God,Help Me!

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kita berehat seketika dari politik.


My grandmother came to my house the other day just for a visit. Well, a visit led to a stay. Being a not so-popular grandson all of this while, I’ was anticipating some sarcastic comments to be made by her. Well, she didn’t disappoint me.

In fact,she is sitting right beside me when I’m typing this. She even asked why do I need so many TV’s in my house .

“What a waste of money”, she muttered in Tamil.

She referred my laptop as TV. Well, can’t really blame her.

I was expecting her to be talking about the greatness of other grandsons. She started by saying ;

“Velleiki pogeleyah pa”
(You did not go to work today?”

I was off that day and so I told her.

“Amava.  Apeh vithe velleh seye vendithane”
(Really, then maybe you can do some house chores)

So, I told her that I was doing some office work .

And she ended the conversation by saying ;

“TV pakerehrethe than uneke office veleyah.”
(Watching TV is your job eh?)

See, I can’t start out a debate this is not a TV but it’s a laptop but engaging with a technology debate with her is not going to help.

She would cut it short by saying I do not obey the words of elders.

The best thing about having prewar people in your house would be to listen to their stories. It’s sometimes very interesting. My grandmother wasn’t Marilyn Monroe , however she has got quite a lot of war or religious stories to share with.

Indeed exchanging thoughts with this kind of people can be quite challenging. You can never win them. A  debate is a total no-no. It’s only a one way conversation. Either you agree with them or you’ would end up being labeled as the useless grandson.

It’s fun sometimes to irritate her. So, she was praying and after that she came down and sat together again. One of my relative is in a deep financial problem. There was my mother telling her about this. After listening to almost 10 minutes of gossip presentation by my mother, she finished it simple.

“ Kadavul than ma kapethenum”
(God help them)

So, I interrupted . I asked my grandmother how on earth is God going to help them. She goes like those who always pray and always obey to the words of God will always be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

My mother agreed to what my grandmother said. Does that mean that we do not have to work and we do not have to do anything but God will help us?

My mother further continued saying that anyone who do not pray would be getting bad and they would not lead a good life.

See, no matter how much you would argue with me, I would say that all this while I hardly go to temples. I managed to get an excellent job, and I’m earning good. I always have fun and I’ve never regretted anything in life. If I did not work, would I be getting all this? I didn’t pray to Him everyday, how come I’m still not stuck with anything bad in life? How come I’m leading a good life? Well, I think I’m. I eat beef. It’s a sin, no? How come I was not punished by God?

Maybe some of you can say  that later part in my life I would be suffering. See, if I was suffering, then there must be something wrong with me isn’t it? What is the point of blaming God of putting some curse on you and so on?

If you visit any of the Ayer’s  in the temple which personally I’ve experienced so many times, they would go on like telling you things that sometimes you think it’s ridiculous. I was actually ‘scheduled’ by God to runaway at the age of 18. In order for me to avoid this, I must go to temples 9 weeks in a row and perform some special prayers. Does that mean after the 9 th week I do not have to go to temple anymore? I did not do the special prayers anyway and it has been 5 years since that. I’ve not run away yet, not at this time of writing. Perhaps I’ve been rescheduled to a later date. *Grin

My intention is not to challenge any of our religion matters and so on. It’s to differentiate between the logic and the magic.

From all my uncles, mostly are rotten ones. They usually do not have anything for themselves,But whenever they see me, they would go on advising me on how to come up very well in life. While they themselves do not have much to feed their own children, here they are teaching me on how to come up good in my life. Funny, isn’t it?

I’ll have to tell the truth that almost all of them pray very hard. As in they gave them themselves totally to God.

Almost all of this rotten ones give themselves to God and expect God to help them. See, not like I do not trust God and His existence. There should be a balance in life between divine things and well, coming up in life.

I’m a person who trust logic first of all, and magic comes second. My mother said the other day that they would have to donate RM 108 and few coconuts must be broken in order for some curse to be cured. So, I asked her what kind of curse is that?

She just replied , there I was sick at the age of 3 and she prayed that if I’m cured , this would be done. Well, indeed. I would never go against it. If you make a vow, then you’re responsible to fulfill it.

But then, I was sick at the age of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and all the while I eventually get sick.

I’m 23 x RM 108 : RM 2484. More like a medical card. Only the benefits was based on magical happenings.

Curse me all you want. Mock me all your hearts out. But one thing would always remain unchallenged; there is no such thing as surrendering to God and expect Him to help you out.

Help yourself out, help others around you to come up, you would eventually be blessed. In real life.

Trust logic, then magic.

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    Semoga Allah SWT memberkati hidup mu. Amin. :-P

    A quote which can be some what related to this posting of “anti-establishment” in the way we see god.

    “If you are not liberal at the age of 20 you have no heart. If you are not conservative by the age of 40 you have no brain. Winston Churchill”

    I agree with you last line . Trust Logic,Then Magic :)

    Life nambe kaile iruku, kaile ulle kotule ( lines ) ille.

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    Well eating beef I believe isn’t a religious matter it’s just a culture since in India they worship the cow since it help them for crops..So, to respect they don’t want to slaughter it and eat..Xpi btol ke hujah aku ni?

    Regarding the Ayer thing I also kena la bro. Every Sat need to do the special prayer. Even though sounds kinda superstitious can’t stop from believing it, it’s kinda dilemma to everyone as well I believe..

    Nambe mudiyile..nambema irekevum mudiyile..

  • Murthi

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    I like the ones about your uncles. This is the problem with majority of Indians (I believe). Leave everything to god and pray as hard as possible but work less and expect the best.

  • Anonymous Gal

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    One sami told my mum,

    amma, unge pilai perchene teedi pomatha aanal perchennei avalai thedi varum. Aathenale neenge vaarathukku oru murai manjal tuni katti vittu avalukku veppalai tanni le kulikke solenge.

    Oh god, you shud have seen my mum and grandma. But then again who would go after a problem? SO i ask my mum.

    amma, yaaru ma perchennei teedi poova? enna maa, kappi taname pesikethu.

    thn she said
    Unnai padike vech enalle thaan nee ippadi ellam eduthu pesera…bla bla bla bla bla….
    Then my paati was like….bla bla bla….amma solerathe seiye….

    blind worship without logic is bad…

    i agree with u…

    trust logic, then magic….

  • Mithiri

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    Once a religous man told that my brother will have a long life. He will be rich and famous. Look what happened to him. He took his life just because of a girl. So much for a long life ah? Maybe, he is rich and famous in heaven. I lead my life in a simple way. Work hard, be good, have lots of fun, be true to yourself, help others as much as you can and try your best not to hurt anyone along the way. If you can do all these you will be in God’s path.

  • nesha

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    I have relative sister 28years old still haven’t married. anybody call her for friendship she will not entertain. matchmaking her brother and mother keep on rejecting.(always got some funny comments about the groom) but the ayer keep on telling her she got dhosham and don’t know how many times ‘mandi bunga’ already..

    This type of people have to mandi bunga how many times i also don’t know.

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    eating beef eh? hehehe.. same here.

    I do not believe that your diet will determine whether you will go to heaven or not.

    Do these people think God will ask us “So, what did you eat yesterday?”
    will He ask us “How much good you have done to your fellow human beings?”

  • uc

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    religion and god is there for us to have sumone to look up to and to know that there is always a person above us all and hence to keep us humbled at all times.everything else was created along the way.lets hope some day everyone realises this and live life with a meaning.

  • OG

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    100% agree.cumma cumma mandi bunga..kononnye ‘dosham’ boleh hilang …iyer nowadays being so ‘kiruku machans’

    believe in yourself!bcoz I believe the God is inside me:)

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    @Novinthen : Lol, Bro, First time hearing this quote “Life nambe kaile iruku, kaile ulle kotule ille”. Anah super ah iruke bro.LOL

    @k3sh: Nambe mudiyile..nambema irekevum mudiyile…Ithe nalethan bro..we never stop practicing all this;ellameh sentiments

    @Murthi : How true bro..

    @Anonymous Gal : Manje Thanni, veppeleh thunniyah? Enthe samiyar la iven..leg tata va? Aperom..ada mandi ka takda itu macam?

    @Mithiri : Cikgu, about your brother, I feel sorry for you. Like you said, hopefully he is rich and famous in whereever he is..Allah Malik

    @nesha: Nesha, tak payah mandi bunga banyak banyak, lepas ni kena start mandi dengan bf..baru boleh kahwin..illathi kathele than poove suthikithe ponum

    @Kavi : Right on spot bro. Well said. We have the same mentality bro….

    @uc : I somehow think you might be my cousin sister. Because she usually uses this nick. But then, she dont read my blog.

    However, you practically summarized what I said in this article. Cheers…

    @OG: God unggekuleyah…tmrw you can see queue outside your house seeking blessings la then OG….

    Never be surprised…that is the mentality some of our people have nowadays…

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    most of patty(grandma) like as u describe ,

    if i visit my grandma(very rare) , the first thing she notice and comment about my facial hair style , ha ha , cannot avoid .

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    namathu ulaipu thaan namathu vetri.

    believe in god is just to give us strenght when we r down. god=believe. thats all. The worst thing i seen nowadays is praying HUMAN’s. “saamiyargal”. gosh.. u think those people r special. we all r the same. realise that first before spending few K’s for humans and thinking they r the visible god’s on the earth.

    aku setuju dengan novinthen. :)


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    hahah.. cool.. my grandparets r like urs too townguy. in their view, im a rogue jz bcoz i keep facial hair. haiz.. worse than that, i got cursed 4 using I-pod in front of them..!!

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    My mother and the nenek next door would always talk about this dosham, god-related, josiom stuffs and all that.. I don’t mind what they talk about but somehow, that nenek would always relate me to all her nonsense stories.. Haihz….

  • OG

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    ahaha..atu veraiya..im not samiyari(versi gal):P
    i meant God=BELIEVE,CONFIDENT..ECT are inside me!Nothing else!

    Kannan..ingayum same story tan..lol

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    i-pod case ha og??? lolzz..

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    @townguy: How true bro. Typical mentality by them. :D

    @viji : Memang betul kata anda , saudara viji. As I’ve always said, religion is not all about God, it’s about faith.

    @kannan : I-pod pavicha sabbemah…ena Kodumeh kannan ithe…

    @Makkez : Welcome back brother. :D …They should find one mangsa la bro..then only they can test out the things with you right..hehe

    @OG : samiyari ah..Puthusage irukindrethe..

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    I got caught once la brader at home after my work a few years ago. This time my father brought back a josiom guy for the family,unfortunately my family is dun and my father forcing to check josium only for me.Then goes:
    -ungge magenekku ippo nerame seri illai,veliye enggeyum sellame vitthukulleye
    irukenum time from mrng 10 to 3pm.
    -nanbargal kude rombe nerekemage irukahingge,avanganale ungalukke perechene vare
    vaipegal iruke.
    then i go by saying im workin daily from 7am to 7pm,then how i canot go to work ar?i was smiling and walk to my room.
    then he goes telling to my father;
    -parigaram senja ungge maganekku entha perechene yum irukkathe…my father askd n they were talkin sumtin,he asked me to pay rm150 for a prayers in temple.i said x n he said ul get gud luck from god if u do it…conversation cut!then he saw my father’s liquor bottle in the showcase and said athe rome nalla tanningge,evalo vanguninge.n my father started to takeout the bottle n pack it for him,reason y? dei,avan apporom saapom(curse) paniruwan nambele.

    -I got damm angry and said “yenda neye ore kudikaran,un pecche na kekenuma da,en appa kitarinthe ore bottle le atteiye poda pakeriya,olunga kelembire ille unneke apporom nerum seriya irukkathe”.U should see that fellows face,i think this is d 1st time he encounters after all people thinking he’ll do sumtin to them if the hurt him.”kayi tunde kaum tuniye kanum ne odethe”

    ~dats y bro,i neva like this kind of things 1 la,only the oldies like to hold with it.ivenge irukkerange ne pathathekku nambeleyum serka parkerange.Enna kodumei sir ithe?

  • Asshole

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    GOD is the biggest bullshit man created.

  • Asshole

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    ‘Mandi Bunga’, ‘Cuci lancau’ and sort of bullshit

  • Murthi

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    Since everyone is writing about their experiences, I would also like share mine. Once I had severe headache until I couldn’t sleep. I have frequented the doctor, even with the strongest dose of ‘ponstan’, my headache seem to be there eternally. Finally, my brother suggested to be admitted to a private hospital in Penang since he was working there. The night before I am suppose to go to the hospital, my mother suggested I visit a Samiyar who she believes is very powerful. So we went there together with my fiance. After doing the ritual, the ‘Samiyar’ told that this is due to my collegues act of jelousy and through the rituals everything will be okay. Finally, he had break a big ‘poosinikkai’ on my head. Imagine the impact of that. Miraculously, inside of the ‘poosinikkai’ was rotten, and the Samiyar said see I told you. My fiance was laughing all the way home.

    Next day, the doctor at the private hospital diagnosed my problem to be due to sore throat. After 1 week of penisilin injection, the headache never came back again for more than 10 years.

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    @RaJ DeV : Bro, liquor sami vereh irukangge la. See, your stories shows that ;

    Ellah samiyarum nalavenggeh ille, ellah sami kumbedathevenggelum kettevengge illeh…

    @Murthi : Lol. Poosinikai for headache ah? How funny things get sometimes. Probably he got all the rotten one by stock la bro. So, when someone comes, they break it and say that thing.

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    my comments seems to be always the latest to be appearing in your blog la…hehe…
    well, to me hinduism is way of life, thats what i tell people who talk like an atheist..im not personal attacking you or anyone here bro, dun get me wrong. old folks tells u all kinda reason to stop u from doing something i.e. dun cut nail after vizhakku vekkira time ( after 7pm), cuz they said the varalaxmi wont come…and they make the kids to be so god fearing thinking that the parents gonna lost fortune and they wont be getting wat they want if the parents are broke. but the logic is, those days there’s lack of lights at nite cuz there wont be electricity supply so if accidently cut the nail due to improper vision, then it would be a hassle to bring the kids to clinic which is very rare to be seen those days in darkness. but being a kid, u will b rebellious and think that u will not hurt urself like one big time puluthi,so knowing ur puluthiness, ur paati or tata have to pothu udran sumthg like dat…actually there are meanings in everythg they preach in hinduism. but the problem is we dont have a proper documented guidance in these matters. leave ramayana and mahabaratha aside..its just story that tells u how to live like a human being, but its not a guidance for wat to do and wat not to do…..wonder how many of the hindus know what the temple structures means and what is the connection between human being.why the gopuram kalasam is made from ayim pound ( 5 types of metal), why there’s valampuri sanggu below the shiv lingam. why guys need to stand on the left side and the females are the right…i know the answer and its fully scientifically proven that hindus are the smartest ass in this kinda matter, but just we didnt document it down or we duno there such thing as time capsule to store the documents, our heritages, scriptures and shit are just being forgotten and being neglected and tend to produce ppl like mr asshole. im not personal attacking, but the way you put things here is like making fun to those who believes in god. do not laugh at ones belief, because atleast they have a reason to belief and holdin on it. last but not least, do not challenge the unexplored or unknown. nandri vanakam..

  • Asshole

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    Well well Mr “vickn3s“ or poole bin puluthi , I don’t give a dam if what ever religion is your way of life , you can brag about how religious you are, but if you want to see the biggest scumbags in town coming together, go to the temple on Fridays. You can see men and women and their talents of acting and asking for forgiveness and so on. To me god and religion is nothing more than an escape route for people. They can cheat or steal and do what ever they want and come to god and do some stupid rituals to clean their sins only to do more shit again. What the fuck, so easy isn’t it? We have good examples here about Samiyaars and the shit they do, god don’t seem to bother about it. This god and religion are for hypocrites, people like this just pretend to be good and pious, even the pusari’s are like that. Probably when they are reciting their mantram’s they’ll be thinking about something else, like how big that girls boob is, how hot this girls ass is, how much money in the ‘undil’ and so on. Puluthi’s like Mr. ‘vickn3s’ are living in a delusional world. What can I say, many idiots are like this. I was not born yesterday to buy this kuruvu mama kathe or tata pati kathe or puchi kathe. If even god exist he’s probably and asshole to. Lastly, at least I have the guts to admit I’m an asshole. So take this god and religion bullshit and shove it up your ass. Poodaa dey!!!!

  • Murthi

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    To asshole. I think it is best not to offend others in such a way. If you do not believe in GOD, fine. But no way it justifies the way you express yourself. Not everyone goes to temple for forgiveness. Many people go they just for worship or to find solace, maybe vickn3s is one of them. What makes you think GOD has not done anything to all the sins we as humans do ?

  • Asshole

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    To Murthi,
    Look at how much of suffering and pain many are going trough today in this world. Heaven and Hell is in this world itself. Don’t waste your time worshiping GOD. That bastard is not going to do anything. I’m gonna kick his ass someday, if he really exist. But don’t be stupid. Come back to reality, all of you. Does god really give a dam about any of you. Stop being a pathetic life form. We have brains. That’s why we are destined to be gods ourselves.

  • Asshole

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    And to all of you morons!!!, God is fucking idiot!!!. How many of you got the guts to say this to god or god’s. Tell your FUCKING god’s if I even go to hell!!!(if this shit hole exist), I;ll be the devil to march to heaven’s gates!!! And Destroy all of his creation!!!………………………BEWARE!!!

    And GOD if you are hearing this (if this son of a bitch exist) I’m coming to bring you down!!!!! You Bastard!!!!!

  • Asshole

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    And Durai, I’m not sorry for the GOD is a shit hole remark. Allah Ass Malek, Sai baba that pedophile HOMO, or any SOB’s that’s call GOD. FUCK you GOD…..LOL

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    Do you duties rightfully and you will get the result. That was the one message from Mahabaratham. If we would have followed that, than we would have not created fake ideologies about God, fake samiyar and many more. Sadly from the time that message above was given till today there are ppl who are still ignorent about the truth and are ignoring what they are suppose to do and still leaving it to God to so call handle their problems. And for ppl as such, they will continue to be in their own pile of #@$% until they dig themselves out..

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    Let god be the SOB as u claim, but by u throwing out ur dissatisfaction and grudge towards HIM, you can never change other believers opinion, dude. whats is there to be proud to admit that u are an asshole in blog, if u got balls, show up with own name la, loser.
    by any chance, have i ever told u that i am religious. by sharing my info, i dont become a holy man, u holy ass. as u said, everyone can talk and act as if they are good and holy and as if they are so god fearing but end of the day they need to be fear to one, NOT god, its their own goddamn so called “manasaachi” but i feel no point talking abt that to a person whom masquerade himself/herself behind the name of “asshole”.
    anyway, call me wat u want because u are wat u are and i am wat i am..just a humble request, please do not b rude or try to use vulgar words to make you looks cool.it reflects ur brought up. im not perfect and im hell not advising u. just my 2 cents.

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    @vickn3s : Bro, your stand is clear. In which I would like to say that I’ve never been against our religion practice and so on. The thing I ridicule is what we call as ‘moode nambikei’.

    @Hanusha : Your first line says it all.Cheers Hanusha

    @Asshole : Yes, yes, you’re the bravest person around. I will admit. Is that what you wanted with that remark of yours?

    @Murthi : It’s useless explaining things to people who thinks they’re so high on top.Let them be what they want to be.Cheers bro.

  • Murthi

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    @Durai : I agree with you that’s why I did not comment anything after that

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    im against superstitious too bro..but before i make an assumption that is just myth , i do my research 1st. we will never know there might be hidden meaning behind some rituals.

  • Anonymous gal

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    Haiyo, terbalikla, veppelle thanni and manje tunni la….

  • saro

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    wat ever u said , 100% correct !! there are no such things like that, do this that will happen do that , this will happen , never do GOD WILL MAKE UR LIFE HAPPENING! lol,

    NAM VALKAI NAM KAYIL, AS U SAID “There should be a balance in life between divine things and well,”




  • Asshole

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    Hey ‘vickn3s’, I don’t know if this is your real name or what and i don’t fucking care!! Speaking about “manasaachi” I hardly meet anyone with one. Its bullshit. People hardly feel guilty about what they do. Like I said, religion and god is an escape route. You are living in denial. And if you don’t like what I say, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  • Asshole

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    “Do you duties rightfully and you will get the result” -cheat, steal, kill and lie and you can amass a fortune, the typical human way. Even krishna the womanizer thought to cheat in battle without any honor or dignity . Thanks for the advise HANUSHA.

  • Asshole

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    I just visited Jose’s blog and found a few words like “The lord my savior”. Jesus couldn’t save his own ass and god forsake him. How the fuck that this idiot the son of a prostitute(according to discovery channel) can save u!! How stupid can human beings get!!!!

  • Asshole

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    Durai, any answer to this??? LOL

  • the turth

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    Asshole (or arsehole in British English) is slang for the anus and can be used to describe an unpleasant person. It is formed from arse, which according to the Oxford English Dictionary has been used since the 11th century to refer to the rump of an animal and since the 14th century to refer to a person’s buttocks. The combined form arsehole is first attested from 1500 in its literal use to refer to the anus. The metaphorical use of the word to refer to the worst place in a region (e.g., “the arsehole of the world”) is first attested in print in 1865; the use to refer to a contemptible person is first attested in 1933.[1] Its first appearance as an insult term in a newspaper indexed by Google News is in 1965.[2] But as with other vulgarities, these uses of the word may have been common in oral speech for some time before their first print appearances. By the 1970s, Hustler magazine featured people they didn’t like as “Asshole of the month.”[3]

  • the truth

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    thats the answer to all the questions you ask here, and the reply to all the comments you make. for my part at least.

  • the truth

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    Bro Durai, i think you should read this article, i read it in another blog:

    “A ‘devotee’ wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to the Ashram or Temple. ‘I’ve gone for 30 years now, he wrote, and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 mantras. But for the life of me, I can’t remember a single one of them. So, I think I’m wasting my time and the Gurus are wasting theirs by giving services at all. This started a real controversy in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column, much to the delight of the editor. It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher:
    I’ve been married for 30 years now. In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals. But, for the life of me, I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals. But I do know this.. They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work. If my wife had not given me these meals, I would be physically dead today. Likewise, if I had not gone to the Temple for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!
    When you are DOWN to nothing…. God is UP to something! Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible! Thank God for our physical AND our spiritual nourishment! ”

    Even i rarely go to the temple, i do it once a year for deepavali, and i dont think i’ll frequent my visits even after reading this. But the msg in this article is so deep in meaning, clearly underlines wht is important, FAITH IN GOD.

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    This is the blog that ” the truth ” was talking about. Here is another link that shows God works in mysterious ways.
    Have faith in God at the same time there are many people who take advantage in the name of God.
    Beware of them.
    May God bless you all.

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    @vickn3s : Glad to hear that bro. Cheers.

    @Anonymous gal : Videngga pa.. Small mistake..Hehe

    @saro : Well said saro, we’ve never said God does not exist, but at the same time I do not condone the act of putting ourself entirely to God.

    @Asshole : I do not want to see any more direct attack towards someone anymore. I know you wouldn’t care much, but I hope you will save me the time to ban your nick.

    You sometimes have got your point, but no more direct attack. Others here are my friends and bloggers.

    And that’s my answer to you.

    @the truth : Well, that’s very inspiring indeed brother. Hopefully everyone learns something out of it.

    @ Guest : Ah, Cikgu Mithiri punya blog. I’m big fan of her…

  • bubi

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    dillike raajanaalum patti solle tattathe

  • Asshole

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    What the hell is this!! Blocking my nick!!1, What happened to freedom of speech, a man has the right to defend himself!!! If you prefer a hammer and a sickle over a hamburger, why don’t you go back to china or something.

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    @Asshole : Most of your comments had always got nothing to do with what we’re talking about. You prefer attacking (personal attack) and then trying to gain attention or provoke them.

    This, is not what I want. I did not ban your name in the comment section, be happy with that, because sometimes what you convey happens to have a point.

    You don’t defend yourself, instead you’ve been provoking others.If you think you do not have freedom of speech, please hop on to other site and see if any of them would at the least approve your comment there.I approved your comment in the name of freedom of speech. Understand that well, brother.

  • vengeance

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    God is jz a reason for man 2 escape logic of real world.im nt saying that god doesn exist.God do exist. But many human beings depend too much on god. They blame god for every misfortune that befall the and praise god for every good thing the happens to the. When human cannot explain anything they say it’s God’s work but when they can explain it they say its science. The existence of god cannot be explained, it must be realized from within ur soul.

    Roger n Out


  • Mahablogga

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    This is one very good Blog. It has interesting thoughts, but I hope that I do not hurt anyone in particular in this comment. So pls forgive me ok ?

    If you look back to the scriptures, it will say good things abt how to live a good life and etc etc. But what most have not realized is that the fact of when those scriptures were written.

    The ancient scriptures were written for the people back then, therefore it wouldve made perfect sense back then. For instance, what would you say if I told you that our solar systems has about 12 planets and not 9 ? Many would laugh or ridicule me…but not after actually looking thru the hubble telescope and using our deep space satelite probes who has recently discovered 3 more NEW planets in our VERY OWN solar system. ( THIS IS REAL and TRUTH, look it up in wikipedia if ya dont believe me )

    But the general public now isnt gonna readily believe this until proven otherwise And so was the Scriptures were written in such a way that the humankind back then would easily understand what it meant back then. But to use the same scriptures and doctrines today with our new profound knowledge and technology would not seem proper or appealing to the mass.

    But then again, DO YOU See anybody actually writing scriptures or great teachings for humankind Today ? Any authors like Valmiki, Veda Vyasa today ? No. There aren’t, even with all our technology and thinking yet we do not have the same kinds of thoughts of ppl had back then. We are all actually living our life thanx to thier contributions to society as a whole. Basically we are just Remixing and editing all that we have already been given. So to say that God does not exist is basically our ego speaking out, There is always all powerful energy that has created the universe We cant describe it but its there. Just like the air we breathe, we cant see it, we breathe it and we DO know it exist. We can live without it.

  • Mahablogga

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    Oops…I meant to say that WE CAN’T LIVE without it sorry…typo error.

    But the truth of the Fact is, many of you would not really like what our elders say because it kinda defies logic and its all superstitious and magical.

    SINCE WHEN WE WERE LOGICAL…I mean lets just simply look at a human beings as per whole. With all our technology today and Thinking, Don’t cha think it should be easy for us to Create a new life form. Create a head, legs, hands body, blood bones and all ? We cant..not in a million gazilion years to come, We will still not be able to Create a New Life form. We can Clone a sheep…but not Create a complete new template for a life form.

    But yet, a life form like us Human Being…DO EXIST. So try explaining that. Do you have a logical explanation on how Human beings came to being ? Nope, but the fact of the matter is We do as human beings we EXIST. So there must be some kinda magical, unexplainable thing that have created us. But its gotta be the truth rite ? Since we exist, so that’s the proof you need. So mebbe there are reasons as to why we should follow this rule and that. Its just Human nature for us to disobey and question the authenticity of certain things. Given the meager amount of knowledge we have, how are we supposed to understand.

    Its like teaching a child calculus or how to research upon Nano technology. You think its gonna work ? you think the child is gonna understand any dang thing you say? That’s exactly where we are at. Not knowing fully of the universe and many things yet we question so much about why we should do this, why we must not do that. Just explaining it itself would take a lifetime. Its good sometimes for us to just sit back and understand that there is so much we do not know.

    And there is always the Masters in that specific area of knowledge. So sometimes we should just shed our ego and let those who has the Master knowledge of the subject simply just tell us what to do, and we just do what we’re told. Its not easy, but at least it stops people from asking a whole lot of dumb questions and being too inquisitive.Remember what curiosity did to the cat.

  • Arjunaa

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    Mahabloga,,, i like your 5th paragraph in ur 2nd posting .” Its like teaching,,,,”

    You are damn right,,,So many of us dont understand many things in religion and many of us dont do research yet with limited knowledge we question things just like a standard 1 pupil asking question on FOrm six science. What they dont understand they dismiss or reject.


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