I wish to elaborate no further on the issue that shook the entire world for the past 2 days.

Oh Penang

I do not want to bore you out with another vacation posting of mine thus I would make this short and sweet. A couple of days after Deepavali, together with few of my friends, we left to Penang for a vacation. It’s been a year since I was in Penang and I just couldn’t forget […]

November 25

1 year. More than 50000 thousand Indians as per claimed. Today marks 1 year anniversary of the massive showdown of Malaysian Indians in Malaysian history.

Wanted Criminals

I was browsing through the top wanted criminals list in  Malaysia and sure enough, I didn’t have to look for long  before I find an Indian. In fact, the list contains mostly  Indians. Most of the wanted criminals pictures seems to be children photographs. How they even look like now puts another question mark on […]

Tempted to Touch

I will be away again for my sister’s wedding for few days. I’ve written something which might be your best interest. “You’re a typical Indian la Macha. Normal la chicks in clubs, must wear like that la. Fashion la’. I recall the remark made by one of my friend during a recent clubbing session. I’m […]

Hindu Less/More

I’ll be writing something about this soon, but I need clarification. I’ll make this short and simple. I have a question. And I’m seeking your opinion.

Ipoh Fuck Girl

My amount of disappointment towards Indian girls behavior on sexual related issues was further enhanced by the recent video clip that I’ve watched. I would talk about it later on. I still can’t get over the disappointment. _______________________________________________________ I’ve been watching keywords or keyphrases used by fellow readers to get through to my blog . […]


I’ve been away for a week now and it feels good to be back. Hopefully everyone is fine and had enjoyed your Deepavali celebration. Since it’s been a week, I wrote up a long article.Please read the whole article to grasp the meaning. I’m going to treat you with yet another Friendster story invented and […]