M1 Bloggers Official Launch

5th October, the day is finally here.

After much delay because of a lot of hurdles and work load, the day had come for the launching of this.

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, here comes the revolution we promised earlier, M1 blogging had officially been launched as of today.

You would be wondering by now, what is this all about and why the hell do we need all this thing.

After blogging for quite some time, we had finally come up with our own concept to be different from others.

I would leave it at that. Read the introduction page to have a good understanding on what I’m talking about.

When I mentioned us, I’m mentioning Makkez here. Let’s roll it out; it’s going to be all fun.

RagedIndian and Makkez, bringing you a new revolution in blogging, M1 Bloggers.


P.S : You’ve got a feedback? Leave me a comment…

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