Nation in Distress

Once I woke from sleep today, as usual it is time for me to check my blog. Immediately I got hold of the most breaking news of this year for me, the draconian and most poisonous ISA law had been unleashed to contain the transformation of power.

I’m very much interested in who on the first place got arrested. What on earth is going on in Malaysia today? How come our current Government are so naive and show such a low level attitude to the people that had trusted and voted them?

All this because they want to stop the transformation of power? Ignorant people will never learn on how to do the best things for the people. We all knew it was coming , but I did not expect a mere journalist who reported the truth got arrested.

Well, as much of you would agree with me, this is no more a personal issue. It had escalated to a national issue. What a clear sign of injustice in this country?

On what grounds can a journalist be arrested ? Because of reporting on what Ahmad The Ass Mail told? What the fuck? That’s her job. This is so unfair.

I’ve never cared what really fucking thing happening in politics today as all I cared about is living together happily just as usual with my Malay and Chinese brothers and sisters. What a bid to crackdown the Sept 16 takeover.

Look, Dear Gomen, you’ve been arresting Raja Petra like it is your part time job anytime you want him. Perhaps you would bring up one of his article and say he had insulted this shit and that shit.

Peace of shit.

See, The Star today reported that multiple Islam Religious parties had reported that Raja Petra had insulted Islam and Prophet in his article. Multiple police reports had been made against him thus he should be charged under ISA.

Fair enough, fucking brainless incompetent assholes. Well, multiple reports had been made against Assmail too. Why are you still holding on to his dick? Is it because all the reports was from the people who supported the opposition?  A clear sign of distress, isn’t it? Scared the Government will topple , dare you say not?

I’m not siding anyone here. Let me stress that. See, I’m just one ordinary citizen who is voicing out my frustration that had brewed and blown out of place with this kind of action.

Oh yes, Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng reported that Assmail had called the Chinese people squatters. She caused a row of misunderstandings amongst the people in Malaysia . Isn’t that a reason to arrest her? Correct. But we well know that PM and DPM had apologized on behalf of an ignorant Mamak-lookalike idiot? That clearly shows that whatever that had been uttered by Assmail is wrong. Why not arrest him? Suspension for a fucking 3 years from a party that is going to lose its power in a matter of time? Is that what we call as justice served?

From when are we practicing arresting journalist who reports news as it is?

Teresa Kok. News are high in the air that this is due to that she had told mosque officials in Kota Damansara, Sri Serdang and Puchong Jaya to tone down the call to azan prayer. Where were the investigations about this? What is the proof? Who reported ? Where? What the hell.

It all started with Assmail and coincided with the Sept 16 takeover. The Government played the mind game of suspending Assmail claiming that he deserved it for the racial slur that he had thrown out. They kept silent and when the clear sign of takeover begins to take place, here the police masterminded by the Government are placing the arrest on people who supported oppositions.

And just I was typing this , I saw this below marquee running down on my TV channel :

“Government will not impose ISA on anyone if the issue is not deemed serious, says PM”

Please tell me, what is so serious than an ass calling all the Chinese as squatters and still behaves like an ignorant idiot refusing to say sorry?

I’m expecting more breaking and surprising news coming soon from the Government.

May all of us unite at this time point of time and hold our hands together and pray that the best things happens and justice is served. The amount of hope is very much less when it relates with justice because of what happened today. Let us all see on what more Government have in store to be unleashed.

I’ve never agreed to this and thought would never do this. I’m for one was against the idea of doing it whatever happens. But with the amount of things that had happened today ,it shows that the nation is clearly under distress .

I hereby declare that I agree to the call today, Our Nation is in Distress.


Valge Makkal Sakthi!

UPDATE 13/9/08 8.06 pm

Sin Chew reporter released at about 2.30 pm today.

Finally some relieve for all of us. The funniest thing is when I read the reason for her arrest.The most fucked up reason and so dumb that even kids would spit on anyone who had suggested it.

Speaking from Johor Baru this morning, Syed Hamid justified Tan’s detention under the ISA with the reason that it was part of the government’s preventive measure “to ensure her safety”.

What the hell? You might say. If you’re saying that, then you should know what is actually wrong with her safety.

The minister claimed police intelligence have indicated that the journalist’s life was under threat after she reported an Umno division leader’s allegedly racist remarks

Listen here, police intelligence? I say you fuckers are so like dumb. I can’t believe you’re trying to fool the people with reasons like this.

If her life is under threat, why would anyone want to arrest you under ISA? Surprise, you’re in Malaysia. We arrest you under draconian law if we believe your life is in danger.

Funny, isn’t it? Think about this people, the same police intelligence should have gathered who had threatened her life, don’t you think so? Now, who are you suppose to catch?

Heck, I still see Assmail lurking around. What a country.


UPDATE 14/09/08 8.00 am

Teresa Kok Teresa Kok was arrested under the Internal Security Act yesterday evening for allegedly causing tension and conflict among races. Finally our Government had admitted what had cause the arrest of Teresa Kok.

I would like to ask all of you, according to our fucked up UMNo led Government, Teresa Kok had flamed some racial issue related to the ‘azan’ story reported earlier.

Now, tell me, how many of us do really know about this issue until Teresa Kok was arrested? Was this a national threat? How many people was actually debating about this issue? How many people were arguing or even know if this story existed?

On the other hand, how many of us know about a fucked up  dick who called the Chinese squatters and decided to apologize for it ? Even going against the order of PM and DPM to apologize. Almost all Malaysian alive today knows about this issue and was flamed to the core.

Yet, an issue which was not known to a national level deemed that serious than an issue that had sparked furious racial integrity in the country is not that serious.

Because why, Ahmad Assmail ,belongs to UMNO and is untouchable. Let them blow job UMNO all they want, we do not care. We, the people are united, we are together this moment, to go against any evil-doers.

God Bless All.


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    UMNO using the their last WEAPON- ISA!!
    It’s seems the Operasi Lalang repeated again..
    Why they never arrest Ahmad under ISA for racist comment but they caught the reporter for doing her job!!

    Sigh…Dear PM,whose next in d list??

    Bro,when your friend(DSAI) going to take over new government?? I’m already sick with current Government!!

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    Hmm bro this is just the starting.. A lot of the blogs I read today been muttering about an Ops Lalang II, so we can expect more ISA arrests. I just hope the other popular bloggers won’t be harmed as well i.e. Zorro, Haris Ibrahim, Din Merican etc.

    If a journalist can be arrested for reporting the actual words uttered by a politician, then how come that politician is not arrested? Anyone still remembers Shah Kirit? How come he is not arrested?

    To everyone else who is reading this blog, this is reality check for all of us. Think about your future. Think what may happen to you or your kids in years to come. Its not about supporting and voting for the opposition anymore, its something more than that. For a start, just go and visit the forums that Durai mentioned in the previous post. Just read what those forums say. This is not about politicians anymore, but its about simple people on the streets who harbors hatred to each other.

    I may sound unpatriotic here, but this is what I have to say: Study hard, save some money and get a diploma/degree in some uni/college and head to some other country. Yes I mean it. Patrotism aside, think about your future and your family’s. But once you’re abroad, help the rest who are still in Malaysia. This is all I have to say.

    Love your country as much as it loves you.

    p/s Durai Bange, looks like our kopitiam chat will have to be canceled. ;)

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    if we trust in transformation of power is good because of what is happening today, i hope we can think twice.
    yes, who can assurance our races will get an equal privilege as the malaysian citizen or better ?

    Anyone ?please tell me … im blur ….

    Our Indian community will give all the votes and voice towards other parties to rule malaysia but wat will happen to us ?
    i don’t want politicians to take advantage of our problem for them to won the election and finally rule the country.
    support our community and dont be as a ‘lalang’.
    we need to fight for our own right.
    Bro Durai i really respect your opinion of the country but i disagree with your ‘friend’.
    This is because, when your ‘frend’ was in the place of nation ruler once upon a time, he hated Indians and had instruct to demolish some temples also indeed.
    But now to gain votes from Indians especially, he is using the word ” Makkal Shakti ‘ and so on .
    Bro Durai, maybe i not as young as you to argue with you in the topic but I’m old enough to remember all the pro and con.
    P/s : I never like any politicians in our country rather than ‘ HINDRAF “.

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    @Solomon Apaya : I don’t really know or the people will never know what is happening in this country my brother. All are saddened by the situation that is heightening our country today.

    Yes, I’m waiting for the transformation too.

    @ sactyr@naga : Bro, everyone who supports the opposition is enemy of the state. Everyone who is in the Government gets away of the hook no matter what you do.

    If you do not support any parties, then you’re supposed to be a particular race . Because the sign of injustice only happens to anyone who happens to be not in the particular race.

    Yes, you should see the amount of people on the forum that I’m talking about . How much hatred they hold for the non-Muslims in this country. This are all the member of UMNO’s.

    P.S – Bro, it’s ok. The more we agree on things the better it is, would you disagree? Hehe.

    @Singem,Puli : Brother, we’re left with choices here in this country. You only have 2 choice.

    Either you support the present Government or you support the opposition.

    Thus, do you really want to go on supporting the Government who is doing all kind of corruption and misuse of power?

    Of do you want to give a chance to the opposition ?

    We can’t stick to the same mentality anymore brother, that Anwar also ordered to demolish the temple 10 or so years back. That was 10 years back. What is our present Government doing? The same thing, would you disagree? In particular, Anwar never demolished any temples but had only talked about it.

    I agree with your call that we should fight for our community. But I would rather hold hands with my fellow Malaysians who talks the same language rather than only my Indian friends.

    Your last line is something I would disagree. Hindraf is not a political party. It was movement.

    Makkal Sakthi is not for one particular race. It is for all of Malaysians.

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    Durai Brother, thanks for the reply.

    Yeah im not a pro / contra of current ruler and opposition parties.

    But, i wish to say that can you assure that your friend can made change in our ‘ minor ‘ community ?

    Seems you also ‘ hoping ‘ there will be changes since there was only limited choices for you.

    I’m not a hoping guy and i only trust what i see.

    As you said your friend raise the order to demolish temples 10 years back & nothing happen but can you assure that he will increase learning accommodation in 10 Tamil school when he rules the country ? Would anyone able to guarantee that there same circumstances wont happen again ?

    Makkal Sakthi @ People Power were for all Malaysian but do you know the reason there been using this words only now after Hindraf act ? Why none raise this words before ?

    Sorry for my last line yar..

    Durai your reply is much appreciated and i wish it to be a friendly question and i don’t have any intention to hurt your feeling or any readers.

    I’m just a confuse ‘ kudi magan ‘ of Malaysia.

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    @ Bro Durai: I agree with you bro. These are desperate times. Sigh.

    @Singem, Puli: Bro, I know how you’re feeling. Put it this way, there are two devils, and you know less about one of the devils. Who would you vote for? If you ask me, I will always vote for the lesser known devil, simply because there is some element of hope still left.

    Or you can keep voting for the other well known devil but you will always find yourself wondering with the “What if I had voted the other devil” sort of question.

    Oh well I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here.

  • Hotel Room

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    I would like to call CAPTAIN VIJAYAKANTH for our rescue…yo yo mama sita said sooo bros.Rather than we keep talk n talk n talk lets plan hw to solve it.

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    government add their ISA collection with their latest arrest .

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    @Singem,Puli : I hope sactyr answer had cleared up your questions , brother.

    No worries, I hold no hatred towards you. You have your point brother. We’re having a healthy discussion here.

    Cheers bro.


    @Hotel Room : Please give some suggestion on how to solve it bro.

    @townguy : How true…

  • NotIndianNorChinese

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    To be good just as empty promises..
    To be bad just look at you eyes em say yes you are.
    To be perfect.. practice wise them all.
    To blame integrity.. so does everybody.
    To neglect unity… It is far beyond time.
    To generalize immorality it is because a minority
    Get up stand up don’t give up your fight.

  • Uncle SAM

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    Itu bendela kenapa kasi terbalik.. Apa salah itu bendera. PARIAH


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