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I know I will have to write something because the previous post has been buried due to the LOA B who kept hanging on to this site to see if anyone comments about her. So…

You see, there is always humor in most of the things that you see. It all depends on how you ‘see’ it.
A wild imagination, whereby you know how much I hate when Indian girls post surveys in Friendster.

Pundits had predicted that it will take another 2469 years before Indian girls stop posting all this shit. T. Rajendar, having been anti social on the Internet all this while, decided to join up social networking site Friendster, and immediately got hooked up about posting surveys.

A small introduction about T. Rajender would be :

Cinema career

T. Rajender began his acting career with phenomenal success in his early films on subjects such as romance which appealed to youngsters.

His wife Usha Rajendar worked with him for various roles including film co-producer, guest entertainer, model and costume designer. His son T. R. Silambarasan is a Tamil actor since his childhood and a self-proclaimed director and producer of some movies.

.His favourite dialogue is “Dandanaka Danukunaka”,”Tangaccchi”.

And so, T.Rajender fills up a survey form

Who is the last person you thought of?

What would you say if you can let her know something?
Uneke enama achi

What is the best gift you’ve given for the person you thought of?
Aveleke nan pidichen ore pattan puchi

Whom do you think the person is talking to right now?
Avelekum pakethe vithe karenekum konje nalah pechi

Have the person mixed you any drink?
Ave eneke ore tumblerle paleh kachi

What do you think the person is doing?
Avele ore pakethe vithe karen pavichi

Where do you think the person is now?
Kadesiyah aven kudeh odi pochi

What do you think the person stomach has now (e.g. favorite food)?
vaithele valenthethe aveh kathaleke sachi

How proud do you think the person’s parents will be?
Engge apa ama manem kapel yeriachi

What are you going to do next when you meet the person?

Aveleh pidichi methici,
nareh narah kilichi,
Molegah nalah pichi,
Aven munjeleh nalah thechi,
Nineh pogenum aveh muchi…

Dande naka daneke naka….

Enjoy the weekend guys…


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