of problems to deal with lately and losing few articles had really troubled me into updating my blog as per normal. Apologies. Rest assured, I pledge to make things as entertaining as it has always been whenever I write something.

See, being an Indian , we always have something in common when it comes to our daily activities. More common in a way how we deal some things in our life.

Let me walk you through to some introduction on what I would like to talk about today. Indian teenagers refers to them as ‘Machans; now that applies if you’re Indian and you’re in between the age group of 17- 27. Why it ends at 27 is because most of us end up sleeping with their own wife instead of screwing around with the girlfriends after that age.

So, the story is like this:

What describes you as a true Indian Machan? Read on. Some of the points to describe and I know there is more.

1. You come back home drunk and your father slaps you and says that you’re a totally useless son.

1.1 The same father goes and tells to the relatives how proud he is after you graduated or started working

2. Your mother calls you like 5-10 times if you’re not at home by 10 pm.

3. You called another guy ‘punda maven’ unnecessarily even if he is just looking at you

4. You think it looks cool to wind down your window and blast your cheap standard Kancil speakers in front of a school
5. You can top up for your girlfriend, but when your mother wants to use your phone, always no credit.

6. You go to clubs with 25 of your friends and all of you share money and end up buying a bottle of liquor.

7. You advice your younger cousins do not drink alcohol while having a bottle of beer in your hand.

8. You drink up with your friends and call a girl in the middle of the morning and bash her up with all kind of bad words.

9. All you have to talk with your friends when you drink is how a girl cheated you.

10. You put some local Tamil movies songs and dance your hearts out in birthday or wedding dinner.

11. You shout ‘Merdeka’ all the way driving back home while holding a bottle of beer
12. You feel proud when your girlfriend or your friends calls you ‘Kudikaren’.

13. You go to Thaipusam and feel like you want to dance when you hear the ‘Urumee Melam’.

14. You get beaten up or threatened by your girlfriend’s brothers.
15. You say the girl is a bitch if you heard she got 2 boyfriends or more before this.

16. You go to a wedding and your relative compares you with the other cousins on how you’re doing in life.

17. You wear boot cut jeans and you think ‘carrot’ cut is for lamers.

18. You drink for every occasion – Thaipusam, Deepavali, Ponggal, Death, Birth, ‘Vayaseke Vanthe Day’, Wedding, Engagement, Divorce, Valentine, Friendship and others.

19. You can love other’s sister, but others can’t love your sister.

20. You buy cheap liquors, drink outside the club, and then go inside the club and order a jug of beer and stay until the club closes.

And the list will go on and on. Please take note this is just for fun but actually it does contain some truth on it. Ponder upon the points; you might have done some yourself. Have a pleasant weekend!

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  • OG

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    number 19 is 100% true:)

    bro,y only machans..when wan to post about indian machais???

    nice posting nyways!:)

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Thanx for the knowledge….now i know i must find an indian guy above 27 years….:)

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    hahaha, nice posting…the truly indian machans definition!!!anonymous gal, im 27, yeppadi/???lolz

  • Anonymous Gal

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    vickn3s: Yepaadi na? Ok thaan….phone num kadaikuma? lol…Ur gf gonna bring velekemaru and hit me….ennaku theyveya kawan? eneke appeh veke pakiringele….nyayama? lol… just for fun…

  • Hotel room

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    u ppl know wat? smtimes not all guys like dat.there a some grp of ppl using MACHAN to resembles the thick frenship.watever its just a word to identify smthng like our name.
    using word MACHAN wont causing anything bad…guys above 27 cnt consider as gud and below 27 cnt consider bad…

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Hotel room:
    Ok. If you are the machan for thick friendship guy then u shud not care wat other people say rite. Why is it so important of wat other ppl say? If ur the “machan” mentioned in the article, be proud somebody took the liberty of writing abt u on the net, if ur not on of them just laugh it off la….i am sure the blogger is not talking abt all the one who uses machan….ithukke ellam tensyen aikithe..aiyeyyeyeye..hehe….

    p/s: Hanya org yang makan cili akan rasa pedas. :)

  • mini

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    You drink for every occasion – Thaipusam, Deepavali, Ponggal, Death, Birth, ‘Vayaseke Vanthe Day’, Wedding, Engagement, Divorce, Valentine, Friendship and others

    “**and also wen PTPTN money is in**”=p

    gd post bro!**cheers**

  • Hotel Room

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    Anonymous Lady:

    Thanks pa;;;;;

    p/s: Ithu setta kuttam ila ma,tannaga sentha kuttam.

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    point no 20 … mmm “athe ore alagiya kaana kaalam…”

    bro maybe you add another point.. saturday nite/sunday morning, go to Joy supermarket(bfields) around 2am buy alcohol, sit at the bus stop across the road and get drunk.

    – Friends birthday must have flour hitting, egg hitting, irutu adi as well.

    20.1 Before clubbing drink cheap liquor in taman in some housing area

    – still come to school after form 5, wth the same kancil with the same music, so called mande.. meet all the juniors and smoke.

    – During my time, all the Indian fellas will lepak in central market (also known as CM) 1st floor mamak restaurant, especially saturday afternoon coz thats the time MGS,CBN will finish their ko-kurikulum and girls will be going to Kasturi.

    – Half of the Indians will take tuition in SMC or Kasturi

    adding to no 17 – jeans tampal.

    haahhaha savadi posting bro.. neenge vaalgha bro.. palandu vaalgha..!

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    @OG : Indian machais ah, girls version ah bro…vanthe kithe iruke bro, kavaleh padathingge. Thanks anyway bro.

    @Anonymous Gal : Vicky sokah palethe pottare la…epediyoh ungge kulleh deal panni ore naleh mudiveh ke vangge…hehehe

    @vicknes : Bro, gap le punthe vilaadrengge bro…:D

    @Hotel room : Agreed bro. Thick friendship is the name for their relationship. But what I’ve written about is the characteristics bro. And I never said anything Machans are bad la bro. After all, half of the things stated in the post, I’ve done it myself bro. Part and parcel of life, wouldnt you agree bro?Cheers.

    @mini : Athe seri bro. PTPN kase edethe ipedi vereyah. Hehe. Hari ini minum, lepas kerja boleh bayar ansur ansur.

    @rujjcoomarh : Joy supermarket – Bro, ninggelum anthe kaki thana. Ithe nan ethirpakeleh bro. One season le athe port la than bro thanni adipom…And I studied in the college below Kasturi. If anyone here from KL , they will well understood all your remaining points are 100% true bro. Lol.

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Etho neenge vickn3s kitte reccomend panne paravale….atleast i got kawan to get villkemaru adi from vickn3s gf.LOL eppadi? join panringela?

  • mini

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    @mini : Athe seri bro……..


    btw its my uni’s tradition wen ptptn money cumz in..hehe..n worst scenario dey can cal us(galz) 2 share money wid dem n buy liqour..haha=p

  • mini gurl

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    @mini : Athe seri bro……..

    ((bro ille..sis..hehe**wink**))

    btw its my uni’s tradition wen ptptn money cumz in..hehe..n worst scenario dey can cal us(galz) 2 share money wid dem n buy liqour..haha=p

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    bro.. katthi lar… neengelum angethaana… hahaha athe ore alagiya kaana kaalam..

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    Hehe….its fun indeed….made my day : )

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    hahaha…is this based on experience,bro? really funny..
    BTW,everything is true..cannot deny it..=P

    Inthe vaisye ponna,veera vaisye ille..

  • upm

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    savadi post bro.. tamilan ache.. apdithan.. ethe nadenthetho athe nandrage nadanthethe, ethe nadenthekitereko athevum nandrage nadenthekondireke, ethe nadakeirekerethon athevum nandrage nadekum.. all hail tamilan machans.. cool..

  • OG

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    lol… a girl ler:)

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    @Anonymous Gal – Ena udengeppa samy…

    @mini – UNi tradition ah…Ipedi ellam vereh tradition nadeketha…

    @rujjcoomarh – Athethan bro…hehehe….

    @Veni – Your comment made my day too…hehe

    @Solomon Apaya – Based on true experience la bro…hehe

    @upm – Seriyah sonnigeh bro..

    @OG – Ninggelum girl ah…Sorry..

    To all, hopefully everyone can show a hint about your gender in your nick lo…susah la..asyik panggil semua bro je…lepas tu silap pulak…


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    Haha.. savadi facts bro…

    No.19 respekkk! =D

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    Wow. What a cool blog. Its all about life and humor. You know how to hold the viewers. A big salute for you and I wish u good luck.

  • Nesh

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    You can top up for your girlfriend, but when your mother wants to use your phone, always no credit.

  • Harveena

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    Hahaha so true…


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