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It’s Deepavali in a few days time and of course most of my post would be related to the one-time-in-a-year
celebration.All should be filled with joy during this celebration and I would be happy as long as I see all of you are happy. My next post would be quite long thus I decided to put up this one earlier.

Now, every Deepavali there is always a ‘must have thing’ for every Malaysian Indian teenagers.Let us have a look at that.

Top ‘few’ must have things For Indian Machans and Machis during Deepavali.


1. Pattas – A must have thing whether it’s legal or illegal. Machans get all excited the louder the sound is.

2. Silver bracelet – Used to decorate them self to look kinda cool . Quite a number of ‘Kambethe Kamachis’ seems to be impressed with this technique

3. Alcohol and Cigarette ( This party begins a week before Deepavali and ends a week after Deepavali. To all of them, Kudi, Anal Kudi Un Kudiyei Kedekum Varei Kudikathey)

4. Karat Haircut (Superman ,Batman) ( Lack of Attention guys usually turn to this option)

5. Boot cut Jeans or boot cut Pants ( We’re riding back the 80’s style. Yea baby yea, Subramaniapuram style)

6. EX 5 Bike ( To go around the neighborhood , with the largest and loudest exhaust pipeĀ  they can find. This is usually done in a group)


1. Jeweleries ( This is important , I stress it again, important, everyone wants to look like Aiswarya)

2. Love sms from boyfriend (The boyfriend must send Deepavali sms few times with different kinds of message each time. The challenge is to test if the boyfriend is really in love and crazy about her or not).

3. New set of shoes

4. Punjabi suit

That is some few things that I can think of in this short time. And before I forget, all the Indian kids , ecspecially the boys , it’s not a Deepavali if they don’t have the…

The light shoe!

As an additional thing, top 3 things uncles (old timers need during deepavali).

Tiger Beer, Mutton, Cigarette

Classic Indian Drinking session.

Massive cholesterol, some of them don’t even last until the next Deepavali.

Anything that I’ve missed out? Feel free to add.

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  • StarHash

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    youu always have something funny.i wonder where do u get ur 1 though

  • Mga

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    Durai Macha, the silver bracelet a.k.a ciplak bling bling is classic la. Pasar malam can get or not play the tikam game in minimarket, sure will get one. and MOST of the mama machans will be adorning tht to attract the gals. anyways, one question..the last pic was taken where la? got a small kid in front of the tanni table all, wat a ‘positive’ influence. hehehe.

  • inba

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    i had those f’ing kasut lampu.. from bata – best damn place to buy shoes, according to my parents.

    bro, do u have a place to hang ur namitha n shreya diwali cards tat u sent to urself?

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    Waaa… siap gambar sekali!.. =D

    Pattas is a must for Deepavali bro. Hehe. As for ‘the light shoe’, ohh, those were the days!

    You missed out our beloved Indian mandes bro. Going around the city with their Kancil, while blasting the Goyang-Goyang song with their debased speaker.

    Kasi itu machis mau pandang sama kita… =D

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    Well….most of the “must have” items are not only done for Deepavali maybe except for the Pattas…..liquor, cigarettes and cholesterol food are something guys want it all the time…Deepavali is just another excuse to have it more. You forgot to mention about all the yummy Deepavali muruku’s and cookies…..there’s no home without it.

    Anyway you never fail to make me laugh……

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    how about the joker card which we use to play 21.i dunno it name. but i guess most of the indian house sure will have that game too. :))

    The light shoe is the highlight. kekekke..


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    haha..savadi bro..
    bro,u forget one thing…
    thy will go for new movies(which wil be d first show but thy wont watch but shouting bad words from behind) or sit d whole day for astro program..


    Wishing all readers HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!

  • Nesh

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