RIP, A.Kugan …

PUTRAJAYA: Do not politicise or play the racial card in crime cases because it can stoke racial sentiments, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. “A criminal is a criminal no matter which race he belongs to. “Let us not look at such issues from a racial point of view because if everyone starts […]

MalaysiaMix.Com Penangite 2009!

Guys, this is one event you should not miss if you’re a Penangite! More than dozens of Malaysia’s Mannin Mainthargal performing. Show your support and datanglah beramai-ramai! ———————————————- Info and details as follow : MalaysiaMix.Com Penangite 2009! Date: 15th Feb 2009 Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang , Georgetown Price : RM 30(Entrance) RM 50(Entrance , MalaysiaMix’s […]

Cooking with Durai

My heartiest condolences to the family of the late Kugan s/o Ananthan . May his soul rest in peace. ———————————————- I was sitting and relaxing in my sofa enjoying the evening rain when my sister walked pass me. Before she could go any further, I ordered my regular cup of tea. The norm is for […]

Superman Jokes

I had a good laugh looking at this the other day thus I decided to post it up here. It was submitted by one of our readers, Mr. Yoges. And also I’m typing something quite long, thus give me sometime to finish it up.

Kambethe Mohana 2 Modern Madonna

My belated Ponggal Wishes… ——————————————- This below post is written particularly out of frustration and words in this post might seem very offensive to some. Nevertheless, I WISH to state clearly here that this is a TARGETED post, particularly to gun down some corrupted from village-to-city modern Madonna girls. I stress again, although it might […]

Soda Club

It’s good to be back after quite some time. It’s been a sober yet hectic week and I’m sure all of you had welcomed year 2009 with cheers. Once again, Happy New Year. My first post in 2009 , which as I’ve promised all of you, every one of them will be far more entertaining. […]