The Search Begins…

I’ve always been in support of local music talents. Now, there is a great opportunity for unknown music talents to bring out and show it to the whole world their singing capabilities.

If you’ve always wondered whether you would be getting a platform to sharpen your skill or even to sing in an album, your dream is about to come to reality.

If you can’t sing, perhaps you can ask your brothers, sisters, mama , machan , akka purushan, mamiyar ,pondathi, vapathi, or anyone else who can sing to participate in this hunt for music talents. It’s open for all!

Good luck to all of you !

A hunt for Anonymous begins today.

First time in Malaysia, a new revolution in the Malaysian Indian music industry. The grand show records and Mr.P proudly present  “ANONYMOUS-Rise Of The Un-Known Volume 1″.

What is “ANONYMOUS-Rise Of The Un-Known Volume 1?  Read below to find out more:

Grand show Records is a new record company that advocate the usage of the latest technology in the process of music creation. Also, in view of the challenges that surrounds the industry at present time, Grand show Records strongly believe in providing a platform for up and coming musicians to make their debut in the music industry and subsequently moulding them into becoming great artists.

Having that intention in mind, Grand show Records coined the idea of “ANONYMOUS rise of the un-known volume 1” The album will consist of songs, in English and Tamil. The album “Anonymous”, will be created based on a compilation of new talents i.e. individuals or groups who have yet to record an album and who do not have current and/or prior attachments with any recording labels.

Can you sing ?

If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should take part in this online competition.  The competition is held online and open to all Malaysian citizens. You must be able to sing in tamil and English to join in the hunt for the anonymous singer.

What is the Prize ?

A lifetime opportunity to sing in the album produced by Mr.P  “ANONYMOUS-Rise Of The Un-Known Volume -1”

How to enter ?

1. Compose a song within 2 min duration and less than 5mb.
2. Make sure that the song composed are in mp3 format
3. Refer to Rules & Regulations at and the song composed should be according to it.
4. Once finished, submit the song via email to
5. Best of luck !!!

For more info about this “ANONYMOUS-Rise Of The Un-Known Volume 1″ Please Visit or click below :

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