I wish to elaborate no further on the issue that shook the entire world for the past 2 days.

Above :Some of the actual gunman's

Indian commandos ready to ambush


Why do some people in the world still thinks that this is the best way of achieving things?

What did they achieve anyway?

Condolences to the family of the unfortunate ones who perished in this inhuman attack.

Even children were not spared. Why?

Why and how can some people be so heartless? Look at all those bloods . You tell me.

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  • nathaniel

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    yes, i fel sori 4 the victims too, rest in peace.to hell with tis terrorists.bastards.

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    do they can provide a concrete answer on why they doing this?I believe no..and if yes they can..it will be the nonsense and most stupid idiotic answer in the whole world..

  • IP

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    R.I.P to the Victims……….

    Burn In Hell to the Terrorist suckers….(Blast ur own neighbourhood)…

    Peace to the world…

  • the truth

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    this is why McCain should have become the American President. If he had won and continued the Bush legacy, all these bastards alike would have their balls shrunk for at least another term. ‘Mujahideen’ they call thmselves. So proud to kill, the Koran gives them the license to kill thts why so many are converting and behaving like hooligans. motherfucking bastards.

  • kashmiris

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    kashmiris want their seperate country like bangladesh and pakistan,punjabis want their own country called khalistan,india must have referendum for these multi ethnic indian or the chaos wont end.TNLA(tamil nadu) is also asking for independence from india.

  • Jared

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    This is really sad.

    I believe “Jihad” is a very distorted interpretation of the Koran. I am sure Allah didnt want people to die-even though if he is a non-Muslim. I am not of Islam faith; but I believe no religion in the world preaches evil-doing.

    It is just what people think “jihad” means that they resort in such a massacre. Did any of you guys watched “Fitna”?

    I was just like to know your honest opinion of the short film. To me, the Dutch man had a message to tell. People just over-reacted.

    May peace be upon you.

  • restoranmamak

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    indian govt should give indian muslims in kashmir referendum for their independence or war will go on and speread through india.for sure if kashmir gain independence these kind of terror wont happened at all. tamil tiger fighters who arent muslim also have their own hindu “jihad” when carrying out their war campaign on Sri Lankan soldiers. in my opinion the government of india should take the blame.

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    Death tolls sit at 150 as I type this. I think its gonna increase more now.. sigh.

    To hell the bastards who kill in the name of god/religion.

  • the truth

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    excuse me no. 5 and 7,

    the attacks were not the work of separatists, but Muslim extremists instead. Latest news says tht Jewish hostages were killed. I dont think Kashmiris have anything against Jews. And please be aware tht the attackers were not Indians.Indian muslims arent Hardocore. They were Pakis. Obama should prove his worth by first destroying Iran, and India should move next by Destroying Islamabad and Pakistan, something they should have done a long time ago.

  • the truth

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    @ no.7

    tamil tigers are fighting for the survival of Tamils in Sri Lanka, and not in the name of Hinduism. And most importantly, they are fighting a battle in their own turf. Those motherfuckers whom attacked Bombay came by the sea from pakistan for fuck knows wht and demanding shit in return. but you are right about one thing, the Indian government is at fault. They should have wiped out their cunning neighbours off the world map a long time ago, and they are suffering because of that now. Just have to send a few Agni-II’s and Agni-III’s into their capital and the dessert where all the cowards are hiding, and i bet you withing 4-5 hours, half of India’s problem will be solved. Piece of fucks.

  • restoranmamak

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    no 9
    Bullshit,kashmiris seperatist and muslim extremist are like brothers in arms,every muslim hate jews ,who knows the fuck why.do remember Pakis do have nuclear missiles too, indian government had become british/american stooge since independent,a lot of millionaires and billionaires in india reside in britain for fucks knows why. Obama were chosen by americans to solve their dosmetic problem first because american is at the edge of depression era.the muslim fighters are willing to fight until the last fighter in iraq and afghanistan while american soldiers are cowards.

  • khalistan

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    i be very much happy if new delhi destroyed because i want my own country for my brother sikhs.

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    1. If McCain was chosen to continue the so-called legacy of Bush..then it will just like rubbin’ salt into the wound..

    2. A government won’t let their territory go just like that especially to the Pakistani..Is there any government in the world just let go any territory willingly? If they let go are they a strong government?

    3. Mumbai was attackd by Kashimiri separatist and their mission to cause as much casualities they can.

    4. Jews were not onli hated by Muslims but also Christians..You will undestand if you read about Christianity, Muslims, Judaism..

    5. Why the hell Iran should be destroyed? Is it because they building nuclear weapons so they pose threats?

    6. Koran only told them to perform jihad as an act of defense protecting Muslims and Islam. One of the do’s and don’ts of jihad is not killing women, children and non-combatants, as well as not damaging cultivated or residential areas.

    7. For what happen in Mumbai was a super duper act of stupidity. Until now I don’t know why they wanna kill the civilians instead kill the main culprit..


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