Take a Break

It’s going to be a tiring day tomorrow because of charity and prayers. A small request though, I know I have triple the amount of readers I had 2 months ago, I urge all of you who had not subscribed to my mailing list to do so, It helps. Click here.

Meanwhile, I came across this pictures while surfing and thought of sharing it with you. Hope it puts a smile in your face.

The picture is about media advertising by some of the biggest companies. See their rivalry even in advertisements. They really mean ‘business’.

Part 1 :

And so Audi replied :

To which Subaru replied :

And the best part is Bentley replied :

Part 2 :

KingFisher airliner replied:

Jet Airways did not give up though…

And all of a sudden,

Part 3 :

And the best of the rest :

HaveĀ  a great weekend guys…Cheers.

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