Hindraf declared Illegal

Oh goodness. Hindraf had been declared an illegal organization. From now onwards, those who are involved in this organization would be charged in court. My boy, how am I so scared of this.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Hindu Rights Actions Force (Hindraf) has been declared an illegal organisation from today, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

In a statement issued here, Syed Hamid said the decision to declare Hindraf as an illegal organisation was made following the ministry being satisfied with facts and evidence that showed Hindraf had and was being used for unlawful purposes and posed a threat to public order and morality.

“Based on powers vested under Section 5(1) of the Societies Act, Hindraf from today is declared an illegal organisation,” he said.

He said the order was being made as a result of monitoring and investigation on the organisation’s activities by the Registrar of Societies (ROs) and Home Ministry, since Hindraf’s inception.

Syed Hamid said if left unchecked, Hindraf would continue to pose a threat to public order, the security and sovereignty of the country as well as the prevailing racial harmony.

“The decision to declare Hindraf an illegal organisation is not based on one or two of its activities that are in contravention of the law but covers all the actions it has taken since being formed,” he said.

Syed Hamid said Hindraf had all the criteria of an organised movement because it had filed for registration with the ROS on Oct 16 last year.

The application had yet to be approved but Hindraf had actively exploited the Indian community to organise illegal assemblies and street demonstrations without permits to the point of causing a segment of the community to rise up against the Government and also hatred among the Malays and Indians in the country, he said.

“Hindraf has also tried to secure support from foreign countries for the purpose of pressuring the Government to bow to its demands,” he added.

Syed Hamid advised the public to distance themselves from Hindraf and not participate in any way in any of its activities. – Bernama

See, the thing that the Government does not understand is Hindraf cannot be declared as an illegal organization.  All this while it has been one. It had never been registered. It was never allowed to register. We have a Government which have 2 laws to rule Malaysia. One to punish the not guilty citizens, another to escape the guilty politicians.

Hindraf chanting of Makkal Sakthi can never be made illegal. The concept will stay in all the people’s heart. You can make illegal of all the things that you want, but can you make illegal of things you can’t see?
Things that you can only feel? You can’t. That’s how Hindraf is.

We not only have Indians supporting Hindraf, we have Amois and Malays chanting Makkal Sakthi as well.You have to make at least 50 % the citizens of this country illegal for supporting Hindraf, and with this latest move, the figure might have gone up higher.

People who had supported them all this while will continue to put forward their struggle no matter what
happens. Even though multiple lame strategies is put forward by the Government to make sure this things do not get out of hand, it has actually reached the heart of every people.

It makes no sense or I just laughed it off as usual by this latest move by the Government. They have send yet another message across that the Government practices double standard .

Whatever happens to Ahmad Ismail for things that provoked racial sentiments in this country? Those are the things that had sparked the racial sentiments in this country, not Hindraf. What are the evidence that you can put forward that makes you think they have done something that provoked racial issues other than harping on Nov 25 issue?

It will never be over. In fact, this is the beginning of the end. You’ve just provoked more souls, my dear Government.

Valge Makkal Sakthi!

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  • the truth

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    Yet it is the Government is already a laughing stock with their stupid statements and actions of late, now this is just rubbing salt to the wound. Correctly sum up by you, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.

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    […] HINDRAF has been ‘declared illegal’, so what are the consequences out of this? Will the police arrest anyone who goes by the name of […]

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    Enna oru joke. Banning an unregistered organisation.


    Whatever they do, it won’t make any difference.

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    so before this they were legal la?


    How can u make an unregistered organisation which was never legal become illegal.

    Enna Koduma Sir Ithu !!!!

  • surenkl

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    durai can u pls ask ur fren dsai to speak to MR.Syed al-blur regarding his mental condition…seriously he need every help he can get…velekenna sotthai…

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    whatever drama they do. I am as a manam rosham ulle indian will always give my full support for makkal sakhti.

    To the gov: the more u push us down, the higher we got up man. yaanai tan talaile taane manne alli pothukithu. wait and c la what goin to happen.


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    Have you all read today’s Malaysia Today? There was a statement by Musa Hitam saying Hindraf is a secret society.. LOL does he even know what does secret society means??

    And you know what’s even more funnier, they decided to “ban” a secret society. Ironic.

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    @the truth : Government = Laughing stock. Well said brother

    @Makkez : Partner, our Gomen very smart..cannot talk like that..Hehe

    @Satya : Memang pun Bodoh, nak buat macam mana..

    @surenkl : Anwar my friend, and I’m starting to lose my hope on him too. Mr. Syed is shiyt

    @viji : That’s the way , the spirit lives within each of us. Relax, cool down, jangan marah sangat..

    @sactyr : Lol. Ban a secret society. Now, who told our Gomen is not smart and wise?


  • Lalitha

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    So what are they gonna do? Arrest all the members of Hindraf under ISA? Well….. if they do there will be no Indians in this country!!!!! Aiyoh Kadavaleh!!!
    When is Samy gonna buck up and stop being a sissy?



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