Kambethe Mohana 2 Modern Madonna

My belated Ponggal Wishes…



This below post is written particularly out of frustration and words in this post might seem very offensive to some. Nevertheless, I WISH to state clearly here that this is a TARGETED post, particularly to gun down some corrupted from village-to-city modern Madonna girls. I stress again, although it might seem general, you know how I write, this is truly targeted for specific audience.

I watched with absolute shock a video clip that proved to me as the most evident thing showing how far our Indian girls had progressed. See, not like I like talking about a video clip so much. When after all, it’s just porn. Just like any other clip, but so far what I have seen might be Indian couples with their hot scenes and so on, and please do not exclude our own Malaysian Mannin Mainthargals(Indian girls) in this issue. I’ve talked about this previously, but things were still under control at the time I wrote my previous article.

But it has gone way out of control now. This shocking home-made porn clip reflects just how deep the problem in our society now. Heck, with Indian guys drinking, fighting and dying, Indian girls are enjoying, fucking and getting videoed way out of hand.

See, I truly understand the need for local artiste in this industry. But then, we do not have a specific industry for this, just as yet. Porn industry. Let me describe to you about the video clip first of all, it is a clip showing a very pretty Malaysian Indian girl, which I can guarantee it’s Malaysian (don’t ask me how), having sex with an unknown guy, and being videoed by another Indian guy. And heck no, it didn’t even end there. The scene took place what I believe is inside a ‘rumah bujang’, or what we call as bachelors home. Guys are going in and out while the girl looks ‘innocently’ while getting screwed by that particular guy.

More and more shocking scenes unveil when at the end of the clip; it clearly shows that the girl is being threatened. The guy who took the video threatened the girl that if the girl reports it out, she might get in trouble. In which the girl agreed, claiming that she will not report it to anyone.

The exact conversation follows:

Kumutha, inthe video clip yan eduthom ne theriyothane. Visiye veliyeh ponechi, aperom inthe video clip ellathe kitheyum pogum.

In which she replied:

Sathiyema na yare kitheyum solle mathen.

Whatever had led the girl into this type of scene is unknown. Trust me, to be honest with you, I’ve watched Indian-girls-in-action once too many. So, there is no point of hiding things with you. Those girls had never bothered because they were screwing their so-called love-of-their-life and was happy being videoed.

That girl was even wearing a ‘samy-kaire’! Means she was wearing the red color string that usually ‘Ayers’ in temple tie in our hand in a symbol of protection and luck. I didn’t know luck somehow struck the girl in a very confusing fashion.

I can also strongly say that the girl must be a college going girl.

Samy kaire kathikithe yenthe maire kudeyoh padehkereyehdi!

We can conclude this into few endings.

1. The girl might have been threatened

2. The girl might be a prostitute for real

3. The girl might like group-sex rather than a personal one

From what I observed, I would choose number 1.

Now, enough about the video clip. This post is not to explain to you the position they were in while they were having sex. It’s all down to morality at the end of the day.

See, recently, I had one of my relative’s daughter ran away at the tender age of 19 just to get married to a married man who is 36 years old. Yes, 36. This particular girl was from Seremban, and after SPM she was send to Kuala Lumpur to study. It’s not like a bad thing to send your daughter to KL to study and make her stay in a hostel. In a year time, from a homely girl, she had developed to become just like any other KL city girls as though she had been here her whole life.

That much of a progress in a year from just a particular ‘kuthu velekku’.

Ippeh ellam enggepa kutte veleke iruke, ellameh ‘kuttuneh’ veleke than.

And so she ran away with the married man, and living together with him for at least a month now, and the last time her family tried to reach her, she was in Tioman for honeymoon. Epedi kathe, ok va?

The above two situation makes me wonder whether Indian girls that is send over to study over here in big cities gets corrupted by mere influence or their own ignorance. I wonder if these girls are getting excited with all the entertainment they get here compared to their hometown.

Why not, take an example, let’s say if a girl comes from a place where there might not be a single shopping complex in and around 30 km from her area, how can she not get excited coming and studying in KL? Or any other happening place? If you bring her clubbing, she blindly follows, not knowing that pussy-hunters wait in clubs. And few bitches will jump around and say no,no, we go clubbing very decent. Decent dress, few drinks, and dance. Dei thangachi, when you already had few drinks, aperom enggedi decent vereh ithele?

And stop talking about modern la… freedom la….. because most of you end up buying condom laaaaa!

Ah, so much said for corrupted ones.

The moral of the story is no matter where you go, it’s very important to maintain your dignity. You should always set your own standards in life, do not let any roaming dog to fuck you whenever they want. What is life like that?

Girls who travels and stays out of their hometown should always know their limits and not get over excited over new things that might fascinate them. Don’t hop into clubs the first day you step down with your tight jeans and strip dresses.


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  • Danny Kumar

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    .:: Haha “remember, we’re wa|ting” superb c|osing brader..you’re rea||y gOod |n bringing up t|s kinda issue. | hv no comment bt keep posing more n gOod |uck bro…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    bro i have seen that clip. hhheeheh.. terukvaaa…

    by the way i like your ending.. “we’re waiting”

  • inba

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    maybe she just likes group sex…
    kanni ponggal nalvatukkal mama

  • savundra

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    belated pongaal wishes durai =)

    its reli heart pain to see this kind of changes from girls wen they r free 4m family..
    this kind of girls, should not forget hw wil be their parentz feelings wen they got to know about their beloved daughter…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    i dono what to comment. but i agree with you. i’ve seen many at unitar. This gal, first changed her hair style, second her walking style, third dreesing style, finally changed her bf with new fello. (her ex boy friend is ma friend. he is rily a damn gud fello, but dunno what the hell happened to her) Maybe kl maariyatha saamy aaditanga pole.

    Nalla irutha seri.

    haiz… budak-budak zaman sekarang……….

    ~unn kuthama? enn kuthama? yarai naanum kutham solle?~

  • MaX

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    hahah..well said..and u can see this live in college and uni’s
    ur title savadila bro…

    “Kambethe Mohana 2 Modern Madonna”

    nenge engeyoo peithinge saar….

  • Ramesh

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    Hi durai bro,belated pongal wishes 2 u and all other members..

    What u wrote is, really 100% true.. Not only in college or UNI, but at office & companies more worst.. Even, Every week they changing their partner.. Eppothan thiruntha poguthunggalo!!!!!!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Belated Pongal wishes bro…Bro nambe enathan eduthu sonnalam, kolaikire nai kolachikitte than iruku..We plays our part as adviser but we still can’t control our Indian girls from involved in the dirty things.

  • varsha

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    hmm..I duno what to comment but was a bit sad after read the main story..
    anyways happy belated Ponggal…:)….

  • OG

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    Hmm..its not only start in col or uni,but in school.There will be no chance to c a girl without bf.They will be changing their bf every week.Haiz..if first wit a guy,second week with da friend of dat guy!Not every girls,juz to mention some.Sad to say,kuttuna vilaku is more than kuttu vilaku..

    superb closing bro!

  • OG

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    *if first week

    Happy Ponggal!!

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    Yea, I saw that clip too brader… Horrible!

    I really pity those kampung girls, especially seeing them being influenced by their fellow bandar chicks and ends up being in bed with a freako without them knowing about it. The reason? Drunk and drugged! Haihz… Pavom anthe pilengge..

    @Bro, what happened to Cikgu Mathiri bro? I checked out her blog but not much details of what has happened… Enna aachi bro? =(

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    annachi nanum anthe vidio clip pathen rasithen…..niway hepi belated pongalo ponggal.gud post bro..keep it cumin ya!

  • exorcist

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    nice posting…waiting for more…

  • navin

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    bro, the sentence written in RED savadi laaa.

  • ispitonyourgrave

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    im not sure ud be saying this if u were getting some of that fine ass (above) regularly.

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @Danny Kumar : Dankz bro…hehehe..

    @rujjcoomarh : Then you’ll beleive what I said bro…

    @inba : Irukelam..illemelum irekelam…

    @savundra : My wishes to u 2 dear..

    @viji : Unitar..a perfect example. How true.

    @Max : Ellam unggel asirvathem…hehe..

    @Ramesh : en kithe mathe mathinggethe bro…:D

    @varsha : Cheer up dear..

    @OG : Well said OG. And thanks:D

    @Makkez : Drunk and drugged..ellam sonthe kollepe bro.

    Abt Cikgu mithiri…I will take it up on email with u bro..

    @Rajdev : Unggelekum enethe valthukel..

    @exorcist :Thanks.

    @navin : Nandri ayyah nandri..

    @ispitonyourgrave : I do get. I just do no want your sister to end up in my list.Thus the concern.

  • Maxx

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    Good job BRAda , If not we who gonna aducate those B5 !

  • asshole

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    Hey durai, upload the video for all to see!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max Mahendran

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    abt the video…i’ve seen it…
    n i heard the story that the gal end up in some
    money prob with guys…
    n those village to modern transaction is normal..
    im in universiti bro…
    i knew a gal,when i was in 1st year..same batch
    so kampung,homely,very nice gal…with that curly hair,chuditar most of the time..n smiles
    after a semester,i met her again..
    i cudnt recognize her
    straighten hair,plucked eyebrows,make ups,plenty of accessories(rings,necklace,hanging earings,black rubber wrist bands)
    she looked like tamanah bro
    but the thing is,she is more arrogant
    her head is held high
    that moment i started hating that gal…
    but of corz,u’ll have some heroes…
    one by one will be trying their best to impress her…
    ade ponggedah!!

  • nathi

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    These type of gals should get motivated..its not wrong to change image,dressup or having friends.as long as u didnt wear a dress that makes u looks like a b***h its fine being modern.i also heard before some of my friends who go clubbing said “clubbing is not wrong its just a type of enjoyment..ok its fine for u not 4 me.i dunno whts clubbing all about..whts so fun in it?but one of my bestfriend said 2 me yea i do enjoy 2 c some cute gals wearing sexy dress in pubs but sure i dont to see my girlfriend or sister in such way.these kind of girls need help.i dunno how their life goin 2 end..i feel pity 4 them truly i seen lot of gals spoiling their life in the name of being social and love.These gals hate if someone advice so there is nothing we can do 2 help them..i hope these kind of blogs can make them atleast think 4 a second.

  • 5060

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    pasangge veliyeh pone kettu poiruvaangga….athe antha kaalam
    ponnungge veliyeh pona kettu poiruvaangga…..athe intha kaalam

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    hi, This is true on what Durai says. If fact, even in the tender school age, i’ve seen girls odf form 1 hanging on the phone booths with their frens.. i dont mind them having a boy n all la.. but, choose a stable guy la.. if u gals looking for rugged machas, its like ur a pornstar under training.. and the boys they choose:

    ekor hair
    sum kinda bike
    gangster swag
    rugged looks

    u can do better la girls..

    and Max and Durai: guys, I’ve watched the video too.. it was a sad one la.. it even had PART 2!!! I heard that the girl cheated the guy, so he fucked her n took her video.. which is logical as it explains why only 1 guy does it while the other records the video.. but, i tend to find out more as this video, as i believe that this is not the regular, I WANNA MAKE A SEXTAPE WITH MY BOYFRIEND video.. can anyone share ferther info about that video please?

    and girls, u came to KL to study, think about that.. ur boyfriend isnt some rich dude la.. neither is he a decent dude if your love isstill kalla kaadhal to your family..

    but thereare some girls who deserve this fate, because despite the warnings given.. they still tend to do it.. there is a tamil saying, ‘PATTAAL THAAN THERIYUM PARAYANUKKE’ so gals, pls dont downgrade yourselves into Parachis, thinking u gals are Thrisha.. adi0s


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