Old Resolution,New Year

I’m publishing this entry couple of days earlier than New Year because in few days time, most of you wouldn’t be here anymore. All would be on break.The Machans would be with their bottles, the girls would be out for party too. And since I want most of you to read this entry before New […]

Smoke Free-stmas

I’ll be sober for the next few days thus I [on behalf of M1 bloggers(RagedIndian and Makkez] would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas celebration ahead. I just love Christmas, somehow.And I just love the picture below. Once again Merry Christmas to all my […]

TeR Survey

I know I will have to write something because the previous post has been buried due to the LOA B who kept hanging on to this site to see if anyone comments about her. So… You see, there is always humor in most of the things that you see. It all depends on how you […]

Attention Please

Well, we have never ending controversies surrounding us all the time, and I have limited time updating this type of shit again and again. When all is well and seems like everyone is cooling down with this type of issues, there comes another pathetic i-dont-like-calling-them-human to heat things up. Another racial slur, another non -Indian […]

Durai Loves Pussy (LOL)

I was talking to my mother the other day when a normal conversation turned into somewhat like a national debate. It was a 2 versus 1 situation when my aunt joined in the debate supporting my mother. I knew it’s going to be tough because all the points they will be stressing will be related […]

M that I C

Good day, I was hopping through some websites when one of the events that were posted in a website managed to capture my attention. See, this might not interest you at all, but it certainly has caught my attention. When ‘rumors’ spread that the person had been involved in a sexual video, it spread around […]

Baywatch Asia

You’ve watched Baywatch, and Pamela Anderson proved to be the major attraction. Ah, I love Pamela. And each time the Whites does something, immediately Asians do not want to be left out thus they seem to come up with the Asian version. Like Amazing Race Asia and The Contender Asia. Now, we have Baywatch Asia.

Illegally God

Wednesday December 3, 2008 DBKL flattens Hindu shrine KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall has demolished a 15-year-old Hindu shrine in Taman Desa, Seputeh, at 10am yesterday, causing another round of outbursts from the Hindu community. Apparently, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) issued a notice indicating the actions it would take on Oct 23, but the message […]

Indians Invasion

Good day everyone. I’ve sometimes sat and wondered what will happen if my ideas of writing run out and I probably don’t have anything more to write. But then again, I realized it will never happen. No, that will never ever happen as long as I have 3 basic things running as per normal: 1. […]