Bitter Truth..

I’ve got this through e-mail and I’m not sure if you have read this before. A well written article. Read and ponder. A well written M1 article. If you know the author of this, please contact me.

All Malaysian Indian must read this article…
The Ignorance Indian

Good Day to everyone,

As I am writing this article, I felt I am wasting my time, energy, idea and money to buy a pen. However I am still keen to write this over as my love to Indians community and hoping the future will be different from the past.

If you have no time, no intention to accept new perception, or even change yourself, I suggest please stop reading this articles and you may delete it. If you still want to continue reading, please go ahead as this could be a mind-numbing one for you.

Ok let’s start with intro…….

Every Indian knows that Hindu’s civilization WAS the greatest and oldest in the world. As of history speaks, Hindu’s Civilization begin even before the Pandavas Empire and it continues and in the peak till Asoka;s Empire. Asoka Empire was 1 of the excellent Empire that conqured the world once but never ruled. There were more temple was build during Asoka Empire. Not to forget the first infrastructed city was in India – Harappa .

That was history……. Are you still interested…than keep reading….

We (Indian) has fall because of ignorance. We were greatest and unbreakable, but how could we fall? The reason, we were ignorant. We thought we are the supreme, conquered the world therefore no one will defy us. We were wrong and loss, finally fall.


We are still ignore, as we are proud of our history and achievements, but forget where we are today in this modern world.

Yes we are the best in IT, but who owns it? Microsoft not Indian company…….
Yes we have the greatest doctors…but all the medication description and latest technologies are from Englishman….where are we?

Ok leave it aside, let me introduce the type of Indians that I found in Malaysia today. Remember I am only going to talk about Malaysian Indians and few types of them that I discover my self.

1st Type
What they do? They are normal and good person, very rare speak harsh and vulgar words, good hearted and the worse ignorance person (I will conclude in the end why I say this). Their daily life motivation – pray hard and GOD will be with you. Every Friday or Saturday will be in temple for praying, do Archanai, and buy garlands for GOD or Ghee Vilakku. Their goal is to go to Heaven after life.

2nd Type
They have a very fascinating life compare to others. Once graduated either from college or university, will hunt for job and begun their beautiful working life. Work Monday-Friday, 9-5. Friday & Saturday night…oh man!!! Is where the gate of heaven opens for them…..its party, girls& thanni time…. An average of them will spend $100 per day for alcohol and food. Remember this includes the girls that drink alcohol too…nowadays there is a lot girls than guys… oh!! Not forget the hotel charges…never mind….you knows…..

Let’s go to the 3rd Type
The less educated Kampung / Flat Indians

These Indians a bit exciting as they always talk and think about life, NOT their own but rest of others life including movie stars. After a very successful dropout from SPM, the guys with their stylo milo attitude will look for a despatch or factory job. Not to miss out the girls that they will be proudly thinking they have done a good job with education, will start to work as promoters or factory workers. What will happen to them? Oh!! The guy as usual la…too much of Tamil movie……..guys will tackle the promoter or the factory worker with his newly polished KAPCAI and these girls will fall for him…. Both will be earning $850 & $$750 monthly. Tamil Movie and KFC early of the month, mee goreng mamak in the middle of the month and food from home by end of the month. After a few successful months in love, they will get married….please don’t ask how they got the money to get married….complete 1 year or even 8 months this couples will be gifted
with a child and it will continue for the next 3 years in row with children in the house. Some will stop at 2, some will continue till 5. When it comes for the children education, buku pinjaman, food from house, 1 pair of show per year, 1 pair of school uniform per year…. Enna Kodumai Sir!!! After few years of marriage say about 5 years, the guy you knowlah….will be bored and itchy too…. They will look for another girl in life. Oh! Not to forget, these guys are Alcoholicans too as they will be at nearest Chinese shop with tiger…..

Ok folks, I know I have talked a lot about Indians, some will be cursing me and some wanna kill me…. Before that… let me conclude to you why I wrote this article……

For those who are still reading this article, I personally THANK YOU for your intention to read it. The reason I mention about types of Indians is because to address you what type people we are now and we are still the same ignorance Indian. Please do take note 80% of Indians are belongs in 1 of the type I mentioned and 20% is either different or already migrated.

Below is my ending for all that I mentioned and its not an answer from me but for you to think whether we are going to be the same ignorance person or willing to make the change.


As we know Indians are Devotes, alcoholicans and less educated, what are we going to do next?

1.        Why we need 1700 temples for only 3 million Indians in Malaysia ? Its does not makes sense, but we still continue build temple and fight for it.
2.        We only have 450 Tamil schools in Malaysia and its getting lesser.
3.        Every Fridays, temples in the cities earn minimum of $500 ($2000 per month), no electricity bill, and no water bill.
4.        Tamil school – $50 per child per year, electricity bill, water bill, teacher’s salary and maintenances every month.
5.        Most temples in cities are renovated, air conditioned, and own a beautiful wedding hall.
6.        Tamil school was build in 1970’s still the same, with broken table and chairs, spoiled fan and lights, buku pinaman torned, bad environment for student and teachers. I have not seen 1 Tamil school with air conditioned except the HM room, if you know 1 please let me know. I will salute the person who builds it.
7.        $2 million Batu Caves Lord Muruga Statue build by Indians with donation money by Indian people, $10 million minimum was spend every year for praying on Thaipusam by devotes (this is the reason i say the Devotees are worse ignorant person).
8.        Why blame government for not allocation fund for Tamil school (is it logic), why can’t we just pay $1 for praying and $9 for Tamil School ?
9.        $200 minimum spend by Indian Alcoholicans on every weekend for clubbing and entertainment.
10.        Run away or ignore when ask for donation of $5 for Tamil School .
11.        In every Indian house there will be TV, HI-FI Radio, CD/DVD player and the classic Astro. They have watched the all the latest Tamil movie even it’s not out in theater yet.
12.        Their children will be in buku pinjaman, no revision book, never or maybe once been to bookstore, never encourage for piano class, violin class, swimming, even language class other than those offered in school and no computer with reason can’t afford to have 1.

These are some of the issue that we ignore and still doing it. As some of you have considered Tamil Education is a waste of time, for the rest of Indians; are we still going to ignore it or make a change?

Please don’t forget that in 80’s Chinese schools and Tamil Schools was in same level as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. There were more students in Tamil School and the infrastructure was the same.

But today, look at Chinese Schools and compare it with out Tamil Schools, (sigh). Please take note that Chinese Schools most of it are 100% non-government support. As we all already know our government trying to the level best to abolish these 2 schools, they dream are coming true for Tamil Schools but not for Chinese Schools.

If you really really have 2 minutes, just have a look at 1 of Chinese Schools near by your house in the morning or after school. You can see their parents will be waiting in their Mercedes, BMW, Toyota , Honda and even motorbike to pick their kids from school back home.

I have never ever seen any Indian parents with their Mercedes or Toyota waiting for their kids outside Tamil School . Maybe there is as we cant see them….Invisible….:)

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  • Murthi

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    I agree with what you have said in your recent article. My opinion is

    1. Any civilisation has it’s glorious days and also downfall and this is due to ignorance once they are at the top.
    2. Many Indians are proud of our past but they don’t seem to be bothered about their current status.
    3. If every Indian can contribute RM1 per months, we could collect millions in a year to contribute to the upgrading of schools. But then the problem starts, who is going to take the responsibilty to distribute the funds. As such, my idea is why not every one with decent income go to a nearby Tamil school and find out what are their needs and sponsor them within your means instead of contributing cash.
    4. We should learn from Chinese, if they can be self sufficient, we not us. Not all us are at the lower rung of the society. Instead of blaming it on the government alone, we should also share the responsibility.

  • Anonymous Gal

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    Salute to the fella who wrote that e-mail. My child is definately going into tamil school(because sadly i dunno how to write tamil) and violin lesson(coz i din hav a chance to learn) and veenai class(coz i can teach her). When i have a child la… :)

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    @Anonymous Gal
    are u married?
    i’m too looking some1 who can teach veenai class for my kids soon..
    then,if u r could be free :P

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    savadi post bro…
    when think about the last 2 sentences, i feel u r rite.
    all the kaya x2 ppl sending thier kids to sekolah kebangsaan and not to tamil, and give a lame excuse when we ask why they do so….

    Exp: wont study properly…. wil become rowdy…. and etc!

    i only agree to them, if they send their kids to special tamil class…or tuition.
    one of my frens family doing that…! Hope others also can do like them, if willing too.
    if not teach thier own kids at home! The Best!

    my opinion bro…Nandri Vanakam!

  • Tic Tac

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    Truly a M1 article indeed. Its a very thought provoking article and i hope it reached many people.
    We Indians have never been as tight as the Chinese comunity.Who to blame? Older generations?maybe but we the present Indian generation can change that …If we stick together, and instill the semangat togetherness in us. but we indians as much good hearted we are..we are also very selfish and self centred person.Naan nalla iruntha pothum mathavanga yekedhu ketta yenaaku yenna??most of us fall into this category including myself.But i hope in due time we will start thinking ‘yellarum nalla irukanum,naanum nalla irukanum’!
    When we talk about temple and temple donations , it becomes a very sensitive matter among us.Unless temples starts to put a signboard saying “We don’t accept money for archanai” or something like that i believe we will keep on practising this habit.
    Many Indian parents dont send their children to tamil school.Why?Because they think the environment there is not suitable for their children,the other kids studying there are rough and will spoil their children and because the teachers are not good enough!!Bull shit lar, no one can take care of our children better than us!! My dad was a Tamil school HM before and i’ve seen how he cares for his students from the top classess to the bottom classess, he treats them equally and for the weaker students he boost up their confidence and morale and treats them like his own kids.Can u expect this kind of treatment in other schools?Unless you are the top student or your parents are teachers in that school this weak student will be well ignored like the rest of his classmates.Nobody is gonna pay him special attenetion because he is an Indian.
    The blame is all on us..until we can come together to solve the problem in our community or don’t create any problems, no one can help us…

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    :Both Thumbs Up:


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    Very well observed and written. Although some of his/her sentences may be a slap on the face for those poor ones, but as you said, it is something to be pondered and think about.

    Yaaru yelthirpa…

  • Anonymous Gal

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    mmuurrllyy: I am single… when you have kid dun forget to tell me…i will teach ur kid veenai for double price…. :P

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    natchene ore netthi adi..

    Its bitter to swallow but I agree with this article.

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    i read the whole letter …

    well said

    “ignorance” is the word ,

    If a chinese wanna a buy a product , the promoter even afraid to explain more because the chinese customer know more than the promoter and ask more than 101 question before purchase the product .

    But we(Indians) , are we aware as them , we ignore all the important think which happening around us . The best question we ask to the promoter , ” Berapa harga?” , ” Ada Diskaun?”, lol .

    Be aware , ask more questions , be knowledgeable .(Easy to say – if try it – end up in ISA) , lol .

  • Asshole

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    “Hindu’s civilization WAS the greatest” – this is a fairy tale from the old books.

  • Kris

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    The article may be thought provoking but I don’t think the Indian community can raise itself from poverty by just spending less in temple and donating the money to Tamil schools or watching lesser Tamil movies. The issue is much more bigger than that.
    Indians have to be given equal opportunity in business, education and employment to raise their status. Indians have to learn to fight for their rights as well. All indians are paying tax, therefore the governemnt has a duty to take care of all citizens regardless of race and religion.
    Education, no doubt is very important. You can use your own money and build better Tamil schools. But once you finish your high school and try to apply for tertiary education, many indians are not given an opportunity to get into good courses. Not all Indians can send the children overseas, some struggle even to send them to some private unknown colleges. Anyway, when some of the hard working Indians try hard and get a degree or diploma and try their luck in the private or public sector again they are marginalised based on their race. Indians always have to try 1000 times harder than Chinese or Malay to get good jobs and promotions and high salary. Indians face obstacles from every angle and corner right from the time we are in school, college, university and finally in pursuing our own career. With these obastacles all the way,only a handfull of us can make it on our own.

    By the way, I’m an indian from a poor family. I worked very hard from the time in school. I know how hard it is to make it in Malaysia if you are an indian. Even with a degree I had to go through many discrimations in work place in terms of salary and promotion. To the point that I gave up having to try 1000 times harder all my life just because I happen to be in Malaysia. Finally I left Malaysia out of frustration with a conclusion that this is a country not worth being partriotic to. Now I’m happy in another country knowing that I have a fair chance in everthing I do.

    My advice to Malaysian Indian parents is as follows:
    1)Go to different embassies like UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and find out the criterias for migration. Usually countries give certain preferences for certain profession because there is a demand in their country e.g IT, nursing, carpenting, plumbing, accounting etc.
    2) Try to get your children to get qualification in one of those professions depending on their ability. Gain experience in the field by working for atleast 3 years in Malaysia
    3) Apply for migration and leave the country.

    Seriously, indians have to learn about their rights as citizens first. Go out into the world and see what is the meaning of being a citizen in developed contries.

  • Velan

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    let’s spread whole previous one by printing/sending via internet to all Malaysian Indians as many as we knew!


  • shanraj

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    to this mail writer….its shoe…not show


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