Oh Penang

I do not want to bore you out with another vacation posting of mine thus I would make this short and sweet.

A couple of days after Deepavali, together with few of my friends, we left to Penang for a vacation. It’s been a year since I was in Penang and I just couldn’t forget how wonderful the place was.

3 things that makes Penang best for teenagers:

1. Food heaven

For a body that might fly away because of strong winds, I had actually enjoyed food not for only the taste, but I was actually starving every few hours. The aroma of the food everywhere will just strengthen up your mood to eat every few hours.With food dinosaurs like my friend Lizard and Sashi, we spend much time tasting most of the food there.In summary, Penang food beats it all, except for one, Bak kut Teh.

It can never beat Klang I guess.

2. Indian chicks

All around you, Indian girls seems to be very friendly and wherever you’re, heck even in a ‘pasar pagi’ you can spot a lot of girls.

It was truly inspirational. For our T.R.I.P


3. Spiritual things and temples

This is what I would like to talk about.

We were visiting the Kek Lok Si(If I got the spelling right) , and it took us almost 6-7 hours just to finish up our prayers there and I have to say, Buddhist temple there was extravaganza.

It is truly a place where you could get the peace of mind. The slow spiritual music that is played inside the temple was really relaxing. I’ll show more in pictures.

"Laughing Buddha,Magnum 4D kasi kena sikit.."

The main purpose of going Penang this time was to get our spiritual tattoo done by one of the Thailand masters there. For 3 days, we were going all over Penang in search for the Master because the one we actually intended to meet was out of town for a month.

On the third day, dragging ourselves from the previous night hangover, we left early in the morning to get to the place. Sure enough, we were disappointed once again when the ‘sifu’ told us that tattooing is not available on that day and redirected us to another shop.

We went to another shop, with a big amount of hope, and thank to God, the Master was there. We decided to go on tattooing and finishing up our prayers there as well.

They have so many statues of Buddhist and Hinduism there that makes that the shop-cum-temple looks quite eerie and scary. They sell to you things from ‘minyak pengasih’ downright to Toyol.

We decided not to get the ‘toyol’ to do things for us since our mothers already had one each (us).

The tattoo that we did was actually called as ‘tokong’, in which it consists of 8 buddha sitting in a ladder like design.

 My tattoo

Tattoo of Brother Lizard

All 3 of us opt for that after much thinking and some advice from the Master. After the tattooing session, there was the usual manthra ritual ceremony where we were blessed by the Master and our tattoo’s were given ‘power'(or sort of like the Master told me).

There are few rules (pantang ) to be followed however, in which I would not be listing it here. And for the reason you might ask me why did we opt to tattoo something like this, I can’t tell that either. Ask around and you might find out.

The shop-cum-temple also sells thousands and thousands of lucky amulets which ranges from fetus bones to penis. Yes, you heard me right, penis. It is believed penis attracts woman, seems funny, but they say it’s true.

If any of you are interested with this stuff, contact me, make yourself free, let’s go to Penang .


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  • inba

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    lizards’ back wuznt shaved before tattooing?

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    @inba : It was not a deco tattoo bro. And the tattooist is not an artist. They’re Thailand monks. They just tattoo as it is.

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    Bro thanks for the infor…i was finding out where to get that tattoo…dec im headin to pwnang..which part of penang is this tattoo place bro?

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    yeah… pls give more info on the tattoo….. errrr, are the traditional runes tattooed on you specific for each individual, or is it the same for everyone?

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    Have not beed to Penang so far….wish to go there very soon. The tattoo’s design look so detail and specific…wonder if its painful?

  • inba

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    yes bro…my kawan/saudara pun ada…

  • Kumar

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    Hmmm.. alot of ppl actually interested in tattoo it seems…
    Frens, tattoo can b divided to 2 main branch; for fun n for spiritual. Our bro got the spiritual one… There is alot of “pantang larang” need to follow.. Please do full research before you get one…

    PS to Durai : Since alot of our frens here is eager to get a tattoo n love to visit Penang.. Y dont u organize a group vacation? It’ll be a nice chance for every1 to get to meet every1.

  • the truth

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    penang is a great place. glad u enjoyed urself

  • slim-boy

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    i hate penang mamak most,remember kg rawa incident!these fucking muslim fella become malay and berlagak like pukimaks!

  • gujubu

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    i like the style/ design/ growth(hair) at the nape of ur neck.. like McD’s “M”..
    did u get it done or what??

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    I’ve been to Penang thrice and all I gotta say is that it rocks! The food, tourist spots and not forgetting the chicks.. =)

    @Durai – Nice tattoo brother! It would be much nicer if you could add the word “RagedIndian”… =P

  • navin

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    bro, the tattoo damn cun lah. it’ll be more power ful if u’ve done that in thailand. wanna go????????/ let me know. we are goin arrange a trip to thailand during chinese new year. wanna follow us? 1st day we go to the spiritual places. 2nd and 3rd day, we enjoy to da max. how? just send me an e-mail. ok

  • radha

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    durai… the tatoo was nice, but i was wondering hw was u able to take the pain? seeing the tatoo itself causing me feel painful.

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    @Rujjcoomarh :

    Erm, about the full address, if you’re confirmed going Penang for the tattoo, let me know few days earlier bro, I will email you the full address.

    Ok thane bro?

    @Kavi :

    Basically, the tattoo consists of 9 Buddha actually sitting in a ladder like design.

    This tattoo is called “The General of all the tattoo’s” and if you have any other tattoo in your body, like the usual ‘art’ or for decorative purpose ,This “General” tattoo should be above all of them.

    That is why if you notice brother my ‘tokong’ tattoo is above my previous tribal tattoo.The same goes for Brother Lizard tattoo.

    What you’re going to tattoo on yourself entirely depends on what you’ve talked to the Master regarding the things you want, for an example money ,luck and so on.

    But again, if you do not have the “General” tattoo on your body, you are adviced not to put on any other spiritual tattoos as it will be of no avail.

    First thing General. Then if you still want to opt for some specific tattoos, then you can go for the rest. They have thousands of ‘designs’ specifically for each individual needs anyway.


    : Yes, it is specific. All are basically Thailand words to be exact. About the painful part, yes, indeed, exteremely.

    @ Kumar :

    Exactly bro, quite some pantang to be followed. But its all good at the end of the day because its already bringing me results.

    Me ?Organizing a trip? That sounds like a plan bro, I will take it up with partner Makkez and will come up with something soon bro, thanks for the suggestion brother.

    @the truth : Yes, bro. I really enjoyed…hehhe..

    @slim-boy : An uncalled statement in a non-related post.

    @ gujubu :

    Lol. Nope, that’s normal for everyone I guess. I don’t realize about that until you noticed however.

    *still smiling…

    @Makkez :

    RagedIndian ah..Bro, tattoo’s are lifetime permanent bro. But then, sounds like an idea too. I have few other ‘dream’ tattoo’s to be completed bro. Once done, I will do the rest. Why not even M1? Lol.

    @ navin:

    The tattoo was actually done by the Thailand master bro.

    We can’t opt for any other tattoo’s except for the lower powerful tattoos after this bro. But we might be going to Thailand during the mass prayers for the tattooed people.

    Will let you know about any plans bro, no worries. Thanks for invitation brother, appreciate it.

    @ radha :

    Tattooing, no pain no gain.

    Since I’ve already had few tattoos in my body previously, it was not actually very painful.First time tattoing is usually extremely painful, but after a few, you would know what to expect. Plus, it was a spiritual one this time, so who really cares about the pain? hehehe…

    Anyway, let me describe how it feels. Erm, like if you take a sharp blade or needle and start cutting thru your skin deeply following some specific design.

    Erm, apdithan irukum.hehehehe

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    kai, ok thaa.. i will let you know..

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    oooh mama.. tak sakit ke..? ssssssssssh takut i tgk.

    yeah penang is really a nice place for oor sutaraning. but so long didnt go to penang la. :(

  • Dev

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    hey bro nice tattoo. whr was this place located at penang.. i n my frenz planning 2 go so maybe we can check out de place… keep up de gd work bro….

  • lizard

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    Air Hitam…. Opposite to a Public Bank….

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    Have not beed to Penang so far….wish to go there very soon.

  • Jack

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    did mine in Klang by a Cambodian monk.

  • Greg

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    I know this post is old but I am going to be traveling to Penang in a few months. I was recently in Thailand for a few weeks and I really regret that I did not get a traditional thai tattoo while I was there. So I was hoping that I can get one when I travel to Malaysia. Are you able to give me any details on the location of where you got yours. Thanks

  • Ravelino

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    Hi bro ,how’s Ur day going on!! Well just to chk with u Wht is the pantang? I am going to do soon, but need to know the pantang 1st!!! And how much it cost?

  • Ravelino

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    How do u feel ones u have the tattoo ? Any different ?

    @Bro, pm me through FB.

  • Ravelino

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    I need ur fb adds? Or u can drop by SMS to 0167099730…


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