1. It’s the day promised by Anwar and I was not surprised why Anwar couldn’t keep up with his words. I don’t mind waiting a few more weeks even.

2. The Government are trying their best to stop any transition of power . Best examples what happened and what is happening now.

3. I agree that politically it is not stable now and I’m hoping for a smooth power transition.

4. Latest update , DSAI wants to give a day or two to Pak Lah and see if he agreeing to talk.

5. I doubt they would. They’re just as arrogant as ever.

6. We, the people can only wait and see. Allah Malik.

P.S : Let’s write Chedet style.

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    Hmmm well if all the MP’s are rounded up and brought to Taiwan on a so-called agriculture field trip, of course 16th Sept will have to be delayed la.. but like you said, I am willing to wait. Anwar did issue statement 2 or 3 days ago saying the transfer will take place on the 20th Sept. Hmm another 4 days then..

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    What is ALLAH MALIK bro ? Malas mau google la. Thanks a bunch

  • Murthi

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    Yeah, you all keep on believing to his empty promises. If he really has the numbers, why can’t he just announce it ?

  • virumand

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    murthi….u have 2 know abt politic…politic is aint for a kid’s…hehehe..let’s wait n see if ur makkal skti got power or not!

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    @sactyr @ naga : Lol. Very well said brother. Luckily PR MP’s are there to learn ‘agriculture’ as well.

    @novinthen : Allah Malik is the caption for Shirdi Baba bro.

    @Murthi : Well brother, I’ll rather bet my hope on empty promises rather than hoping for our current government to change.

    I suppose you don’t realize what is happening in our country now brother.

    @virumand : That’s the way brother. It ain’t about Anwar, it’s all about Makkal Sakthi! Well said.

  • Murthi

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    I agree I am a kid as far as politics are concern. However, I still think Anwar is giving empty promises since the dates keep on changing. Makkal Sakthi already proven during the 12th GE. I think strong opposition is more important than changing the government. I don’t mind if Anwar comes to power but I hope he will not get a landslide victory in the 13th GE as well. Malaysia need a stronger opposition and Indians need good MP’s instead of just making up the numbers in the government as happened during MIC’s era.

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    Hey just a quick drop-by, anyone thought of the logic behind the agriculture trip?? Taiwan is an island, hardly enough land to have agriculture. All their agriculture products and fresh food is being imported from China daily.

    Hmm now please someone pray and tell me, what agriculture study our government wanted to do there? Fishy fishy.

    Murthi, not only Indians need good MP, all Malaysians do. Remember we want to abandon race-based politics someday.

  • Murthi

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    I mentioned Indians need good MP’s (not Indian MP’s). We need MP’s who will work for all rakyat.

  • Murthi

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    Only 1/4 of Taiwan’s land area is suitable for farming. Due to utilisation of high technology, Taiwan is in away advance in it’s farming method. Taiwan is self sufficient on rice and vegetables. Taiwan also exports fis, sea products, frozen vegetables etc. main import is wheat from USA. Contrary to our misconception, Taiwan actually has advance techniques in agro based industries. For more information you can go to their website http://eng.coa.gov.tw, go to statistics,monthly report and you can even download their report in excel or pdf format. From the website you can see that they do not depend on China for their daily needs. In fact they export more than their import (agricultural products). Going to Taiwan for learning agricultural techniques was a good idea but the timing and planning was not.

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    @Murthi : I’m seriously surprised that indeed you believe that BN MP’s had gone there to learn about agriculture.

    What is so obviously lies by the current Government to avoid power transition did actually got some support from some people.For example, you.

    I trust the word of Raja Petra rather than DSAI. He won’t be risking ISA if he do not think DSAI will be PM.

    Stronger opposition will lead to nothing my brother. What makes you think that we do not have a stronger opposition now? We do, can we stop them from using this ISA against innocent people?

    No.That answers the need for change my brother.

  • Murthi

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    I don’t believe the BN MP’s either. All I am trying to say is Taiwan is actually quite advance in their agriculture.

    This is just the beginning. Opposition has been there only for 6 months. Let them do their job.

  • NotIndianNorChinese

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    Just simply the best for me to honestly want to announce here that actually I’m quite impressed with the way you Indian Bro simplicities and behave subjectively in here..
    At first I received quite rumors regards here.. but they’re totally wrong..

    Last but not least my hearty word for you bro ..
    Get up stand up.. Don’t give up the fight.



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