Indians Invasion

Good day everyone.

I’ve sometimes sat and wondered what will happen if my ideas of writing run out and I probably don’t have anything more to write. But then again, I realized it will never happen. No, that will never ever happen as long as I have 3 basic things running as per normal:

1. Indian girls
2. Indians guys
3. Indians culture

Perhaps criticizing Indians all the time might seem to be my main objective. It’s not the normal ones that I usually bombard to the max. In fact, you can clearly see from all my articles that the rifle had been targeted to a certain group of people.

To at least enlighten them what is life all about. At least to tell them that the way they’re doing things are wrong. I’m in no mood to go through the usual ritual advice that might be boring, thus I decided to follow my own style.

I’ve got no rights to advice others on how to live their life. It’s up to any Indian girls to dress what they want; it’s up to the Indian guys to fuck whoever they want. I’ve got no rights to demand that you change your lifestyle, but I think I do owe people out there some responsibility through my writing. If my writing stops one 16 year old girl from flashing her boobs wherever she goes, that is all good.

But then, if it doesn’t, then let the girl get screwed.

Now, shall we talk about something far more interesting?

I’ve been in Friendster for 5 plus years and only recently had an account in Facebook. Friendster had been too lame lately thus the switch was necessary.I’ve always talked about how slutty Indian girls can be in Friendster. Indian guys put in the same amount of damage by using the lamest tactic possible to tackle these Indian girls in Friendster.

It has always been said that Facebook remains more professional in terms of social networking. You can’t do things that you normally do in Friendster. For an instance, I can quote from my partner Makkez article recently:

1) Only in Friendster is where you could upload tons of pictures of Asin, Trisha, Vijay and Ajith, and self-proclaiming that they are “you”. You do this in Facebook and do expect zero attention as no one would bother to “layan” you.
2) Some kids are used to go around in Friendster and adding people just for the sake of expanding their friends empire. In Facebook, do prepare yourselves to answer some you-hope-that-you-would-never-encounter-in-Friendster questions, such as “Do I know you?” or “Why you are adding me?“.
3) Most of the chicks in Facebook are some-what high class and you can’t expect them to give our their mobile numbers just with a couple of messages. “Hi da, you look hot. Can I have your hp no.?“. The previous example message would never ever work in Facebook, so stop wasting your time my dear kiddie machans. Get a life will ya?
4) In most cases, you can’t view a person’s profile without adding them (Facebook). Not even a full view of their primary picture. At least in Friendster, you would be happy to see their primary picture in a larger view (If and only if they are not some stupid celebrity pictures).
5) Goodbye to all those Princess Nisha, Nisha Cutie, Hot Nisha, Nisha chixxx, E-M-O Nisha and even nIsHa. Either you put your real name or GTFO!
6) You can’t simply change your name in Facebook as you need one of the Facebook staff’s approval in order for the name change to take effect. Once again, either you wait or if you can’t, GTFO!
7) There are too many features in Facebook compared to Friendster. It would take ages for kiddies to get used to them and even understand what they do and etc. In the mean time, Friendster would be a good choice for them to stick with.

As far as I’m concerned, up till now, Facebook Indians girls had remained very good so far. Except for the cam whoring part.They don’t actually do stuffs sluts normally do in Friendster.But Indian guys are sometimes really humiliating. They really show up that they’ve just switched from Friendster to Facebook by doing things that is seemingly fucking funny. I had a good laugh looking at these things yesterday.

Let us talk about, The Invasion of Friendster Indian guys to Facebook.

I have to tell you, we, Indian guys had brought the term lame to another higher altitude with this kind of attitude.

To provide you with proof: Let me entertain you with some of the most lame pick up lines ever been used. Take a look at the screen shot.

Dei macha, what kind of lame tactics is this? I do know what he is trying to do, he is actually trying to flatter the girl. Oh goodness.

At least spell the word pretty correctly la macha…Yanda manathe vanggeringge.

You know, Indian guys had been using some the same stupid ones all the time again and again. Like for an instance, take a look at the below one:

Why do you have to thank the girl for adding a total stranger? I mean, first of all, you do not know who the girl is, and then you add her up, right after that you thank her for adding you.

Look at the way ‘hello’ is said, Siva Siva. Buat malu kaum la macha.

And one thing that is similar with all this guys pictures; it must fit in this criteria:

1. Camwhoring or posing inside a car

2. Or similarly for the ‘Kampung’ ones they will be posing outside together with their EX5 or RXZ.

3. A must wear, sun glasses, and a ‘Karat’ look.Thui.

Another one.

Another lame attempt to flatter the girl. Perhaps he thinks that this must be a pick up line.

If you still didn’t have a good laugh, wouldn’t you laugh at this one at least?

I couldn’t stop laughing at this one. He actually said ‘ass’. Yes, ‘ass’.

This clearly shows the standards of some Indian guys in Facebook. Kaigeleh, thirunthengge!

P.S : I will not be in for few days ass I’ve got some personal matters to deal with.

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    hahahhahahaha hehehehhehe aiyoo taange mudiyala… kodumai da saamy…

    i know redy y nowadays i got only “hello” word in “someone has sent smile for you”. all the machan’s “pindah” to facebook redy uh. so they short and simple their msges in friendster edy. hehehehhe

    durai mama, pls come back online ass soon ass possible.. :P

  • inba

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    durai mama,

    me needs tips to upgradin my image/personality online…fs n fb…
    so tat i can get jokkos.
    sud i upload new surya pics on my profile or wait for simbus new release?

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    Hey I wish I could also write boldly as you do. Will try. I have a recent post what is your perception on that?

  • Asshole

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    What do u expect from typical indian movie shit heads!!!

  • the truth

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    language is a huge problem nowadays. speaking and writing proper English is now scarce. one perfect example is the commentator above.

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    alu brother.

    Oh my god, Facebook is slowly starting to get contaminated with these kind of freaks! Bro, we better tubuhkan one new site lar bro… .. No rules and no boundaries.. =P

    @inba – Bro, I would suggest you to upload TR’s pic and put the caption like “It’s meeeeeee!”. The following day, you would receive 10 messages from jokkos bro. Yeneiye nambungge bro.

  • varsha

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    haha..cant solve al these probs la I guess…ass for ‘as’…

  • Asshole

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    @the truth

    Go screw yourself!! bitch!!

  • heartbroken

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    dear writer before you start commenting about others language, you should have check your writing with someone first . you have spelled ‘sad’ as ‘sat’.
    So far what you have commented about indian’s attitude in Friendster and Facebook is very true. in fact this is the reason of me canceled my account in Friendster. there are alot more things that can be commented about indian’s attitude which they presume as cool. but infact they are lowering indian’s image. eg. over exposing dressings..bla..bla..bla..i think you guys knew what are their ‘cool attitude’..

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    @heartbroken – I ain’t an English pro, but from what I could read, brother Durai mentioned that he ‘sat and wondered’, which means that he would be “sitting and wondering….”, and not being “sad” as you mentioned. Correct me If I’m wrong.

  • tom

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    India has a long way to go. All the hype about Indian growth and development is just an illusion. Look at this news even the worst country in the world doesn’t want Indian troops in their land.

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    ippo language problem vereya…athe seri.

  • gujubu

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    be strong man.. ur article’s somehow somewhere provokes a controversy..
    But still i love your blog..

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    @viji : I’m back online now ass I’ve done with my commitments.Hehehe..

    @inba : Bro, Makkez soneh pedi kelengge, confirm 3-4 sangkut punya…and btw, gd luck brother..

    @Silly Vj : You do not have to wish, you’re already writing what I would call fantastic.

    @Asshole : Erm, yep true, explains what makes you the same thing too.

    @the truth : Brother,please, no more personal attacks.Cheers.

    @Makkez : Alu partner, ah, shall we discuss about that things offline brother, something to be pondered upon seriously brother.

    @varsha : I’ve seen this type of things in ur fb too, I wonder how u cope with this kinda guys…hehehehe

    @heartbroken : I always read back my article at least a few times in detail before posting it bro/sis. What I wrote is correct,

    I actually meant ‘sat’, I sat and wondered. Means sitting and wondered like Makkez said.Cheers heartbroken, I’m just clarifying your doubts.

    @Makkez: Thanks for clarfying things when I’m away partner.

    @tom : Uh huh? How is that related to this topic brother?

    @rujjcoomarh : Athe sollenge brother..Ela problemo varethe..

    @gujubu : Your words made my day, thanks gujubu. Cheers…


  • Asshole

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    At least I’m not a hypocrite.

  • navin

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    bro, rilek pannunge……. padikathe paiyanunge ippadi than pesuvange. yenna solringenu purinhathu na paiyanunge ellam rilek ah irupaanunga

  • kaigez

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    dei pulthi.. ennada periya parepu matiri eluthere.. nee mattum enna periya olenga… pathe iruda..

  • Ramesh

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    @ Asshole: Nee innum uyirodeva iruke?? Haiyo Haiyo

  • Asshole

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    Dey Ramesh, nee yanda uyirode irukere,. Poi save da naiye!!

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    macha!!!..cantik bin bijak dei…keep it on….congrats!

  • asmeeta

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  • ROY

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    the ‘ass’ …epic bro….


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