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I’ll be sober for the next few days thus I [on behalf of M1 bloggers(RagedIndian and Makkez] would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas celebration ahead. I just love Christmas, somehow.And I just love the picture below. Once again Merry Christmas to all my readers and my sister (Lana Candida Vagues) and my friend Laura . Drink responsibly, and keep some of ‘em for me. Why not a bit of charity too?



It’s nearly 3 weeks.

I never knew I will make it nor did my friends. But all of us, together, had finally done it.

We stopped smoking. All of my friends for that matter. I know this might not sound like a big achievement, but kicking the habit is somewhat I’ve tried putting it in my New Year resolution list for the past 4 years.

I’ve smoked for the past 7 years. It all started with the word ‘cool’. I’ve never smoked all my schooling life, although I’ve tried.

Let me bombard myself.

See, number 1 reason guy’s smokes out there is to look ‘cool’. Especially Indian guys. It actually makes us think we’re somewhat different by puffing around wherever we go. ‘Indian mandes’ thinks that smoking actually makes them look far more fierce and furious. Yes, fierce and the furious. When you ask them or if you ask me 7 years back the reason I start smoking, I would throw you some kind of i-am-a-gangster look and tell you that’s its pressure.

After all, coming to think about it now, I feel lame telling everyone it’s because of pressure. What pressure can a 17 year old have anyway?


But then, in the beginning, I really smoked because it was cool; it’s like you will put up a cigarette whenever you see the Indian girls. You know, each time you put up that cigarette, Indian girls looks somewhat impressed.

Laughing out loud. But is that the real fact? How dumb can I be? They were actually throwing some disgusting look which I mistakenly identified as being impressed by all that smoke that I was blowing out.

And whenever they look at you, you try to turn your attention elsewhere; and then you try out smoking in style. They in return seems to be amused by your smoke-handling skills, in which they were actually thinking -this-must-be-another-gangster-wanna-be.

They in return throw you some -I-fear-you look and you start feeling good. Feeling good that someone actually thought you were a gangster. Oh goodness, how shameful to think about it now.

Those moments down the memory lane.

After a few years of smoking, I finally came to a stage where I’m addicted. That was when I actually start smoking because of addiction, not because of trying to be ‘cool’. You can’t just live without nicotine’s. Multiple attempts to quit remain futile.

Although you hear millions of advice from thousands of people about the bad part of smoking, you never seem to listen. You will never fear all that. I know few advertisements that tell you that smoking causes like 5342376567423 diseases. But do you really think I’ve cared? When your parents comes and tell you, quit smoking, it doesn’t matter too. When even your girlfriend comes and begs you, it’s still not useful.

The only thing that will finally make you quit is you making the decision, and make sure you stop together with your group of friends, which will also influence your bid to stop smoking. When you go around with your friends, when none of them smokes, automatically you won’t feel the need.

This is my smoking story. See, I’ve never said smoking is wrong, because all you’re doing is harming yourself, but not others. But I guess calling it quit someday will help you, especially if you’re worried about your sperm count.*Grin

Dengan ini saya mengistiyarkan Durai bersama rakan rakan seperjuangan  telah berhenti rokok secara rasminya.

Hopefully I’ll live longer.

P.S: This post is somewhat a kind of confession as well. Please do not try to under-rate me.

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    congrats to u bro… i’ve been blowing smoke for about 6 years now… and quitting is really hard.. sigh…

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    “”The only thing that will finally make you quit is you making the decision””

    WELL SAID mamoi. true, only we can decide something and quit, not by others mistake yenna nambellam thaane periya mande aache.. yaaru peche yum ketka maatom le.

    *BIG HUGSS* well done. keep the journey. i like non-smokers. You are sitting one step higher in my heart now. :)


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    by other *advice not MISTAKE… (typing error)

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    Hi Durai,

    Glad to know you quit smoking…congrats.
    Its the perfect Chritmas gift, you could give yourself.
    Enjoy the holidays…….

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    Congrats to you bro. I am trying to stop smoking too. It’s been almost 2 months since I had my last puff. Hope we will be able to make it.

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    Congratz bro!

    p/s: When stopping drinks as well? :p

  • kohila

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    hey, glad u stop tht habit..congrats n hope u wil stick to tht forever.. and ya hope u live longer :)tc

    happy cmas n happy new year…

  • inba

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    good for u bro…good for u….

    u see, to quit smoking is like the easiest thing in life, coz ive done it almost 45.3 times now..but to keep that up, is extremely difficult
    thnx for the motivation….

    p.s. who am i to judge u?

  • OG

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    Nice to hear that you’ve stopped smoking!
    Congratz to u and also to ur rakan seperjuangan :)
    As wat Veni said,it is the perfect gift you could give yourself brother!

    Merry Christmas and a happy Ho..hoo..Holiday :)

  • gujubu

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    a big applause to u and ur friends..
    one needs strong will power to quit addiction of any from
    and greater courage to actually come out and admit it..
    proud of u man.. this is especially for u :-*

  • savundra

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    u have been smokin for 7 yrs n now u stop smokin?
    great… gud… fabulous… keep it up

    ps: smokin do harms environment n surrounder(2nd hand smokers)

  • Laura

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    Hey Partner, Merry Xmas to you too and for everyone who’s celebrating and not celebrating…Congrats for quitting, good job! I’ve been smoking for the past 11 years and just not ready to quit yet…but i must say…U guys doing something great!

  • lizard

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    Brader Durai , lets celebrate Hari Berhenti Rokok kita dengan semabuk mabuknya ….

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    Cantik macam bunga brother. Glad to hear that you have stopped smoking. =)

    *Thanks for representing ‘us’ bro. Merry Christmas to you too! ;)

  • Mga

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    finally, the article tht i was waiting for..:-) glad u quit, keep it up, and keep the one year countdown of cigg-free. way to go macha!! :)

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    @Kavi : Lol. Smoke all you want and when you decide you want to quit, do it bro.

    @viji : Athe solle rasathi. Hehe…

    @Veni : Awww..Well said, although i still long for nicotine..hehe..

    @Nesandass : 2 months ah….thats a record also bro..semoga kita berjaya bersama sama bro..

    @sactyr : Drinks ah bro..Itu sikit susah la bro…Thats the only thing I have now…Hehe

    @kohila : Terima kasih..terima kasih..

    @inba : Bro, 45.3 times ah…just like me last time la bro..u will realize one day and stop automatically worries

    @rujjcoomarh : Smoke pandrenggelaah bro?

    @ OG : Thank you..thank you..

    @gujubu : Uh huh…ecspecially for me ah..ethe ..engge?…hehehe

    @ savundra : Thanks girl…

    @Laura : Oh Partner…I’m in no position to advice Christmas perhaps partner..Katakan Tak Nak/.

    @lizard : Itu betull..itu betull..beli satu botol..

    @Makkez : Nandri brother…Cheers..
    – Bro…No need to say thanks all lo..kita rakan seperjuangan..hehe

    @Mga : Glad that you appreciate so much. After all, you’re one of the best Machi la..Terimaaaa Kassiiihhhh…

  • Lana Candida Vagues

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    Anneh..happy new year to u too and anni as u both..


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