Wanted Criminals

I was browsing through the top wanted criminals list in  Malaysia and sure enough, I didn’t have to look for long  before I find an Indian. In fact, the list contains mostly  Indians.

Most of the wanted criminals pictures seems to be children photographs. How they even look like now puts another question mark on how do we actually identify them.

We are definitely on the losing end when it comes to total  population in Malaysia, but comparing it side-by-side with  crime statistics’, we’re proudly standing at the number one  position.

Go here- http://www.rmp.gov.my/ and click on the ‘Orang Dikehendaki’ List.

Wanted criminals. This must be some really ruthless killers or  rapists. And I was going through the list when something  caught my attention. I actually KNEW one of them.

You see, it didn’t come much as a shock for me. I knew this  guy as one of the top leaders of gangs in my housing area.

I knew him personally because we used to hang around ‘those  days’. Indeed he was a gangster as per claimed but knowing him  personally, I don’t find him violent at all. In fact, he speaks  a very good English and well educated. He was also the son of  a well known businessman in my area.

He is listed as being one of the most wanted….

but he actually died 3 years back in a motorcycle accident. I  wonder how a dead person can end up in the ‘wanted’ list.

It makes me to rethink the credibility of this wanted list  after seeing this. If indeed the list was made before the guy died, they should have removed him from the list.

Ena kodumeh Kaigeleh Ithe..

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  • fuck keling pariah

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  • Asshole

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    aduhai…bleh plak gaduh dlm ni…

  • michelle-raja

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  • B@#!!%%

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  • michelle-raja

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    sebelum kamu cakap pasal orang lain,tengok diri kamu dulu.4 ur information,i’m not a pariah,nor my hubby.i’m a law student from atc college.my hubby changed a lot after our marriage.he owns a car wash.stop critise about our indian community.respect our own religion,then others will respect our religion

  • a_s_shl

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    “i am a catholic girl but my husband is a indian.” What a stupid bitch. If you’re catholic then you’re not indian? Most likely you never finished your course because you wasted your time hanging out with this paraiyan. He’s gonna get shot dead because of stupid hindraf.

  • realist

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    @michelle-raja – very glad to hear that marriage has changed your `once not-so-good’ husband. All the best in your life and don’t give a damn to discouraging comments.You just move on to improve your life. Btw, i think you are confused between religion and race. You can be of Indian race but of diffrent faith e.g. Indian (Race) Christian (religion) ; Chinese (Race) Muslim (Religion), Nepalese (Race) Hindu (religion) etc

    I have heard many saying, `I am not an Indian but a Malayalee/Telugu/Punjabi’…all these ethnic groups originated from India, right?

    On the other hand, the serious retard ones will equate Indians with pariahs, all the time tirelessly although followers of this blog are tired of seeing such pathetic comments…

  • shadow

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    I think this bangsarrichindian and ashole are the kind of so called ‘i’m cool and macho’ rich kids who spend parents money in clubs and impress their dumb friends with their cock talk. In the real world you are like flies. Remember slapping a few flies like you two cocks.

  • ncujgs

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    “shadow”- And u must be like the parayah who eventually end up dead like the one in the post. LOL Go fuck yourself

  • jack

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    I say where is the conclusion to this argument lah??? issit done and dusted??? moved on to bigger and better things???


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    nowday if indians need to say anything have to be very careful or will end with ISA.. hahaha.. look at wat happen in kugan case, 9 police beat him up but end up with 1 indian police to be sentences.. all the indian dead body found in lake is done by our police la..

  • MBThinker

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    As I was reading the replies I realised one thing common in all those leaving a negative reply……their names……

    They are so dammed funny…

    Why would any rational sane person want to be referred to as singhalese or mother fucking pariah etc……

    I mean did you really want to known as a_s_shl. Wow!!

  • B727

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    Dear Dorai,

    Bro, I waiting for an article about Kugan, the most talked about police brutality, in which this Kugan guy was beaten to death by the police. To me i think he was killed by his own doings and not by the police. What do you think about Kugan? I was quite suprised that there was a big funeral procession for him. There were people shouting some funny slogan saying that the police killed him. After all he is just another criminal, he stole cars, extort money from people, join gangs and lots of other shit which would make a guy proud to be a gangster. The question is do we really need to support this kind of people??? Political parties were involved and tried to boost up the situation to a higher level. It did not work that well haa. Another thought i had, did Kugan really did all the things the media/police say he did ?? One thing is for sure about our Malaysian police force, they are famous for, “beat the living hell out of the detainee, ask question later”.

  • rivinvijay

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    wen tis gangster gonna end!
    indian gonna die coz of tis

  • Delwarna

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    U asking wen tis gangster gonna end??!!
    no eanding for this Prob. Thatz why Malaysian Police Force Shoot out all criminals.I always support and agree wit that.Unused soul no need to live. JUST DIE!!

  • Shab

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    Friend.. u think criminals dnt come frm other religon.?? Think..BOTAK CHIN..who is he,is he a Indian..?? Heard about Mona Efandi…crime hve no religion,its humans who make the crime nt the religion.Stop blaming each other.