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Allah Malik.

As inspiring as things can turn out to be, that is the same amount of hope that every parents put on to their children. I read with great sorrow a story about the children’s that had neglected their parents and dump them in old folks house. Now for the first time, when I’m telling something, you would have got it on the first line itself. You would have grasped it on what I would be talking about in the first line itself.

See, we’re born into this world through if explained by science, sex. While talking about it is not going to be subject, I would rather redirect you to the topic that I wanted to discuss.

I believe most of us would have heard about the story of children’s neglecting their parents and putting them into old folks home or worst still do not really care about them after they’ve become old.

This story is dedicated to the fucks who neglected their parents who brought them to this world.

I for one would say that most of the time during my growing up years, I’ve been rebellious. In fact, I believe most of us would have been. Ever since we were brought to this world, no one else, I mean it, no one else would have cared most about us other than your parents.

Not your new come lover, not even your new come wife.

Dare to disagree? I hope not.

There is a saying that goes like your wife is the world for you after you get married. Your wife would be the one to be till the end. Indeed. Let me disagree with that saying today. I say, stressing it again, no one else would care for you as long as they’re alive, other than your parents.

I grow up with bad influence surrounding me all the while which makes me rather a bad boy perhaps. Bad boy not as in those Indian mandes as described by my partner Makkez, but rather grow learning some of the bad habits along the way.

I would tell you a small story.

See, when I was around 12, my father used to tell me stories like how he goes out drinking with his friends and so on. Every Deepavali, during the gathering of the masses, I mean my father’s friends, there are surely alcohol served.

Since he had a short stint working in Carlsberg company, he would go on and tell me all the usual guy bragging story on how at the young age of 18 , he and his friends would have wonderful time drinking all those Carlsberg beers direct from the factory. Note the point that he started drinking at 18.

Years past by, and I was 18. At the time where friends become part of your life, fucks become daily routine, porn becomes past time, I started playing around with alcohol. Nothing is better than a night drinking out with your friends, becoming totally sober with a few glass of beer than start creating havoc in restaurants.

It’s part of Indian culture.

When I came home totally pissed drunk one night, my father caught me. He further prompted for a blow test, in which I blew like it was my 21st birthday cake right into my father’s face. There I got return blow from his stiff body-building hands. How sweet.

The next day, we had a small discussion. My parents were sitting when all of a sudden my father told how he never starts drinking until the age of 25. That totally contradicts his earlier story, isn’t it? He went on saying that he was working hard until the age of 25 and only starts drinking after that age.

Right, maybe you can say now my father is hiding things. Perhaps a liar.

But all he cared about was me. That was his objective.

He reached his objective? No. I further went on even testing drugs. Indeed interesting. Somehow, I never got addicted because he was constantly nagging and making things difficult for me to do. I understand why he had done so only now. Or not, this blog wouldn’t exist.

They’ve made so much sacrifice. So many events when we didn’t have enough money to eat, but still they manage to provide with something to eat for good. I still remember those moments when I was small. I wasn’t going through life that hard anyway, I was anyway born into a middle class  family.

Education had been their priority and they do not care even to sell the jewelries to send me to college. And there I was smoking in front of the college stairs.

I’ve been a useless son. Right? Well, up to you if you want to think about that. When somehow by miracle I graduated, I made my way through my career and what I’m earning now is hefty at my age. Not many earn this much anyway. Time for bragging.

When I start earning on my own, I decided never to separate from my parents. That is the sole reason the new house that I moved in was huge enough to fit in a few families. So that when I get married, all of us would be in the same house. All. If my wife perhaps does not like it, well, she has to. Or the door is always open.

I would dare point out that almost all of our parents had done the same thing towards us too. The same way they brought us up to how we’re now. We live in a good condition now, well, you might be reading this perhaps from your personal computer connected to the Internet. You’re eating good food. You’re living in a good house.

After all this things that had been done for you, there are still so many fuckers out there in our society that dumps their parents into old folks home after they’re old.

Or perhaps you’ve heard about the story when the guy dumps the parents when his wife asked him to do so?

Anyhow, the point is simple. No parents deserve a treatment like this. Imagine the pain and the sufferings they would have to endure through if you just leave them like that.

If your parents didn’t support you all this while, how you would have ate? Shit? Indeed maybe you would have to eat shit. Maybe you’ve started eating like that, that is the reason you put them out.

Some say that after getting old their parents becomes somewhat annoying and so on. Annoying enada Machan, when you fuck around at the young age clubbing here and there, screwing this girl and that, who stand by you? Who’s fucking money you used?

All the while they had never been annoying, now annoying after you start earning eh? My brothers, when you start earning, there is no price you can pay back to settle the amount they’ve spend for you. It would take few generations for you to settle the amount they’ve spend for you.

But do you think your parents were expecting money from you? No, they only want you to be with them. They only want you to shower them with love.

What’s so fucking hard for you to do that? It’s a crazy world ay. So many people out there do not even have parents. So many do not even get enough love. So many long for parental love. Yet, when you’ve got it, you don’t appreciate them, do you?

So many Kamachi’s that I’ve seen complained that their parents is over-controlling them , always scolding them, always beating them, this and that, my dear Kamachi, with your parents controlling itself you’ve become such a bitch, what happens if your parents neglect you totally?

Remember, the more your parent scolds you, the more they love you. Yanda Machan, when your girlfriend says maire matte, you would say sorry and try to cool her down. But when your parents say it, anger is boiling up eh? Logic enggepah? Ore hole pathone, parents eh whole ahve marenthethiyepa.

Your parents would never curse even when you throw them out, they would still be praying for your happiness. That’s the thing. That’s parenthood. That’s love.

No matter how many temple you go around, how many prayers you might have done, how many charities you’ve done, how many people you’ve made happy, the only thing that makes you a good man in this world is taking good care of your parents.

Wife vanthetha, amma veliyeh po , mamiyar ullevangge, appe veliyeh pongge dialogue ellam vena macha…

Remember, parents should always be your priority. If somehow any day anyone talks about putting their parents in old folk’s home to you, make sure you spit on their face. Let them know there can be no human with a more disgusting and awful heart and mentality than them.

Matha pitha guru deivam (Mother Father Teacher God). God comes last ay. Still, you don’t get it?

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  • Mga

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    Kudos! Charity begins at home and your article implies that in a finer print. Good work!

  • dr.Mafia

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    Nice article bro..
    i like tiz punch dialogue to the most..
    Ore hole pathone, parents eh whole ahve marenthethiyepa.-damn classic..lolz..
    well done bro…

  • IP

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    Great article…I have to agree to every alphabet and words in the article….

    Put your parents first and then you can ask the wives to tow the line behind them…

    You get only one birth mother and father…Give them the respect they deserve…

    Think and ponder on this…. What would happen if your parents decided they dont want you when you were a little nipper and decided to put you in an orphanage or put you inside a dustbin and close lid and never looked back….

    Or they did not spend the amount of money to put you in college and uni….

    sucks right….cant imagine that happening right….

    This is how your parents will feel when you enrol them in an orphanage…dont betray them when they need you the most…

    If your wife leaves you now because you want your parents…let the women go…you can always find another one or two…or what the heck 10 more…

    BUT..your parents is one and only….


    Happy Deepavali…and do celebrate it with your most precious ones…

    ps: Durai bro..This article is close to my heart…sorry if the comments are a bit long…Great Article as usual…Keep ‘em coming…


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    Good job bro …nice article i think i will good advice for the young people .

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    Hi Durai,

    For once i totally agree on everything that you wrote except for those ‘nice’ cursing words in between here and there. Hmm….will wait till you can write a post without those words.

    Anyway, a good post for all those who loses respect to their parents when they start working, got married or etc. They just forget that the same thing could happen to them when they are old. Parents can be old, annoying or whatever but thats not reasons for us to abondon them as they never do that to us. GOD bless all those parents out there : )

  • the truth

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    “fucks become daily routine, porn becomes past time, I started playing around with alcohol. Nothing is better than a night drinking out with your friends, becoming totally sober with a few glass of beer than start creating havoc in restaurants.

    It’s part of Indian culture.”

    I don’t do alcohol, i don’t mix with fucks, i am an Indian, so this ISN’T PART OF INDIAN CULTURE.
    OK, back to the comment.
    A lot of children,once they are older, would say tht ” my parents gave me no choice by bringing me into this world, so i get to decide wht to do with em once they’re too much of a burden.” Old folks home, here i come!!

    Its ironical tht a close relative of mine once told me tht in Hinduism( trust me, ive never heard this one before till she told me) it is the CHILDREN whom CHOOSE their PARENTS and not vice versa. Of course we are talking from the spiritual point of view. Which come to think of it does make sense and clearly underlines the importance of US, THE CHILDREN taking care of our helpless parents considering the fact WE MADE THEM BRING US INTO THIS WORLD AND TAKE CARE OF US. I’m not a religious person so i cant really elaborate more on this Hindu ‘concept’, but i believe ITS TRUE.

    Forget about inconsistent advices, i get it all the time from my parents as well, BUT, there are much more important things to evaluate rather thn advices. How about the time when your parents cleaned you up after pooping? Also the time when they fed you daily homecooked meals making sure you are healthy? When you went to school,the fees, the books, stationery and transport didnt just fall from the sky. When you needed money to buy stuff, it would come out straight from Appa’s wallet. Thn of course, theres University life, and pre-working life, most of still dependent on our parents. Whatever we earn from work, we cant 100% claim it as ours. The reason why we are even earning money, is because of all the sacrifices made by our parents. so, nothing belongs to us really, but we can easily trace it back to our parents. so to those sending parents to old folks home or abusing thm by turning thm into ‘free maids’, watch out, HELL is waiting for you.

    good article, exactly wht we need to ponder abt these days……

  • the truth

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    And one more thing, “KENA ROTAN BY PARENTS”. If this has ever happened to you,consider yourself BLESSED BY GOD.

  • Anonymous gal

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    Wow! Damn good article. I wish some assholes will learn to appreciate parents more while they are alive. Trust me, you will regret once they are gone.

  • Asshole

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    Ha ha haaaaaaa. Wow!! I guess allah malik gave u a revelation in some bajan class. How touching.

    Let me tell you that all parents are not the same. Many of them are a bunch of idiots.

    Parents, especially Indians just fuck as much as they can and then later they decide their children’s future, usually after a few of them. I wonder why these kinds of idiots must even have children. Then they got not enough money, or they fight all the time and the children are neglected. These children become trash on the streets. But some of them sometimes manage to pull themselves together. Then they expect these children to take care of them? I say shoot them or euthanize them. Stupid useless old fucks!!!! Many of these idiots believe that whatever they do will fall on their children. So they fuck and bring you out so u can pay for what they did!!!

    Matha bullshit, pitha some bastard, guru some idiot and “maire pudengera“ deivam

  • the truth

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    The title of this topic basically cried out for you, thus you arrived….

    Everyone here seem to be relating personal experiences, guess you are just doing the same as well.

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    @Mga : Ah, your lines were captivating. Thanks.

    @dr. Mafia : Lol. M1 style brother…

    @ IP : Keep your comments longer brother. The fact that this article touched you, I feel appreciated more than usual. Cheers brother.

    @Crambo : Hopefully so brother, I’m harping on an issue that had been going on for ages.

    @Veni : The cursing words just flows out usual. If I were to post something that has no ‘nice’ words, then terpaksa la I stop writing..Hehehe..

    @the truth : Brother, I’m sorry if that particular line offended you. But that was actually a sarcastic remark on what Indian teenagers tend to do and proudly claims that it is part of Indian culture. I did not mean it in a serious tone.

    It was actually meant for a fun remark, M1 style.

    By the way, I’ve not heard about the Hinduism thing that you’ had been caring enough to explain to us about,but indeed I try to search for it and ended up with zero results.

    You just added up some important points that I have missed out on my article and thanks for that brother.

    @Asshole : I’m really sorry your parents were like that brother. Explains your outrage towards this issue.

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    If I start commenting, my comments are going to be longer than your post, so I will make it short and sweet. Your parents will be very proud of you when they read this. Have to agree with every word that you said and this article really touched my heart. I really hope all the sons in this world will be like you. Have a joyous Deepavali with your parents.

  • OG

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    agree with cikgu !ur parents will b damn proud to have u as their son :)
    kudos brader!tis post really touched ma heart..

    god bless all the GOOD parents out there..:)

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    Great article bro. I’m really speechless. =)

    Hope all those morons who dump their parents would be reading this. Appeyacho arivu varom..

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    a great m1 way article durai.. good job. :)

    ” If my wife perhaps does not like it, well, she has to. Or the door is always open.”
    this line is the good one.
    boys, dun give a damn to the gal who dun respect ur parents. dun fall for her beauty and take her words as a mantra/ “TEIVA VAAKU”. ur parents love is more than everything in this world. always respect ur parents.

    durai.. again i say this, “PROUD TO KNOW U” :))

  • Mga

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    I agree with Viji..”If my wife perhaps does not like it, well, she has to. Or the door is always open.” is my FAV line too.
    Gals out there, if u take care of your in-laws nicely, only then, your own parents will be taken care of well.
    On the other hand, why separate them? in-laws should be regarded as your own parents, then maybe we can see the light in this issue.
    Durai, GREAT article la wei. Well said!

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    @Mithiri : Happy Deepavali to you too, Cikgu.

    @OG : I’m glad it touched your heart..

    @Makkez : Hopefully partner. Let’s bet higher the number of Indians dumping at least reduce in this..

    @viji : Wah. Proud to know you too, house-wife..Hehehe

    @Mga : That one liner did attract many I guess, thank you again mga.

  • brinda

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    superb article bro!!Bravo 2 u :D

  • priya

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    well said..what more to say..some people i know should read this…:)

  • nobody

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    thank u! the article indeed caused a change.

    *kinda late to comment kot, i jz terserempak tis blogsyt :)

  • Renu

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    Pa such a nice topic.. i think ma relatives must read dis article..:)

  • ApRiL

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    Wow absolutely beautiful article..=)I was realy touched,thanks to you..’MatHa,PiTha,GuRu,DheVaM’…indeed very true my buddy…smiles*

  • kechik

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    A lesson for me I guess.I’ve been neglecting them for all those scoldings.Ahuk,Ahuk(weeps)…

    *kinda late comment though,fuck, who cares???

  • anantha

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    u knw..u shld av a like column 4 al ur posts.. it’l make it easier 4 me 2 tel u hw muc i appericiate ur wok! gud job bro! =D

  • vishnu

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    -salute you brother, your parents will be proud of you…well, you might be reading this perhaps from your personal computer connected to the Internet(awesome line bro~!!)… :)

  • Kasvini

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    melampau lar you hahahaha.. the part about Indian culture was downright sarcastic gila wei. perhaps the sober Indians are quite rare nowadays.. haizz…

    Ah well… my parents told me that I don’t have to send them to the old folks home if I can’t support them. They’d go around travelling the world without having to depend on us kids. I can’t imagine it too. Me? actually having any sort of control over those people who can make me cry the shit outta my eyes just by staring at me when I do something wrong and I’m too scared to tell them. mana mungkin! I’d be kicked out before I try to pull a stint like that. some parents are very capable of sustaining themselves.

    But sedih lar… what if my parents take me to some airport and lose me? or leave me without any currency? die….. aiyoyo…


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