Tempted to Touch

I will be away again for my sister’s wedding for few days. I’ve written something which might be your best interest.

“You’re a typical Indian la Macha. Normal la chicks in clubs, must wear like that la. Fashion la’.

I recall the remark made by one of my friend during a recent clubbing session. I’m not really a club going person, but since my friend thinks that celebrating birthday in clubs is one of the coolest thing ever, I have to join in.

And so we were inside this club drinking when all of a sudden I noticed a group of Indian girls entering the club. You can spot them right away, even in that darkness under the mere lighting of disco light, that those are Indian girls. The time was 11.30 pm. Well, that’s the usual timing for clubbing.

Scarcely dressed, they looked like ‘Kampung Mali’ girls who attempted some fashionable clothes .

I’m not trying to be hypocrite here, but I would rather say that I hate Indian girls clubbing.

Let me tell you a scenario which made me write this article first of all.

There was this guy, bringing his girlfriend into the club.  She cannot be more than 18 but her dressing was not like anything I’ve seen, a rare piece I can assure you, in fact I can rarely see any clothes. Awesome. The guy happens to be my friend. After a few drinks, dance starts and their romance stopped, and boyfriend was only interested with drinks.

Before the end of the night
I wanna hold you so tight
You know I want you so much
And I’m so tempted to touch
Tempted to touch, tempted to touch
Little woman, man I need you so much

And I saw the couple dancing in front of me. Sweet. Dead wrong, I looked beside and saw the boyfriend was still drinking. She was actually dancing with I-dont-know-who. Why would a stranger be ‘tempted’ to touch another’s girlfriend? And out of nowhere, another one joined in, he was at the back of the girl. ‘Satu hantam depan , satu hantam belakang.’

She was waving her hands in the air, while twisting and turning like a belly dancer. Sure enough, our two tempted-to-touch guys kept up with her belly and boobs. And Mr. BF was clapping his hands and cheering up his girlfriend. What the fuck?

I’ve seen things like the above few times before this and some of you might quote that the girl might be corrupted. No, it’s actually a cultural disaster, since I find so many Indian girls love doing that.

Don’t believe me? Visit the clubs.

Let me smash up a couple of opinions that girls give today before I proceed further:

1. ‘Nowadays everything equal di la. Man and woman have equal rights’

No, wrong concept. Man and woman to be equal was meant for other issues. Much like how we can take out our shirt and walk freely, woman can’t do the same thing, see, exactly some things are not actually a ‘girl’ enough thing to do.

2. ‘You guys can drink and smoke, what’s’ wrong with us doing the same thing’

Yes, indeed. We can drink and smoke. We can drink and fuck. We are still virgins. You can drink and fuck. But you either might end up getting pregnant for dont-know-whos sperm or the least getting yourself tagged as whore.

What I would like to talk about today is several reasons why I hate Indian girls clubbing. It is all okay for me if all you girl want to have is pure fun, dancing and relaxing. That is how much you should get yourself into. All right, perhaps a drink or two. You can try up those cocktails and so on.

Let me move on.

1. Slut-type dressing

The thing about Indian girls nowadays is they would most likely appear happy to be dressing slut-like rather than dressing decently. Now for those who said for clubbing you have to wear something like that, let me point out no clubs in the world would require you to wear a-bra-stripe like shirt and panties like pants which you proudly call as hot pants. While others might just end up showing most of your cleavage and match it up with a mini-skirt.

What are you trying to prove by this? That you have the biggest boobs in the club?

Some of you do not even have anything on top, what are you desperately trying to show off there with your g-string? Lack of attention?

No wonder I’m seeing so many home-made-Indian-girl porn nowadays? We’re indeed making progress.

2. Slut dancing

Some of the Western songs played in clubs is related to dirty dancing and so on. But does that necessarily requires you to bend and twist your body and do pole dancing until the whole club drool looking at your panties?

Who thought you dancing like that anyway? It suites the Whites and Blacks. But NOT YOU baby.

Dance for fun, but don’t dance for fuck. The way you’re portraying yourself will clearly attract all those drunken and sober horny Indians including me to just imagine fucking you.

Do you wish to contribute to the statistics?

And what’s with dancing with a guy in front holding your boobs and another one behind trying his best to slide into your skirt?

It was once said that Indian girls are behaving very cheap sometimes, I would say that they’re not even cheap, they’re FREE!

3. Alcohol and smoke

I’ll be fair on this. I’ve always believed that both this things is entirely up to the individual. It does no harm to others, as long as you do not drink over the limit.

It’s up to you to consume, responsibly. Guys who get drunk can end up sleeping with anyone, while girls who get drunk might end up sleeping with everyone. Ithe ellam sonnah nambeh ketheveneh solethengge.

Let me sum it up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Kambathe Kamachi or a Modern Mohana, there is a fine line of limit in the amount of fun you can have. Stick with it, do not try to be super-over-posing slut when you have not even sat for your SPM examination.

Don’t hit the clubs straight after your ‘vayaseke vanthe day’, life is too short to be enjoyed that way!

Now tell me girls, why is this happening and guys, do you second my thoughts?

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  • radha

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    Adadadadada Durai,

    I feel so proud of you after reading this article of yours. Salute to you, bro…

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    ultimately, it’s all just common sense lah… girls or boys, whoever they are, as long as they use their brains and have a little common sense, they shud know wat is right or wrong for them…

    and if they will only learn the lesson after they made a mistake, then let them make the mistake and learn….

    we can lead a horse to the water, but we cannot make it drink….

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    once again AGREED certificate.

    from the article, parts which capture my attention:
    1. the POSITIVE proof of global warming. <> :D

    2. “I would say that they’re not even cheap, they’re FREE!” — new thathuvam nampak.

    well, i agree with u. i’m never been to club even though requested by some of my frens. from ur article i got the real picture how a club will be.

    from my opinion, all this things happens cuz of CULTURE shock and FOR SHOWING OFF. as a says, none of the child born “jahat” but from the way they grew up became “jahat”. same thing goes here. before i tok abt the clubbing gals-sluts, in my uni. my batch students, in the first sem they came like kudumbathu kuttu vilakku. as u said kambathu kamachi.. but after a few sem, now i cant recognise most of them.

    first thing they change abt demself is their hair style. second was their dressing.. later get a boy friend.. finally get **** kot. sorry to say this. u changing ur self to get others attention and get a BF issit?? what ever, i think finally the girls will go clubbing and end up in a room..
    a real shock when i saw a girl. first change from punjabi to slacks, then to skirts then the skirt long decreased and finally just a piece of kain to hide their butts. dunno they came for study or fashion show. WELL, THEIR RESULTS ALSO DECREASING IN EVERY SEM.

    well, my advice for this type of chicks, motalla padinga ma, appan kaase mudikathinga.

    my hypotheses of this issuse is: THE MORE U DECREASE UR DRESS, THE MORE YOU WILL GET POOR PERFORMANCE. huahahhahahah

    WHY THIS HAPPENING- one word answer : TIMIRU

    p/s: talai evalo sonnalum tiruntaa the jenmam’s la.. as a gal i plak malu nak tgk another INDIAN gal in such dresses but yg pakai tu.. amboi! yenna oru bantha and walk proud.


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    wah kawan skang india pun ini macam ah.. dulu cina jugak nie macam ooo. skang aa nie pompuan semua cam anjing lar taiko. sapa tunjk talent sikit sama anjing2 boleh tido same lia lor… olang pakai baju mau tutup kemaluan leh nie pakai baju mau tunjuk lia punya barang.. lagi baik jangan paki baju ooo kesian lia orang punyak ma bapak oooo.. tungular semua anjing lu orang aaa saya panggil sama SAM-KO-SAM-SANTHA-SA mai cari sama luu orang… baru tau ooo…

  • varsha

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    this article is true..
    n I really like it…
    Nwdays if u nvr go to clubs means u r useless, not outgoing, u duno how 2 enjoy ur life..
    I wonder how do our girls enjoy themselves in the clubs ..
    I think the meaning of ‘Enjoy’ is diff for them…

  • anjali

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    Durai most parts i totally agree with u.

    But what abt the boy who let his almost 18 girl friend wear, dance and behave like that. what a fuck he must be!
    Girls if u have a guy like that, hope u are not together for long, cos even if u are not a slut he will make u one. I do know of some assholes (not referring to tht person who comments on this blog)who ask and encourage their barely 18 year old girl friends to dress like a slut. so what do u say abt that Durai, and bare in mind that the boys are usually 4 to 5 years elder to the girls.

    All in all, nice artical Durai. but if the girl was dirty dancing with her bf will that be ok, provided if she is above 18 la?

  • b-boy

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    all this bitches are wanabe. nowday girls ( not all) like to expose to show to all the man. not all indian is rich in this country . parents work hard to make sure their kids go study get a good name for them. but they ony trying to get bad name for parents. later get pregnant,then run away from home then get married n live the difficult lives! fashion is good, but don try to dress up like whore, all in the music video or magazine are ony dress up for money,the bigger amount they get, the lesser dress they will wear. gals, guy will see u but in their mind they ony think one day bitch, when married time they will loook for other girl.

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    I’ve seen the exact same girls and their behaviour and I gotta say one thing: Culture Shock!

    I gotta agree with Kavi that their common sense matters the most. But one thing for sure, nambe Indian girls rumbeeee havoc!

    @anjali – You got a point as well. However, this article talks specifically about those girls, and I believe sooner or later, the male version would make its way soon. ;)

  • punkgoth

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    yah its so true, they look like “kambathe meenachi” but dress up like “Modern Mohana”. n it is so obvious that they’re dressing is over. then bila nampak indian lain, hmmm hidung bukan main tinggi. hey rilek la machis, ape nak dibanggakan sangat ngan dressing u all yg terdedah sini sana? maruah “kappel yerri potchi”, nick name dah jadi “yellorom nalla pottu talle itemme”, then masih nak b so proud for what?damn man. darn again n again…. actually what is d problem with d indian girls? what is d necessity of them 2 potray themselves so cheaply? they do things like this, then in d end wana cry “valkey potchi, karpe potchi” 4 what? if v gals r gona show d whole world our stuffs, then obviously out stuffs r gona belong 2 every tom, dick n harry on d road. well this not only applies to indian gals but all the gals out there. girls, is it fun to get laid by every guy that u get 2 know in pub? where is ur self-pride? how would our parents feel if we behave like this? god help us hel them who have strayed………..

  • Hotel Room

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    how much the price of g- string la bro?

  • Ramesh

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    I never enter any Pub or Club, so i dono anything about this issue.. But, i pray to god to save all our indian girls & pls change their mind and attitudes..

    “Vaazhge Tamil Kalacharam”

  • vanie

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    But sometimes you know la…peer pressure….Whom ever that gets to go to the club and have many guys touch them are social and modern and pretty, but people like me who dont go clubbing and dont sleep around with guys are estate and anti social and snobbish. Shhheeeessshhh….this status quo shud change…but people like me always dipulaukan so to the hell with those sluts la…who cares..dey shud read this article…

    Ya rite!! Knowing this type of gals, they would probably still defend themselves as being great and us as being not in the trend or wateva…

    @I would say that they’re not even cheap, they’re FREE– Absolutely true la…Salutela…Nice article.

  • Asshole

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    Fuck these girls or shut up lah. They like to be fucked so enjoy, after all its free.

    And people who never enter pub or club, when u grow old and see your grand children do it, you’ll will regret that u never done it and try to rape a small kid or a donkey.

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    kai yen manase touch panitinge kai.. unge naale ondithaa inthe mathiri eluthe mudiyim …

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    @radha : Proud of me eh? Yan apdi? Hehe

    @Kavi : Agreed brother. The thing is they seem to have brain but do not know how to use ‘em.

    @viji : Exactly. Thimiru suits this girls while the rest might just want to get some attention.

    @ITKID : Brother, saya setuju dgn pandangan saudara. Sam santha sa pun setuju.Hehehe

    @varsha : Correct. Just because you do not go clubbing doesn’t means ur useless. In fact the one goes clubbing gets used’more’.

    @anjali : The article is pointing to how a girl can behave in such a manner in front of everyone. Whether or not the boyfriend is present is out of context.If a girl is dirty dancing with her bf in front of the public, then I guess it’s wrong. You can always book a room what..have a private session..after all why show your gf in such manner to others?Correct or not anjali?>

    @b-boy : The bigger amount they got, the lesser they wear. I echo ur statement brother. Haaa. Cheers.

    @Makkez : Athe sollenge bro, konjem havoc, ithele vereh podreh dressum rombe konjem.

    @Hotel Room : Uh huh?

    @Ramesh : We can’t pray and except Him to help brother. We have to take care of our own brothers and sisters.

    @vanie : Terima kasih.terima kasih.sokongan anda amat dihargai.

    @rujjcoomarh : Etho enaleh mudinjethe bro…rombe nalah achi pathe..engge bro ponigeh?

  • anilah

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    well, i agree that slut-dressing & slut-dancing is beyond the limit for girls, regardless of race. it’s usually annoying to see indian girls trying too hard to fit in but i think its not fair to generalize all indian girls. there are some(if not many) indian girls out there whom are well- educated, family-respecting and limit-knowing out there. as for the slutty ones who ask fr trouble, i have no comments for them. but i am one of those who gets cruderemarksfornothing from indian boys just because im SEEN at a club.i mean, clubbing = slut? but then again, you were just giving your opinion on what you witnessed. but i do understand where you’re coming from. cheers! (orange juice) :)

  • Ramesh

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    @ Durai bro: Thats 100% correct bro.. We must take care of our own friends, siblings.. Anyway, good topic bro..

  • Lana Candida Vagues

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    heyy..that was an awesome one..me too hate to dress scantily and go clubbing because of the indian girls out there who really produce a disguisting (mentioned best) impression to the nation about all the indian girls..keep posting..xoxo

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    @anilah : Nope, I’ve said it clear cut in the article , its ok for girls to be clubbing. Even if they’re labelled as such, there is nothing to be worried about. Because people knows the truth.

    @Ramesh : Nandri bro..nandri..

    @Lana : Indeed.I know what you mean. I heard it loud and clear.


  • mohini pissase

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    hahahahahahaha heheheheheheehehe huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
    thambi nee engenthe vanthurrekkepa? ulagum patheirrekeya? nethetha porentheya……elle aythey estateil sutitte irrukiya?…enna thambi ethu..enna paa…ippadi solitheye…adutha T.R.Rajendran padetheikku neeta thambi hero….angilam moli nalla malaiya poliyare anna buthi mattum ya pa kaatan mari irukkathe….ithu pattameh uh commentke naallu anje nalla kai nolla kai penalethen kural kudekerangaloooooo….chinna pelle tanama irukke…joke cakap 2008….

  • heartbroken

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    there are alot of other ways to enjoy life..clubbing and drinking are not the only solution..what is so great about clubbing!!!!..wasting parents money..wasting parents energy..dissapointing parents..failing in exam…failing in life forever…just imagine how the parents would feel..i’m very sad for their parents..

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    @mohini pisase :

    I would rather say you’re the one being a stupid fuck not knowing the world. Oh, wait, why am I going in English with you. Pakkah Tamilan nah soldren kelleh.

    Dei sappi, nan eppeh porenthene athe mukiyum ille. Anah eneke ithe pethi solleh thayiriyem iruke, nan thappe ne sollehle, senjah nala irukathe than soldren.

    Etho ore sappi nick name pinadi olinjikithe pesathe, details kudethe peseh. Surunggi.Poda dei…

    @heartbroken : I feel the same, but not blaming the entire clubbing society, but blaiming the one that do not know how to do it responsibly.

  • mohini pissase

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    u noe wat i dont wish 2 continue speakin in tamil with u…ur words r too vulgar n spoiling the beauty of tamil….come on la juz because u “unwilingly” had some bad experience in the club dont prejudicely judge all indian gals who go clubbing…and dude wassup wit da anti indian attitude…why not do something good to our community rather than continuosly complaining about other indians…and dont simply abuse the word INDIAN
    because of one two girls….im sorry for ur bad experience but i think u should go out more

  • Asshole

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    @mohini pissase

    Get lost la u parachi!!

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    @mohini pisase :

    So we shall continue in English then.

    My words were directed that way because of how you’ve commented which was actually provoking first of all. Don’t forget you mentioned ‘kathan’. So, a ‘kathan’ usually replies like that.

    I did not have any bad experience but rather telling what is going on in clubs today. And where was I mentioning that girls who go clubbing are actually bad? No, I did not but rather pointed out that doing so responsibly is better than how I saw them in the first place.

    And mind you, it’s not one or two, come with me, and show me, which girls that are going clubbing are actually doing it responsibly. Prove it. And please let me see with my own eyes if it is ‘one or two’ as you mentioned.

    About doing the part for the community, people knows what I’m doing, I do not have to go blowing my trumpet all over the world. I’m doing my part , do yours.

    Stop commenting unnecessarily about my readers here or me. Direct your insult with facts, then we shall continue having a constructive debate. After all, you’ve indirectly become my reader.

    Nandri Vanakam. _/\_

    P.S : Melaka Manipal College?

  • mohini pissase

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    Manipal…huh…wat abt it?

  • mohini pissase

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    Neway, where im from i not da issue here.

    I am speaking on behalf of girls who go to clubs for the mere reason of relaxing and relievin stress. Can I help it that there are girls who go to clubs and do all the wrong things and mess up theindian’s names? what about us who know our limits and our culture? I know many indian girls who go to club n have clean fun n these girls are really nice girls who are successful in their education and their careers too, i can assure u tat much. i think, the only reason we are having this argument is because, as i see it… in what you have written originally, you have said about indian girls in general and how terribly they have been behaving. nothing about the girls who are behaving themselves.I agree tat u have mentioned tat it’s ok for girls to club wit limits but somehow tat part of ur msg wasn’t conveyed clearly at all. (can c it in da way ur readers are responding)

    U do have a large number of readers n ur article do influence many of their thoughts. i juz dont want all of them to have a mindset tat indian gals who club are spoiled, bad girls. It’s juz not fair for those girls who are there for da fun of it n i’m very very sure tat there are many girls who noe their limits.These girls are judge biasly n prejudicely because of tiz article.Yeah, n one more thing, indian girls are not cheap or free or watsoever……dude try to get to know more indian girls n u will be suprised.

    Da word ‘kathan’ wasnt directed to ur words at least not previously but to ur mentality. I was refering to ur mind set on da above issue.Ur article sounds very pessimistic, but apparently we are not in da same wavelength of thinking.n i’m sorry but i still cant agree wit u. I hope tat maybe in da future u will be more optimistic on tiz issue.Chao…..

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @mohini :

    And you’re back.

    See, you seem to be agreeing on things at first when you said you realized that I mentioned girls who goes to club with limits is all good and fine.

    And then you claim that I didn’t convey my message very well about that. Do I have to write specifically to cater the need for each person? But then, I think you’re the only person that do not get the point here.Every sane person has common sense ability thus he should be able to judge if something is right or wrong.Just like that, everyone here(my readers) clearly understood that this is a targeted post thus the rest who clubs with limits is out of context.

    When you’re ‘defending’ this girls, then I suppose you’re one as well. Which means you club with a limit. Certainly behavior like yours is acceptable unless you strip in clubs which makes you feel rather humiliated by my post.I suppose you don’t.

    How the readers react to my post is entirely out of their own experience and their perception about the issue. I can’t put up a post script asking them to say all-right-guys-make-sure-you-comment-like-what i-say. Are you just acting stupid or are you really?

    Yeah, I know more Indian girls than maybe you perhaps.Stop assuming.

    Pessimistic, Optimistic, Mystique,Lipsstick,Chopstick and whatever stick that you might wanna use, I would say you’re just one more out there who will just blatantly accuse without proper reading. Read again, and unless you’re one of the girls I mentioned in the article, I hope I will never see a contradicting comment from you in this article.

    And yes, chao cincau_/\_

  • sam-bboy

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    hahaha mohini ( manese kututhe pole athen orikithe) siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas/

    somebody gonna get hurt real bad( russel peter) :P

  • Punitha

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    Hi there,

    Although there are things i agree, but dont you think you are behaving like Male Chauvinist…yes, that indian girl and others out there that dressed n behaved cheaply, but you are in no position to judge all of us indian gals r like that! Wat the F**k her dumb bf (ur fren) was doing while she was engaging in the sexual act in front of him?
    I do go clubbing once in awhile (once or twice in a yr), fyi I believe i dressed up decently, have a sip or 2 of drink n dance to good music with good ol frens, a mix of guys, gals, married, singles altogether…n that’s bout it. So stop hating InDian girls clubbing, it’s their life, if they have no brains on the actions, wat can u do bout it? Comment, critise for the rest of life thru ur blog? Bro, it will never end!

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Punitha :

    Here comes another one. Why don’t you idiot understand that’s a targeted message? I’ve said so many fucking freaking times that it is targeted. Kamu ini bodoh ke?

    You girls really infuriate me.Who gives a fuck if you

    ” go clubbing once in awhile (once or twice in a yr), fyi I believe i dressed up decently, have a sip or 2 of drink n dance to good music with good ol frens, a mix of guys, gals, married, singles altogether…n that’s bout it.”

    Was I talking about girls as per described by you? Did you read the whole article and the comments first of all?

    This is my own fucking yard to complain and criticize and I will do it my whole life. Are you paying for my blog?

    Don’t be stupid again, I didn’t say I hate Indian girls clubbing without a reason, I’ve said there is particular reason for it. As long as you’re not the one getting screwed over here, you shouldn’t bother. Just like how you think Indian girls behaving cheaply should be let the way it is. Just because it will never end, does that make it meaningless to talk about something?

    Rape cases happens often, don’t you criticize people who does that? If you criticize, do you think it will stop? No, same goes here.

    Sis, there is always hope!

  • Asshole

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    Sunnniii tha or punitha probably got fucked after a drink and she’s showing her frustration here. Well what do u expect from a 1 night stand bitch. Her pussy by now is loose.. Got fucked to many times. She is looking for a an “elechavayen” to get married to. LOL LOL…….

    Durai, what say U????

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    This is the first time i am reading you blog..you are quite entertaining and funny…i agree with you for the most part.

    but you seem to come off as one of those “culture defenders” like the BN bastards….

    although many indian girls nowadays are bloddy annoying(whether they go to clubs or temples, dress up like sluts or wear sarees)…and there are too few QUALITY indian girls around(i know many indian girls will try to defend themselves but it is futile)

    The thing is the same dress can look slutty on one girl but look classy on the next…the problem with most of these dumbfucks is that they want attention, whether at a “culture show” or club

    you have targeted the club sluts but those are a minority…there is a whole group of wannabes who are just as useless but dont even step into clubs.

    These are the “half-baked” ones, clueless about the world

  • surenkl

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    @Asshole: bro when u starting ur blog?

    @Dutchman: “half-baked” ones, clueless about the world”—hahahaha—-very true…

  • pearl86

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    :O Got things like this???

  • Ha

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    Sweet! I feel like I just dug up gold ;)

  • velan

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    bro what about our married aunty,s who hunting for young male sex in clubs?

  • sharni dave NT

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    halo durai anne unagelae nenecha enake rombe peremiya ireke…im juz 20 bt na innum amma n appa pillai ya ta irekere…coz enake apadita pidikum. afta 8pm at nite i wont get out 4m my hse,cuz my dad n mum dun allow me.u all noe y???????? kallam ketepochine soldrange. unmayata… mathe guls pandretenale engele matri appavi ponnu la enna pandrete, even tuisen kude povee mudiyate munne stpm time coz of nite tuisen. actually na ore homely gul even facebook , chatting oneme teriyathe but afta i wen to job so i learned. nw im as assistant officer in goverment job penang.inthe nimisham enude amma n appa enaye nenechi santosam paderange.enude advice 4 teens is enjoy panenge but wit parents,nenge nalla irepinge kallam variyakum wit our parents bleesing. teens jangan terlanjur ngan pikiran kawan u all yg kotor.cari kawan yang baik. salute to my dad n mum n mostly to mr.durai anna

  • Bhadra

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    Such chauvinism. I’m glad your posts now are far more diplomatic. I’m shocked.


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