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Life had certainly been very interesting lately and things had been as exciting as ever to me. With a lot of tragedies and agenda’s happening lately, I can’t help but feel amused about it. Well, I would not share with you ‘that certain things’ as I would prefer waiting for it to happen and then sharing with you.

I’ve realized certain things. Perhaps you would experience this next.

One day when you wake up from sleep you would realize that happiness is all about how you lead your life. It’s about how you take your life to certain extend to make it a wonderful thing. Although a lot of sufferings and miseries goes around you, you shouldn’t let your guards down and should always think of a way to lead a happy life.

There is no such thing as continuous sadness. We ourselves tend to make things difficult in our life. We’re the one who always seem to think that life sucks.

Think about it. How many times in your life have you been sad? How many times in your life people had come to advice you of certain things and cheer up your day? Remember, we have wonderful people around us all the time; it’s just how we use them accordingly in our life so that it would work as an advantage for us.

Do not think that other people are making life difficult for you, go stand in front of the mirror and you can see for yourself who is making things difficult for you. Ask yourself, you would be surprised with the answers that you might gain from yourself.

That previous thing was a dedicated special advice to one of my reader who is down lately with problems.

Let’s move on to something exciting.

I’ve written about Indian Machans earlier. Although what I might write here might provoke most of you, I would advice you earlier that this article is a targeted message and most probably you girls might fit in few criteria’s that I’ve listed below. Read it with fun in mind and do not get serious about it.

This below criteria describes Indian Machis, in a more layman term, teenage girls who think Friendster is their world. Check out the criteria to be an Indian Machi.

1. Its ok if you do not have a boyfriend, but it is not ok if you do not have Friendster.

2. You’ talk adult jokes amongst your girlfriends but when you hear guys talking about it, you think that guy is disgusting.

3. You let the whole world know you’ve been fucked by announcing it in Friendster shout out.

4. You post up like 30 surveys per day in Friendster.

5. Again about survey, the only thing you know to do when you’re bored is filling up survey forms. Although you’ve announced like 100 times before this that you like sperms, you announce it again through survey if you’re bored.

6. You want your boyfriend to say ‘I love you’ via SMS like every other minute.

7. You think actor Vijay jumping 100 meters above the train is cool.

8. You don’t like Shakeela.

9. You make up your Friendster page with heavy graphics and let your friends suffer through to get to see your page.

10. Out of 50 pictures in your Friendster, 25 would be of Trisha, 20 would be Vijay, the remaining 5 would be , 3 baby pictures, 1 dog, and 1 passport photo of yours.

11. Your parents do not allow you go out late at night and you think your parents sucks.

12. You lie to your parents that you’re going for a cultural trip where as you end up in bed with your boyfriend.

13. Your mother shouts each time you wake up late.

14. You order and buy new Punjabi/Chuditars for each occasion.

15. You blog about how a guy cheated you in a relationship or of the exact opposite, how sweet your boyfriend is.

16. You stand straight posing in front of KLCC, and post up that picture in Friendster.

17. You dress up in something that looks like my towel, and then camwhore inside your room.

18. You hate and because we talk about ‘you’ girls.

I know most of the things that I’ve listed here is very true. Have fun and have a happy weekend!

Guys, you’ve got any thing to add? 

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  • the truth

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    no.10 and no. 17….LMFAO! Omg..cant stop laughing…..funny but this article is almost 100% accurate…no.12 may be for tht very few ‘special’ones la…not for all..
    good one bro….at the end of the day, we do love our Indian girls..

  • inba

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    camwhoring is the next big thing, i guess…
    lorong dibelakang stesen monorel brickfields gonna go hi-tech with camwhoring centres being opened there….so those guys sellin minyak lintah n minyak belacak gonna go outta bisness…

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    “You think actor Vijay jumping 100 meters above the train is cool.”

    Thank god I am not the only who thought things like that were lame.. guess people will agree with me on Vijayakanth’s dialogues as well? ;)

    p/s sorry for straying off-topic..

  • Anonymous gal

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    Who’s Shakeela? Hey, dont blame us la for having a lot of graphics…you guys are the one who send them neway. Kalo tak approve marah pulak…aparum, add panethukku ooru graphic, thnx ke ooru graphic, ur welcome ke ooru graphic, vaisekku vanthathukku ooru graphic, semuanya nak anta graphic. Baru kenal 1 minggu dah hantar “I miss u” graphic, aparum approve panelenaa turun sahamla kawan….LOL….jadi, kita pun dengan baik hatinya addla semua graphic2 pathathetheku app vere…eshwara!!…hehe…Machans ka machis ka sama je… :P


  • Tic Tac

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    How did you do such an observation?Who was your guinea pig lar..haha..Dunno how to react..I too have pics of my dog in my Friendster and yup occasionally kena sound from mummy whem wake up late..but apart from that sadly i don’t fall into Indian Machi category..awwww..

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    cantik macam bunga…!
    avelothaa ennaleh solle mudiyum..

    All the way the M1 way!

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    Hahaha……you’re back with what you do best : )

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    Haha…. Yet another M1 post by Abang Durai! I gotta say that No.18 Roxxxx!

    Let me add another one bro:

    19. You would write “LOVE SUCKS, GUYS SUCKS!” in your Friendster shoutout without realising that out of your 999 friends in your friends list, 997 would be guys.

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    hahahahha… you rocks again in ur way..

    i agree 100% with this : 13. Your mother shouts each time you wake up late.

    yeahhh! she asked me to get up from bed only for take my breakfast on time. then i can sleep back if i wan. :D thats cool anyway.

    no.9 and no.10 me too agree la. chaya sama lu.

    durai bang u’ve missed something ler…
    a) 1 inch make up before capture frenster picture.
    b) Hangging on the phone ~ unlimited sms and call for digi postpaid users. (family package). *this is one of the latest issue which is so irritating* i must wait atleast 2 hours to get a reply “okey” or “can” from my digi user’s fren. :(

    machi’s always machi’s =)

  • OG

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    no 13 is vry true..hahax..
    jz cant stop laughing
    no.10..savadi brader:P

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    @ the truth : Yep. Agreed brother. Actually most of the things there might fit some of the girls only.

    And another yes brother, we do love our Indian girls.

    @inba : Lol.. Lorong belakang stesen monorail tidak akan dapat diubah la bro i think, kala kalamah business odethe…

    @sactyr : Yep bro, Vijayakanth is a comedian, not much of lame though, I would rather redirect that attack towards the director who thought of such a scene.

    @Anonymous gal : Shakeela theriyatha? Ena kodumeh saravanan ithe..try to google for it…

    Lol…Betul betul , saya agree, I’ve seen this guys sending like 100’s of graphics on the first day itself…

    @rujjcoomarh : Bro, nandri ayyah nandri..sudah posting banner M1 kat blog u ka belum?

    @ Veni : Well, I shall keep you entertained , shouldnt I?

    @Makkez : Lol…Athe seri partner..athe seri…But partner, where got this girls having 999 friends…ellam 2000 meleh pothe bro..dasyat kabel woooohhh..

    @viji : Lol..Sapthethe tired ah ayi thiripe thunggelama…ipedi kudeh iruka…

    @OG : Thank you…OG…

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    @Tic Tac : Not much of an observation…ellam nadekerethe thane…hehehehe…

    Do you feel sad or happy you dont fall in the same category with them? Awwwww ne pothe irukingge…

  • Anonymous gal

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    Ok. Aku sudah Google. =D Enna kodumei saravanan ithu!!! hahaha…

  • Crambo

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    they try to be real trisha …looking for vijay who can fight wif the 5o people and later will put all the people in lorry will jack infront of the villan house …..haha …(malaysia trisha buy a new punjabi dress just new is the market )

  • kavita

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    hahahaa.. good laugh for d weekend..

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    @Durai – 2000 meleh ya?… Uikkss, mathitanggela? I thought maximum can only have 1000 friends… Looks like I’m kinda outdated.. Aiyo, aiyo! Hidup Friendster!

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    haha , all guys above support all the points like all of them had a very good experience with this girls , haha .

    Enjoy .

    RageIndian with another M1 post , rage valli tani valli , better follow his way . ( re-rephrased superstar’s dialog ) , lol .

  • Asshole

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    Indian movie mentality, pariah chicks. LOL

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    @Anonymous Gal : Ha…Tahu takpe…Hehe

    @Crambo : Well said brother..Sad fact that’s what happening..

    @kavita : Tima kasih..tima kasih.

    @Makkez : Ama bro..I saw one with 3001 friends..just few days back..

    @townguy : Nandri bro nandri…Hehe..

    @Asshole : Well, I knew something like this will be comin’ from u..:-D

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    Savadi bro…..

    Out of 50 pictures in your Friendster, 25 would be of Trisha, 20 would be Vijay, the remaining 5 would be , 3 baby pictures, 1 dog, and 1 passport photo of yours.

    At times 1 passport photo also dont have…..
    will put trisha’s photo and have the caption of
    look’s alike……… YOUR HEAD LA !!!!…. hahahaha

  • alisha gurl

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    u r so true bro..totally a great article 4 d machis..i agree wid viji wid d 2nd point..hangin on d hp 4 hours especially wen d digi came up wid a stupid d’campus plan..urghhh..i had been a victim of listenin 2 unwanted conversations=p

    gd post!! cheers=)

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    @Satya ” How true brother..Lol

    @alisha gurl : Victim of unwanted conversations? Sounds interesting , mind sharing? cheers gurl.


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