It’s Deepavali

This is going to be a very long post. I’ll be away for a week. Read on. As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, you could expect this post to be about the charity that we had last Saturday on the 18th of October. This small charity event was initially suggested by Brother […]

Top Few

It’s Deepavali in a few days time and of course most of my post would be related to the one-time-in-a-year celebration.All should be filled with joy during this celebration and I would be happy as long as I see all of you are happy. My next post would be quite long thus I decided to […]

Fine Lines

Good day everyone. As all of us are aware of, these days, to tackle a girl, you must have specific strategies to play upon. You should set your target and prepare to do all kinds of weird things to get your girl. One of the most important thing is using ‘ayat’. Good words plays a […]

Take a Break

It’s going to be a tiring day tomorrow because of charity and prayers. A small request though, I know I have triple the amount of readers I had 2 months ago, I urge all of you who had not subscribed to my mailing list to do so, It helps. Click here. Meanwhile, I came across […]

Hindraf declared Illegal

Oh goodness. Hindraf had been declared an illegal organization. From now onwards, those who are involved in this organization would be charged in court. My boy, how am I so scared of this.

BrainInTheAss Childrens…

Allah Malik. As inspiring as things can turn out to be, that is the same amount of hope that every parents put on to their children. I read with great sorrow a story about the children’s that had neglected their parents and dump them in old folks house. Now for the first time, when I’m […]

Indian Machis

Life had certainly been very interesting lately and things had been as exciting as ever to me. With a lot of tragedies and agenda’s happening lately, I can’t help but feel amused about it. Well, I would not share with you ‘that certain things’ as I would prefer waiting for it to happen and then […]

The Search Begins…

I’ve always been in support of local music talents. Now, there is a great opportunity for unknown music talents to bring out and show it to the whole world their singing capabilities. If you’ve always wondered whether you would be getting a platform to sharpen your skill or even to sing in an album, your […]

M1 Bloggers Official Launch

5th October, the day is finally here. After much delay because of a lot of hurdles and work load, the day had come for the launching of this. If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, here comes the revolution we promised earlier, M1 blogging had officially been launched as of today.

Amoi – Unexpected ending

The news that I , Makkez, and Naga highlighted about the Amoi became a major issue. I just came through this posting from Makkez blog. Never expected this though . But then , she needs to face the co-sequences. Read the full article in Makkez.