Amoi – Unexpected ending

The news that I , Makkez, and Naga highlighted about the Amoi became a major issue.

I just came through this posting from Makkez blog.

Never expected this though . But then , she needs to face the co-sequences.

Read the full article in Makkez.

News clip adopted from

Update : Guys, she had updated her blog with another apology. This latest one seems to be very sincere.  No matter what , she is no politician, and she is young. She would regret this her whole life and it would be a good lesson to the rest of us.

Let us forgive and forget.

About the part of police action towards her, obviously she has to face it . What’s wrong is wrong.

Read it here

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    tavalai tan vaayal kedum,
    sammy tan kaiyal kettal.


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    @Viji :Thatuvum of the day ah? I think you will be a good teacher. When people don’t know how to deal with emotions this is what happens.Anyway she is brave enough to admit her mistakes. That takes a lot of courage.

  • Murthi

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    I think this is one of the outcome of having vernacular schools. Students from these schools are not exposed to other races. We should abolish these schools and replace with national schools with learning of mother tongue made compulsory.

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    Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna.

    I believe her worries due to the loss of her HP would have been overtaken by her current fear of being called up by the police. LOL! Let this be a lesson to her not to mess with “others” …..

  • Asshole

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    What a stupid BITCH. I thought she said she don’t care if anyone did anything.

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    Asshole what is your problem? Why so much anger in you? Cool down. People make mistakes. You may like to be called Asshole but others don’t like to be called a bitch. She apologized, just let it be. Forgive and forget. Otherwise there will be war everywhere and please watch your words.

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    To cikgu: ungala vida oru good teacher uh.. anyway i will try to be a good teacher. will update how am i doing next year january kayh. :P

    tak salah she tunjuk her anger but, she may show it in decent way. if she turn as batarakali of coz others will saamy adaran too. :D

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    ooh ya… oor makkale… sammy minta maaf again ooh.
    veerar soorar nallavar vallavar parambaraiyilernthu vanta ellarum pls forgive her for her mistake lor.

    mannipu ketkarathu manitar gunam..
    mannikarathu teiva gunam..

    sammy visyathule nambe teivam aavome.. :)

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    Too late to read her blog….she have made her blog private… sob sob sob..
    For her…what have she expressed is expressed…nasi sudah menjadi bubur…

  • Viknes

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    Hi y’all,

    I just can’t digest the fact that she mentioned Indians as “bastards” and “sons of bitches”. There are some drunkards, thieves, and rapists…..but don’t every ethnicity?

    I don’t mind her lashing at the two alleged theives but this is way to far.
    Does she even know what these English words stand for:
    Let me break it down just what she meant in text.

    1. Drunkard bastards – Illegitimate child (anak haram).
    2. Sons of bitches – Sons of female dogs.

    I just can’t take that she mentioned being an Indian means being an illegitimate child born of a female dog and who couldn’t hold his drink. She could apologize on her knees just to cool things off as she wouldn’t want her future to be bleak, but, whenever she sees an Indian, the same words will echo in the back of her mind.

    Which culture or civilisation has never manufactured their own alcoholic beverage? In China & Japan, theres rice wine and tuak among the local natives. From Europe we have ale, beer, wine, and various liquors. Somewhere in Africa, there a drink made from cassava, maize and bananas. From the Carribian, theres rum, and tequila from South America. Should Sammy call all these cultures and civilisations as drunkards?
    On one of her posts, she mentioned there was a tequila drinking contest with RM1k for the last one standing. It seems she was last 4. Well Sammy, why wouldn’t you call yourself a drunkard?! Are you feeling supperior Sammy? Start the Klu Klux Klan here!
    Sammy, I’m in a rage too, but I would want to be like you just to get back at you.
    Its definately disgusting to be you. I hope you feel like the maggot that feeds on its own filth.

    I know that there are some righteous characters that will defend her.
    Come on people, we must not allow people or even among ourselves to use degradative words as a “slang” to legalise its use when communicating. Be it from everyday conversation adjectives like what Sammy used to other words of higher degree.

    Similar to the situation in the US. A caucasian should NEVER call an African-American with the n*gger/n*gga word but its totally cool if an African-American call another African-American with the same ethnic slur.
    But the fact is the n word is extremely offensive among the African-Americans themselves.
    Initially I thought it was cool with all the rap lyrics made popular but in the The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah herself and a few other notable guests made it clear it was wrong. It was the show with Terence Howard, Ludacris and a famous speaker I can’t recall.

    I can bet my family jewels that Sammy Chan is not the last of streotypes we’ve seen. This might be the last of Sammy Chan but not the rest. Just look at what an immature 22 year old can cause. There is a lot like them out there. We see them everyday without knowing. They return our smiles and can be friendly at a glance. We must not give them the opportunity to use these foul words to describe us or any other race. We should correct them while we could and be a good example for ourselves, at least.

    There will always be a few rottens apples in every ethnic population.
    That is ineveitable. But we need to weed out streotypes like Sammy.

    Lets watch our behaviour. Place and raise the benchmark for us to grade ourselves.
    Let no one put us under.


    P.S- Its no big deal to forgive….but I’ll never forget.

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    i agree with murthi

    vernacular schools,both chinese and tamil, should be abolished

    besides school, one’s outlook in life is also shaped by one’s upbringing – family values and religious values.

    let’s rip the skin off all of us and see what’s under it. is our heart, kidney, lung, stomach ‘colored’?

  • Devan

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    This below comment was made after My visit to Pak Lah’s Open House today at Kepala Batas! and posted in various blogs. The questions that I post here are:
    Are we INDIANS like beggars in our own country???? Why are we treated like SHIT in our own country???………..Read on….

    I was there! And totally disappointed. I wanted to wish Pak Lah farewell since this will definately be his last Raya as PM! I reached the hall at about 2pm.Didnt have our lunch(My wife and Son).
    We saw 4 truckloads of FRU outside …maybe were waiting for Hindraf supporters! (Does open houses NEED FRU?)
    We were OUT of place! It was like we were NOT invited!The crowd was so not Multi-racial.We wanted to have our lunch first before wishing the PM.
    Lot of stalls around and nothing to EAT….cos..
    EVERYTHING THERE has BEEF !!!!!fried rice with beef,mee-hoon with beef,soup with beef everything….
    Dont they have ANY consideration for those who dont eat BEEF ????
    Are we NOT supposed to go there?
    Is it the RAkyat money thats used for these open houses??
    This is the WORSE OPEN HOUSE that I have visited.
    I will be there at DSAI open house this Sunday which I feel WE will be MORE WELCOMED !!!!!!!! VIVA PKR !!!!

  • noni

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    i once had a malay buddy, went to his home for makan, as usual more thn half of da food were beef, thn he noticed me not taking the meat stuff, he came to me offering wht is obviously beef curry, so i stopped him saying i dont eat beef, and guess wht was his reply….

    ” aku taula…bukanya aku suruh kau makan daging, ambik kari je…”

    but i wasnt angry, i just told him no thx.

    Its not their fault. The are very very naive people. And the PM is no exception.

  • Murthi

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    I had the same experience as noni. Being brought up vegetarian on Tuesdays and Fridays, I had a difficult time when I was in Japan. Once I wanted to try their salad thinking that it must be made of vegetables. But no, it was mixed with chicken. My malay friend immediately offered to remove the chicken leaving the vegetables. And I had to ask him this, will he be doing the same if it was pork in it. Even though he was embarassed, but I think it changed his perception. They are naive indeed but it is our duty to let them know the mistakes.

  • jinggo

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    wer is ISA ?? tangkap sammy masuk dlm ISA,kasik makan telur 2 biji & timun…threat all same…we want justice!! no duble triple standard pls!! ISA for sammy ISA for sammy!!

  • thani

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    dumb dumb jinggo…

    don’t make us look stupid. We are supposed to be in the effort to ban ISA. Now you want ppl to masuk ISA! A bit like going against ourself rite?

    You like ISA that much ar? Hahahhaha… maybe you can volunteer to go in.


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