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I’ll be writing something about this soon, but I need clarification.

I’ll make this short and simple. I have a question.

And I’m seeking your opinion.

I recall a year back, when I was attending a friend’s funeral in a church. There was some ceremonies going on, and being a person who thinks God is One, I followed some of their usual praying ceremonies. Although I was not ‘fluent’ on it, somehow I managed to follow up with the rest of my Christian friends. It was entirely due to the respect of the deceased.

I was out of church and I was lambasted by my Hindu friends because it seems I’ve betrayed my religion.

I made my stand clear, that God is One, We’re the one who is differentiating.

My question is:

Does it make you ‘less’ Hindu if you follow the cultural or religious procedure/ritual of another religion?

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  • Ramesh

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    Hmm, well i said NO.. Becoz, all religious ask us follow only positive route.. I’m Hindu, but i respect & pray to all religion’s god.. I don’t think so that u betrayed our religion, since u followed their usual prayers..
    God will accept all good things we had done..

  • surenkl

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    durai…u’re thr at da funeral 2 give last respect 2 ur fren…but since it’s a church, surely u’ll have 2 follow their ritual in order to recpect da deceased family members…ask ur friend who ‘lambasted’ wat does he/she/they know abt hinduism and wat r the meaning for the funeral ritual’s carried out by hindu’s…n y its wrong to follow the cristian’s….when in hinduism thr r no 1 proper way to follow…..each pusari has his own style of doing tis kinda ritual…wtf…
    anyway durai wat u did is rite…n keep on doing it….n maintain ur own style of doin things….worst come 2 worst we’ll end up in hell…dont worry all our kaige’s will be thr so…it will be HAPPENING THR BRO…

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    ** the following is my honest opinion of what I practice **

    Hinduism is more of a way of life rather than a full fledged religion. The dieties we pray to are more of the representations of the ideals of life. I believe in one Supreme Being, and I believe that that Supreme Being is only interested on whether did I lead a good life instead of an evil one.

    thus, giving your last respects to someone will surely give u a positive mark on judgement day, regardless of how u did it.

    Durai, with ur permission, I’d like to put this link here from my blog for some simple insight on Hinduism (you may delete it if you want):


  • inba

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    someone once told me, the religious paths we take are like the many rivers flowing into the gigantic ocean…
    its the ocean where we want to get to, the river is just the path…

    what u did, is totally acceptable, to me..
    if we examine the contrary, would a non-hindu attending a hindu funeral be expected to perform the rites or just be an onlooker…its a relative thing, but a justification is warranted.

    good topic anyways.
    & ur fren doesnt seem to understand what betraying religion means…

    @surenkl…enna koduami saravanan ithu….i’ll be more than delighted to meet u guys in hell….i just hope they dont shove durians/pineapples up our arses….rambutans are acceptable, i guess…..

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    Nambeleke emmadhamum sammadhame policy than bro Durai…Moreover by doing this we are showing our dignity to all other religions that we are thought to respect and honor other peoples belief as well as ours.When a Hindu,Muslim,Christian,Bahai,Buddhist & etc Bro’s and Sis’s show a humble respect to the other followers.I can guess that God of theirs and the respected ones also will shower their grace upon them.My practice is when i see a Church i put a cross,when i see a mosque i put a salam,when i see a buddhist temple i pray,when i see a shinese temple i just pray my way coz i do not know their way of praying.so that’s it.
    —-My own thoughts on these current subject.hope it didn’t cause any misunderstanding.Arigato kosaimas!!

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    There are two ways to approach Hindusim.

    The first is the one all of us are familiar with, which is confusing Hinduism as a religion and nothing less. This includes believing in the concept of god(s), compulsorily praying on Fridays, not consuming beef, fasting for vows, doing pooja’s, visiting temples, observing Deepavalli and Thaipusam. This approach is more of following rituals and customs.

    The other approach is accepting Hinduism as the way of life. Hinduism as a way of life is basically believing in the philosophy behind it, i.e. dharma, nirvana, reincarnation, enlightenment. Please note that this approach does not believe in the concept of god as we know it. This approach simply believes enlightenment as the sole purpose in life i.e. “to be reunited with god” means achieving enlightenment. You achieve enlightenment by meditating, and to meditate properly you will need a good balance of bodily system, and to achieve a balanced body system you will need to practice yoga. [All in a nutshell].

    This is how Hinduism actually originated, but later incorporated local customs and rituals to arrive at how we know it today, i.e. refer to my first paragraph. This is why Hinduism is different in Bali, Fiji, and even among states in India. Nepal, being the only country to have Hinduism as its official religion, practices Hinduism quite differently to us.

    Now to answer Abang Durai’s question, one can still follow the Hindu way of life while practising other religions. But if one is a devotee of the Hindu religion, than its not possible for following another religion. This is also why there was an uproar at the recent attempt by fatwa agents trying to ban yoga for Muslims.

    Hope all is clear! ;)

  • the truth

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    ive been to churches, wats and gurdwaras myself, despite being a Hindu. i dont see anything wrong by doing so. Dont be pulled into the extremism that minorities from other religions and cultures often show. As good HUMAN BEINGS we should incorporate the good teachings of others’ religion into tht of our own.

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    And oh by the way, Hinduism at the core is very much similar to Buddhism. Thought I will add that one..

  • Priya

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    absolutely no…it shldnt even be a question…i second my thoughts on this with inba..

    God is the ocean..the paths we take to reach the ultimate destination are religions..hence no sin in practising other religions..we should adopt and learn the teachings of other religions to better ourselves as Humans…isnt that saint enuf…?

    and isnt this a way to reach enlightenment?

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    What matters importantly is that we, the devotees, should not deviate from our own religion when performing some minor rituals of other religion.

    Candidly speaking, If I was in your place bro, regardless of what I am going to do, I would always keep in mind that I am a Hindu and will always be one. The thing that makes us ‘less’ Hindu is due to other peoples’ personal views and I won’t be giving any hoot about that. It’s our life to live and our belief to believe.

  • Asshole

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    You guys r so pathetic. This world is nothing more but dust if we look at the whole universe. Do u think it matters if u follow any religion or not. Religion is man made and is full of bullshit. Even if god exists he’s probably is not bothered if this world exist or not. Stop thinking of going to heaven and fucking virgins!!!

    Stupid FUCKS!!!!

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    What ‘asshole’ told might correct. I actually pondered about that. How about religion was an ancient conspiracy theory made up by man?
    I know this was off topic, but when someone have same thinking with me, thought it would be great to share it over here :)

  • Mga

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    No durai, it does NOT make you a lesser indian. The respect one shows to a religion other than his own is purely a virtue and denotes a sense of liberation. Hindu religion does NOT discriminate other religion nor does it asks us to prejudice another one’s rituals, as long as the ritual is done purely under good purpose. So go ahead, do watever yon need or want to do to show ur sense of liberty towards another religion. And to your frens who lambasted you, kindly ask them to STOP judging and START living. :)

  • radha

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    In my point of view, its human who create lots of beliefs for their own benefit. God is always one for everybody. No religions are taught to practise terrorism, no religions are encouraging their followers to any misconduct. But what do we come up with? Indians create one god, muslims create another and each of them create one each and end up fighting that each and every god of theirs are more powerful than the other. Its a never ending argument and exactly as what been indicated by Mga, STOP judging and START living.

  • Jared

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    Ramakrishna Paramahamsa once told, “All religions are branches of the same tree” (closely of what Inba has said). I think in the similar line.

    I believe everyone has commented in support of your action. Going to church on Sundays, fasting during Ramadhan and walking on the Wesak Day procession does not make us less Hindu.(not Indian, Mga-Indian simply means ethnicity). As a matter of fact, I reckon it makes us more a Hindu. Tolerance is something that is advocated by our Hindu scriptures. Being Hindu, is basically doing the right thing. And I think it is pretty lucid here, what is right and what is wrong.

    Many a person might claim themselves as being tolerant but the truth is fanatiscm is embedded in each of us. One may claim themselves as being open minded, but when people react differently to their own practises; they begin to condemn the rest (as per the actions of your friends).

    I got a situation which will make you ponder;
    You are walking on a road where there is a Mosque on your left and a Temple on your right. And in front the mosque there is a old man begging and similarly, in front of
    the temple there is an elderly beggar too. You have only loose coins enough for one person-the question is where will you donate?

    You decide.

  • the truth

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    “You are walking on a road where there is a Mosque on your left and a Temple on your right. And in front the mosque there is a old man begging and similarly, in front of
    the temple there is an elderly beggar too. You have only loose coins enough for one person-the question is where will you donate?

    You decide.”

    Toss a coin. Call it heads.

  • Asshole

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    To hell with those beggars. The god in the temple or mosque can help them. It’s better to shoot them and end their misery. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Fucking GOD!!!!!11

  • asshole

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    The only thing we should think of is the pussy. The more u fuck, the more loose it becomes. So we have to find new pussy.

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    Thank you all for your opinions. It’s going to be exciting.Coming soon.:D


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