Illegally God

Wednesday December 3, 2008
DBKL flattens Hindu shrine

KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall has demolished a 15-year-old Hindu shrine in Taman Desa, Seputeh, at 10am yesterday, causing another round of outbursts from the Hindu community.

Apparently, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) issued a notice indicating the actions it would take on Oct 23, but the message was pasted on the shrine’s wall and not handed over to the management.

MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu has asked DBKL to explain why it demolished the shrine that was located on a field.

He added that he would speak to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi about the issue.

Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said he was upset over the demolition. “I have an understanding with the Federal Territories Minister that no existing temples would be demolished. If there was any development on the land, then the temple would be relocated,” he said.

Saravanan said he would arrange for a meeting with the DBKL officers to get full details.


Another one down.

Just how many more have to be down and demolished to the ground while all our elected MP’s keeps on ‘speaking’ , ‘understanding’ and arranging a meeting with the Government.

Why I do not read any news regarding any church, ‘tokong’ or a mosque being demolished ever so often? Why it has to be Hindu temples again and again?

I do not condone an act of demolishing a place of worship. Not that I’m saying I’m not feeling good because the rest of the place of worship for Islam , Chinese or any other religion is not demolished, but rather I’m feeling bad that only Hindu temples are being demolished.

I’ve always wanted to put forward my views regarding this. But since I know people do not like when I go against their view, made me rather keep mum over this issue.

Take an example in my area.

I’ve been staying here for nearly 2 decades and I’ve seen the growth of my housing area. Almost, nearly all of the places are covered by temples. See, we Indians tend to take some issue rather seriously without investigating the truth. When it comes to bulldozing a temple, we start blaming the authorities for not protecting our temple.

But then, tell me honestly, how many temples have you seen in your area that looks like these?

Or something like the below one?

This self-made temple comes out of nowhere and mushrooms like nobody’s business. Now, I wish not to provoke but to spark rationalism.

I’ve seen like more than dozens of this small temples growing out of nowhere. While today it is just an empty football field, the very next day I see small zinc materials are placed in shape of a small house. Next, a small statue or a building brick is placed inside. Few Hindus gathers, they buy up incense sticks and ‘pooja vilakke’. They begin to pray there. A week will past by and I will see some construction workers placing up piles of bricks to build up the small temple. That must be sponsored by my fellow Indians whom I saw earlier.

And if there is a nearby tree beside the ‘newly-build-temple’, that’s one of the biggest plus point. Immediately a saree will be tied up to the tree and I see people drawing up eyes and mouth portraying our God, to be precise, Amman.

That is one of the reason we’re seeing these type of things being practiced as part of Hinduism today.

See, I believe in supernaturals. I believe in God. But I cannot digest the fact that every other things that surrounds us is being adjusted to portray our God. But how does it inter-relate with temple being demolished?

What’s wrong is wrong. If you build a temple wherever you see up an empty land, then that is wrong.

And then there comes someone who says that even legally placed temples are being demolished. Yes, it had happened. Then, by no means shall we keep quiet. We should voice out. But then, how many of the temples are actually legal?

How many of these ‘small-illegal’ temples have you seen? Can you deny the fact that none of these temples wouldn’t have gotten prior approval from anyone, heck even the land owner to build up the temple? Can I come today and build up a small temple in the empty lot in front of your house? Would you agree? No because the land belongs to you and of course you would not want anyone to build up anything on that.

Temples are not given prior approval by the Government.
Temple buildings are not being funded by the Government.

Above two reasons are legitimate reasons to fight for our rights. Yes, by all means go ahead. What I would like to argue in this article is:

Do we need to build up a temple for each and every tree we see out there? I’m not talking without facts. Spend a day with me; I can prove my words are not words alone.

Before everyone else gets the misconception that I’m actually supporting temple demolishing, let me stress out few points.

This article is not at all related to the above mentioned temple which was demolished. It stands out as a lone view of mine regarding building illegal temples. I do not know if the above mentioned temple is legal or not. As such, I stress out again that you read back my previous line before pointing your guns towards me of being pro-government supporter and so on. It is not pro- or anti- that matters over here, it is just about the illegal temples.

I would summarize by saying that this is an endless argument which leads to nowhere. But, being rational about this matter does help. Don’t you think so?

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  • navin

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    bro, you are rite . we don’t need temples everywhere.

  • navin

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    bro, nambe makkez ku kalyana vayasu vanthuruchu pole……..

  • navin

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    nalla padiya kalyanathe mudichuringe bro. pls send me invition ok

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    misleading statement, eh, on the news article? Title mentions shrine, authorities mention temple; located in a field (wtf?)….

    i do agree about temples shooting up like mushrooms without regard for a proper procedures. These “saami paithiyum” ppl wud worship a damn mile stone if they were allowed to (as shown in the Vivek comedy scene).

    the things is, before any hoo-haa is made regarding the demolition, we gotta get the facts 1st… too bad mainstream news doesnt provide us with one…

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    I agree. If every tree, stone etc is turned into a worship shack then without doubt we will draw the wrath of the government. When they demolish these, I have nothing to say.

    First of all people should not blindly donate to religious causes before finding out where these temples are located and how long they have been established. Like Durai said, some of them are tiled up, marbled, roofed and the Kumbagavishegam takes place within weeks. Where did they get the financial means from? Donation drives. So people, find out which temples need donation and use your logic before donating.

    Its when they start demolishing proper, legal, with-documents temples that I go berserk. A lot of these type of temples have been around for 20 or more years, and didn’t sprout up just like that.

    With regards to the one recently demolished in KL, can someone tell us if its a shack or a proper one with a long history??

  • Mogan

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    Spot on Bro!
    I too had this thought for a long time as well but kept silence as to avoid critics:)
    There are still a lot of temples such as these being built amidst of all the issues related to temple demolishment.Almost all the temple that demolished do not have a proper documentation or approval. Why blaming others when the fault is on our side actually. I’m not against this but do it thru proper channels and with proper documentations.

    Adding on our ever so generous donaters, rather than donating to temple building why dont we donate for education purposes.There a lot of indians students who need financial assistance.The blessing received from them is far much more better.

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    Hmm, wonder is this matter will come to an end….but you’re right about ‘small-illegal’ temples. Sometimes to many of this may also provoke others…

  • nantahkumarsangaran

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    sometimes,hindu supremist hindraf play this kind of issue to get support although realising these temples are illegal,how about if some muttal fellas says beside your house has a holy tree and they built temple together with 24hrs tehtarik stall,and the DBKL demolished it because no permit furthermore its on other people’s land,and hindraf come to protest saying DBKL oppress the indians and the poor,who try to be the stonehead smart ass looking for trouble in the first place actually?

  • the truth

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    boring la always talking about temples only…..break means break la so what….pray at home la.God is everywhere, and if your faith in god is genuine and deep, you don’t have to even visit temples, so when ‘shrines’ get taken down , it shouldn’t concern us at all in the 1st place.

  • the truth

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    Hindraf is inactive now. read the article properly. The fattie is the one making noise, because he is fishing Hindu support for him and his broke party. Why didn’t he do this while he was a Minister and In Power?

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    Sigh.. with people like you around.. I guess I am “honoured” to be an Indian..

  • tamil muslim

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    if this samy velu wanted to help those poor indians he should use his own wealth(billions) to help.he has help his low caste kampung and temple in india and now had a higher standard than brhmin caste kampung and temple in tamil nadu.if not he should retired for the future of MIC and go back to his beautifed high standard low caste kampung in tamil nadu.that is the solution to MIC.

  • inba

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    i like how u come up wit such apt titles for the post….”illegally god”…i dont kno if u realised tis, but its meaning is deep, exteremely…

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    @ navin : Spot on brother…

    @ sactyr : That’s the thing that bothers us all the thing. No proper information about the temple which was demolished will be published in the media. The only thing that the media seem to be putting their interest on is sensationalizing this temple and that temple gets demolished.

    None wants to report in detail.

    @ Mogan : Correct brother. Since people just believes whenever it comes to God, others tend to take advantage of it and start all this donation drive and so on.

    I can safely bet that most of the temple that had been demolished is illegal.

    @rujjcoomarh : Nandri brother…

    @Veni : I wonder the same…it’s never ending I guess..

    @nantahkumarsangaran : Brother, the topic is not related to politics thus the dragging of Hindraf into this is unneccessary.

    A better rephrasement of your opinion can be done by generalizing Indians rather than calling Hindraf – > supremist.

    If political parties are to be blamed, then I would blame MIC as well for letting all this to happen. Isn’t that true? Rather than pointing our arrow towards others, I would rather say, we, should start thinking rather rationally to avoid any racial tension in our country.

    @the truth : Agreed brother.

    @tamil muslim : Hahahaaa…How true brother..But they’re still ‘talking’ to the Government, for the betterment of Indians in Malaysia. Lol, how ironic.

    @inba : I didn’t mention it in the article, but I took quite a long time to think about a suitable title brother. But then, I do not really know if there is any deep meaning , moreover extremely…care to enlighten brother?

  • Asshole

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    Ha ha haaaaaa. Man creates god. Man destroys god. What a joke. HA haa haaaaaaa…

    Stupid fucks!!

  • inba

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    vendam brother…inthe tolleye nambelukku vendam……thers enough hate posts in your chat box

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    good topic durai mama. this is one of the topic which will discussed by my dad and me whenever temple demolished issue rise up.

    i’m agree with you mama. true. y do we need so much temple and spending alot for maintenance. we rather use it for education or buy food for people in “HOMES”.

    same thing goes a place near my area. it is a estate area and there are 3 temples. 2 right hand side of the road and one left hand side of the road. what for they want to build so many temple in a small area??? and not many people are staying der. all shifted to town areas..

    makkale… yosinga…. nalle mudivu edunga.

  • Shera Bailiff

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    Praise God for all He is doing. Thanks!


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