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It’s good to be back after quite some time. It’s been a sober yet hectic week and I’m sure all of you had welcomed year 2009 with cheers. Once again, Happy New Year. My first post in 2009 , which as I’ve promised all of you, every one of them will be far more entertaining. I’m tight up with quite some external projects, thus allocating time for my blog had been a real though task. I might be parting some projects with Makkez- “cari makan sama-sama la”.

This below situation happened last year on December.


Geers, Machan!!!

I was astonished and couldn’t believe my eyes. I never knew we’ve progressed so much. I turned slowly towards my friend, and shook my head signaling major disappointment.

I was invited to a ‘After-SPM’ youth party by some of the young-guns in my place. I do not know what makes them think that I might be some sort of a big thug. The amount of respect and the invitation to attend the party was overwhelming, thus not disappointing and saving them the time of cursing me, I decided to just pay a visit.

By the time me and Brother Lizard arrived, it was already half past eleven. Immediately the youth crowd got somewhat excited and greeted us. Well, respect.

The actual plan was doing a BBQ party and drinking. These guys actually invited me telling me that there will be alcohol session and so on. See, not like I actually encourage youths drinking, but the fact is I can’t stop any of them from doing so. So, let’s say Abang Durai, being a nice and strict guy, tries to stop something that is actually being claimed as the destroyer of our society:

“Dei, thambi, thanni(alcohol) kudikathe. Ena thayiriyem uneke. Vayase ena avethe, athe kuleh thanni.Kelembe, arenjereh poren”

“Dei brother, no drinking please. How dare you? How old are you and now itself started drinking? Get lost before I slap you”

“Cheringge ne”
“Ok brother”

Youths walking away.

And do you know what the conversation will be?

“Pundeyah irepan polehiruke iven, iveneh kudipan, ithele nadipeh vereh”

“This guy must be a fucking pussy la. He himself drinks, and he is telling us not to”

No, seriously. That would definitely be the case. Why do I need that kind of cursing unnecessarily? Teenagers will never listen to the elders, they would be rebellious. That’s part of the growing up years. After all, that’s what I have done as well.

And then there comes someone who will come up and say, then Durai , don’t be stupid, you set a good example for them. You don’t drink. If you drink, you’re going to set a bad example for the others. See, the thing is, I have my way of living my life. I’m not going around asking everyone to follow my style neither had I forced anyone to worship me as their idol. So, please do not say that I’m setting a bad example.

Although alcohol is claimed to be the major destroyer of Indian community, I personally do not think so. In fact, it all depends on how one consumes it. Alcohol in excessive will turn someone into a ‘possessive’ mood. Thus, he starts controlling things around him. This in return gets him whacked or killed by other Indians.*Grin

Back to the story, I was actually shocked about the cheers the beer part because the one that was doing that was only the height of my hip. Considering the fact that I’m one of the shortest Indians around, you should know roughly how tall the little boy was.

And immediately when I asked his age, he told me he was 8. Yes, a freaking 8! There we have an 8 year brought by his own brother to the party smashing his can against another 8 year old.

Indeed it’s 2008.What a progress, I’m mesmerized.

Why and how a guy starts drinking?

Friends influence

Curiosity of trying it out

Meenachi cheated them in the name of love

See, the thing is drinking alcohol had become such a norm. If it is not, I wouldn’t see an 8 year old drinking that day.

Was it the parents fault? It is not. I can never blame the parents for the misdeeds of their children’s even though some of them do set a bad example .Like I’ve seen a father who puts up a cigarette on his 5 year old son mouth and start taking photographs of it. The father was laughing while the son blinks not knowing what is happening.

Do you really think alcohol is the one of the root cause of problems in our society today? I personally think it plays a minor role, but I believe people are exaggerating the issue by pointing it as the root cause for each problem that is haunting our society today.

Drinking is wrong when it is done the wrong way.

You do not have to agree with me. What do you think?

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  • sensor_version

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    LOL…..bro nice article…but bout drinking beer in our society….always remain a problem….bcoz they feel it a pride to say..they loose their consciousness…n misuse it to whack n do some stupid stuffs….tats wat i feel…

  • IP

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    8 years old and drinking….Wat will he do when he is 16…
    dare not imagine …..

    Drink in moderation.. and be merry….

    Drink excessively….Die Standing….

    Not only Indian dudes drink…Malays and Chinese drink…they also get whacked..but then….

    Happy New Year All….

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    Durai, what you have said is so true. Human’s tend to misuse everything that was given to them. Such goes to the alcohol as well. They drink. Then excessively. Then create ruckus and troubles. And finally blames on the ALCOHOL!

    I have never drank before 2006. I started it after 2006 as part of my socializing and networking needs. Again, it’s my need therefore my choice. But, I knew the limits and have been in control of it. Limiting oneself is important before grabbing the bottles.

    I had a friend who tot drinking is good and he can act like a thug. Alas, he got involved in accident because of drinking! Stupidity is the name! As you said, drinking is wrong when it is done in the wrong way! Cheers!

  • inba

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    right or wrong, i dont know,
    but just as sex education is given to teenagers, alcohol education too should be thought. its like saying we are not motivating sex among teenagers, but if you wanna do it, then take the necessary precautions and be responsible for the effects.

    the western world had long adopted this method. as part of religion, the jewish people start consuming alcohol when their chinna payyen vayasukke varan (about 12 yrs old). other parents too encourage drinking in moderation. as a result, i find western kids drinking, but with more responsibility.

    also, if drinking just socially, the recommended alcohol volume is around a beer
    (one can)or a 1.5 fluid ounce of 80proof(40 % alcohol by volume) every hour.

    budak 8 tahun tanni poderana? vaalge tamil, valarga INDIANS!!!!
    (malayalis included)
    thank you CH3COOH

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    I’m wondering, indian parents letting their 8 years old kid out at late night??? *kodutu vache paiyan*
    huh!!! there started the first mistake of parents. When they give more freedom, children starts misuse it.

    ~~Do you really think alcohol is the one of the root cause of problems in our society today?~~
    i dont think so. only things will goes wrong when overloaded. same as drinking habit. when ADULTS, drink limited alcohol, they will be in stable condition until reach home and they may not cause any problem for others especially those in the same restaurant, other drivers or people at their house. everything is depends on the indivual. how they take it. think twice before do something.

    p/s: i’m not talking abt kids drinking. worrying abt the 8 years old boy’s future. NALAAIYA TALAIVAN, indraiya kudikaran.


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    Nice article man..About isues you talked about,well i am with really depends on how we drink.. I am saying this be cause,in my point of view I believe socializing with beers [alcohol] is ok, only depends on how you tune your mind and that “kepala keras ” thing yourself. About that 8 year old boy, believe me i’ve seen it too. I saw a 9 year old boy with ‘Club 99′, drinking that with his brother..when we try to advise them ,obviously they wont listen..I felt the same feelings too…their future…

    I think all of us have to be more specific in dealing with the underlying causes in this matter,otherwise in fiture we might witness UPSR students celebrating with bottles and cans after getting their result, or maybe standard 4 and 5 students start celebrate their last day of the year[after final exam] with alcohol..Of course we wont let that happen,rite?

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    Some drink for fun, some drink due to their peers’ influence, some drink due to love failure, some drink due to curiosity and some even drink for the sake of showing of their “machoness”.

    As you said bro, “thanni adikeran” is not a problem but when someone drinks and yields a bad outcome, then that is a problem.

    But somehow, this drinking habit is the main problem-maker in our society.


    Valge nam samuthaiyam.

  • Jared

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    “To pay and drink and lose the sense; is nothing but rank ignorance” (Kural 925)
    I think it is brilliant on how Thiruvalluvar wrote about not drinking liquor. It is of such wit and equally of such strong message.

    Now, now, there-let us not justify our inability to control our urges with some statistics pertaining to the so-called claimed benefits of alcohol consumption. There a few arguable points about your figures, brother Inba. The first point, us being Indians (i.e. Asians), we have a different tolerance towards alcohol as compared to the Caucasians. I am sure that the statistics are from a white-man’s article where it is not relevant to us Asians. Our body has a different type of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (enzyme that metabolizes the alcohol); specifically said as the inactive form of ALDH2 which precipitates the symptoms of alcoholism faster than the Whites just because that our body can’t breakdown the alcohol. Simply said-we Asians just get drunk faster.

    Besides that, the benefits of alcohol are currently being argued by The Lancet (one of the most famous Medical Journals around).

    Anyway, even if alcohol does pose some health benefit, as in aiding the HDL in lowering the incidence of Coronary Heart Diseases in a man, there is NO REASON that a teetoler should embrace such habits just for health-sake. There are many other means which are if not equally, but much more potent in saving your heart. Exercising and diet control are just examples.

    Next, let us analyse the concept of “moderate drinking”. If I ask, separately, 10 individuals who consume alcohol what is moderate drinking-I believe I would get 10 different answers. One would say 2 cans of Tiger is moderate while another might say 2 bottles of Chivas is moderate. It is subjective measure. And you don’t have to be an excessive drinker to develop problems with alcohol – experts believe that drinking just over guideline limits on a regular basis will harm your health.

    I am 21 years old. Not that I never wanted to drink alcohol-I didn’t just because my dad believes that every time I come home at night or when I am away in my hostel, I am sober. That is the belief that I would not like to slaughter.

    I would like to share something that he said, “You know something is bad when you can’t come home and discuss it with us [mom and dad]”. Then I thought in my mind, why bother? Why bother to give in to something that is reckoned as a stigma to our society.

    I once heard someone said in his speech, “I don’t want to drink alcohol because even in the current Malaysian society when an Indian man stumbles on a rock and falls into the drain, men of other races would say, there goes the drunkard [itulah dia, India mabuk!] And I will not give an opportunity for others to say so”. He was seriously an amazing speaker.

    One can actually try to make some sense of what I wrote, or he could do what Henny Youngman did;

    “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading”

  • Jared

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    And brother Durai-it is a wonderful read.
    Looking forward to more interesting articles from you.


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    (from a born-again teetotaler ;D)

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    Well, i personally believe parents should be more careful / strict.

  • ram

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    drink alot but dont disturb anyone

  • Asshole

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    Drink and fuck. Now that is fun.

  • Asshole

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    Drink and fuck. Now that is fun.

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    This happened when I was in Form4 and my seniors finished SPM. They asked me to join them, by the way I started drinking at 15.

    First 30mins:
    Abang1: Boy thanni adikathinge boy
    Me: Ille bang, naa adike maaten (cover line)
    Abang2: Dey seiyathe nee. Adipe thaane
    Me: Ille bang, sathiyama adike maate

    First 1 Hour:
    Abang2: Light ah try panne boy. lesa kaseko avelothaa
    Abang1: Lek panne lek panne, summa adi

    Last hour:
    Abang1: Boy sonnathe neneve iruke thaane.. thanni adikathe okwa, nallathe ille
    Me: Poda pehpundeh.
    Abang2: Hahahah macha unneye punde ne thuppitaanda
    Abang1: Biasakthaane kaige soore sumbat..

    When you are drunk, your mind is out of control. Drink Responsibly! :D

  • Danny Kumar

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    Haha, the red pai|, f|ag n car|s are so fami|iar bro :) Merdeka!!!

  • DEV

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    @ rujjcoomarh
    LOL…!!! bro dat was shit…!!! damn funny lar bro… i laughedmy stomach out…!!! ha ha ha…… :-)


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