RIP, A.Kugan …

PUTRAJAYA: Do not politicise or play the racial card in crime cases because it can stoke racial sentiments, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.
“A criminal is a criminal no matter which race he belongs to.
“Let us not look at such issues from a racial point of view because if everyone starts playing the racial and ethnic card, we are in for a big and serious problem.
“Let us not politicise it, but allow the police to do their job,” he said yesterday, referring to statements by various parties over the death of detainee A. Kugan recently.
Syed Hamid said three members of a gang, including Kugan, had been arrested while another member, believed to be their leader, was still at large, adding that the group was high on the police wanted list.
He said the modus operandi of such groups would usually involve the use of aggression and weapons, and that they would hit a vehicle in the rear before stealing it.
“We have evidence which I cannot disclose. Even the deceased had given a statement to the police,” he said, adding that all parties should allow the police to investigate the case without having to deal with “interruptions or pressure”.
“We cannot portray a crime suspect as a hero and those enforcing the law as demons,” he said.


Our very own Home Ministry had never failed to amuse me with his own comments on hot issues. Every time when I hear he is commenting about an issue, it will be somewhat utterly ridiculous and doesn’t make sense at all. He always seems to provide something very risible in the end.

This man here had never set his priority on every issue that he touches. All the time he will try to pin point onto something that is less important. For an example, instead of looking at how serious the ‘rempit’ issue nowadays, he would rather spend time ordering his mans to round up cyclists.

The same goes here. Ever since A. Kugan’s murder (now that it had been reclassified as murder), he had made a few comment here and there, and this latest one had given me a mirthful laugh.

See, first few days into the crime he was actually focusing on how to charge the two Indian ministers who had ‘barged’ into the mortuary instead of focusing on the more important issue of A. Kugan murderers. Sigh.

But then I’ll have to agree with him, a criminal is a criminal no matter what. But then, a murder had taken place and the criminals were the police, how is the action going to be taken? Mr. Syed, talk about the murderers first la, then we can talk about the suspected car thief.

I do not have to say something that is not totally new to you; first post-mortem result showed A.Kugan died of ‘drown-in-a-glass-of-water’. A supposed cover up which blew way out of proportion when the deceased family ‘barged’ into the mortuary.

The police protect us from the criminals. But who protects us from the police now? Well, it’s utterly illogical for me to judge all the policemen are the same just because of the few rotten ones. Same goes in this case, instead of focusing on the issue of investigating the murder in depth, our Home Ministry is shifting the people’s attention towards A. Kugan’s history.

I would rather appreciate if he comments more on how the investigation of the murder is going to take place, what his actions will be regarding this matter, so on and so forth. But instead of focusing on this, he is spending time igniting more and more hatred from the people towards the Government.

“Let us not politicize it, but allow the police to do their job,” he said yesterday, referring to statements by various parties over the death of detainee A. Kugan recently.

How, by killing the detainees? And then claiming that they died of Asthma or excessive diarrhea?

Syed Hamid said three members of a gang, including Kugan, had been arrested while another member, believed to be their leader, was still at large, adding that the group was high on the police wanted list.

See, all the while it was made known to us that A. Kugan was a suspected car thief, I repeat, ‘suspected’ car thief, and now all of a sudden he has become ‘high on the police wanted list’. I wonder why no one, heck not even Datuk Khalid ( Selangor PDRM Head) listed A. Kugan high on the wanted list?

Even he said he was only a ‘suspected’ car thief.

What the hell?

He said the modus operandi of such groups would usually involve the use of aggression and weapons, and that they would hit a vehicle in the rear before stealing it.

Duh. The use of aggression and weapons was actually towards A. Kugan by the police, not the other way around.

Let’s see how the drama unfolds.

Rest in peace, A.Kugan. Justice will prevail.

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  • the truth

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    Albar is a BASTARD. Period.

  • Maxx

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    @ the truth – cool buddy , lets see what this clown gonna do in court

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    I had initially thought that he was losing his hairs bit by bit..Alas, his brain is also dropping down..drastically I would say.

  • Nithz

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    God bless A.Kugan. Direct correlation between crime and poverty, marginalisation and alienation leads Indians to all this problem. Meanwhile, the initial post mortem results which merely indicated there was water in his lungs (best screenplay award should be given for those jokers who came up with such statement) should be investigated further. Un kuthamaa, yen kuthemaaa, yareh nanu kuthem solleh…

    Last but not the least, God bless all of us!!

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    murder is murder…. perhaps those idiots needs a lesson in english… Kugan died in police custody… “CUSTODY” is the key word… making the police Kugan’s custodian at the time and place of death, thus making them responsible to answer questions…

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    Yes, I agree with you. Our minister here are focusing on issues which is not relevant at all with the case, and he nev er coments anything about the police. When i read this news today, I was irked with the comments made by the home minister that a crime suspect shouldnt be potrayed as hero, and those who are enforcing the law shouldnt be potrayed as demons..

    Well, according to what happened to A.Kugan, and those involved in this,Is this what our home minister meant when he said “enforcing the law”.

    Come on..the family of the deceased spoken clear already..
    They are not blaming the entire police force, they just want those who involved to be brought to justice.. Its up to the police force,on how in the world they are going to “re-polish” everything, i mean their “Royal Police” image, my suggestion, as everyone claiming now, run a transparent investigation, let the justice prevail.

    Get rid of all these “UNIFORMED GANGSTERS”.


  • Maxx

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    Guys , how come no any single word from our leader Abd Amd Bodohwi ? Don tell me he’s to busy with his stupid campaign of boikot US product !!!

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    Guys i read this in THESTAR online blog and decided to post it here in the comment section..This one was written by victorchew and dedicated this “TO KUGAN”…

    To Kugan,

    He was but a simple man,

    Caught up in a terrible world.

    He did not choose to make a political stand

    All he wanted was to have a whirl.

    Caught by the cops, accused of car theft;

    Kept in a lock up for many days.

    One life he had, that’s all left;

    “Let me live he prays.”

    They took his life away.

    His lungs full of water!

    Bruised all the way!

    O dear, what’s the matter?

    Parents, friends and politicians

    Clamoured for answers.

    The want a second opinion;

    Before they drop the flowers!

    A second autopsy was allowed;

    The AG said “Investigate it as murder”;

    All started to shout aloud!

    “Distract them “, said the Minister!

    “No one is above the law, not even deputy ministers”

    Does this apply to the police officers?

    That left Kugan’s body full of blisters?

    A young man’s life is ended;

    What happened, what went wrong?

    The truth is what is needed;

    Truth will make us all STRONG;

    So, I hope personally that Victor will post this to HM’s office as well.

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    You guys know something, it seems in Thailand’s constitution, it is required that a person must have at least a bachelors degree before he is qualified for the PM post. This requirement only applies to the PM post, not any other ministerial posts.

    Lets say this rule is to be applied in Malaysia, not only to PM but all ministerial posts, how many of our local politicians do you think will qualify?

    Its sad that a minister like Syed Hamid does not only have the qualification, he lacks simple common sense and compassion.

    If any child out there wants to be a policeman (like I did when I was young) when he/she grows up, slap that child.

  • Maxx

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    Letter posted by Makkal Sakthi chairman to PM .

    Prime Minister of Malaysia
    Block Utama,
    Bangunan Perdana Putra, Email:
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Email:
    62502 Putrajaya. Tel : 03 8888 8000

    Y.A.B.Dato’Sri Haji Mohd.Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
    Deputy Prime Minister
    Deputy Chairman
    National Implementation Action Body
    Aras 4, Blok Barat, Bangunan Perdana Putra,
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
    62502 PUTRAJAYA Fax: 88883983

    Re: A. Kugan’s Murder in Police Custody
    Cabinet Meeting on 4.1.09 is urged to:-
    1. Forthwith Suspend and prosecute the Selangor C.P.O for police cover up of the murder
    2. Prosecute Serdang G.H Pathologist and Director for covering up the murder
    3. 11 police personnel should be in remand, not on desk duty
    4. Prosecute the police criminals for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code
    5. Independent Coroners Department to investigate police crimes
    6. Urgent implementation of the IPCMC

    We refer to the above
    The murder of A. Kugan (22) in police custody brings the spot light yet again to the years of police atrocities in this country. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the decades of police abuse of powers, police brutality, atrocities, murders and most alarmingly the police above the law mindset which they have acquired over the years as part of the Malaysian police culture. This is especially so where it concerns Indian youths which we have been persistently bringing to your good selves attention for over the last seventeen years or so but to no avail. But instead four of our lawyers have been arrested and detained indefinitely at Malaysia’s Guantanamo with effect from 13.12.08

    Police Murder
    The Tamil Nesan had on their front pages on 21.1.09 reported that A. Kugan who was arrested on 14.1.09 on mere suspicion of being a car thief had suddenly “dropped dead” in the midst of interrogation on 20.1.09. We believe Kugan was beaten up to death in attempt to force him to confess to a crime he had not committed. This is police murder.

    Police Cover-up
    In the following day’s Tamil Nesan report on 22.1.09, the Chief Police officer (CPO) of Selangor drops the usual police cover-up “bombshell” that Kugan had died of “liquid in his lungs” within six days of having been in police custody and despite the visible and obvious injuries on Kugan’s body, neck, wrist, face and legs. To add insult to injury the Serdang Hospital and especially the Pathologist aid and abets the Selangor CPO by certifying the cause of death as lung congestion which makes hardly any medical sense as Kugan was merely a 22 year old youth and was healthy which even a first year medical student would be able to tell us.
    People Power Storms Mortuary
    When Kugan’s brutal injuries was splashed on the internet and the media, this CPO in the usual police style tries to divert attention by alleging that the Serdang Hospital mortuary was stormed by a 50 member “mob” who allegedly tampered with Kugan’s body (Tamil Nesan front page 6 on 22.1.09). What the Selangor CPO describes as the “mob” was actually a manifestation of the people power forces upholding justice based on the hundreds of such previous recent cases after which they have lost faith in the Malaysian police and the government hospital axis that had colluded in massive police cover ups of such murders especially over the last seventeen years. Without this people power intervention and their recording of the brutal injuries on Kugan’s dead body the Selangor CPO in collaboration with the Serdang Hospital Director and Pathologist would have wiped out any evidence of police murder as the police and government hospital axis have been doing hand in glove for decades.
    Police After Defenders of Justice
    To add insult to injury, the CPO now wants to in turn divert attention away from the police murder and wants to investigate the people power forces who succeeded in securing the evidence of police murder.
    One “Police Murder” a Day in Lock-ups
    The Tamil Nesan editorial on 23.1.09 at page 3 reports the death in police custody figures as revealed in Parliament in 2008 at 1,535 from 2003 to 2007( four years). This works out to about eight deaths in lock-ups every day or at least one death in every day. From our monitoring of newspaper reports and the complaints we receive, about 90% of deaths in police custody cases like Kugan’s case are Indian youths. This in itself is evidence of the hundreds of Indian youths who are abused, beaten up and atrocities committed on them every day around the country and without recourse to justice. They suffer in silence. Why must these Indian youths have to die before they get some attention or some semblance of justice?

    Boiling Hot Water Splashed on Police Detainee
    Just over three weeks ago on the last day of 2008 while Malaysians were jubilantly enjoying their New Year eve yet another Indian youth, Prabakar was relating his nightmare in police custody of having been beaten up, attempted murder by trying to hang him and finally boiling hot water was splashed on him as part of the interrogation and in forcing him to confess to a crime that he did not commit. Thankfully unlike Kugan, Prabakaran lived to relate his ordeal and show his badly scalded body. Seven junior policemen were prosecuted for the token offence of causing injuries and immediately released on a mere bail of RM5, 000.00.
    They were never arrested or remanded in this and thousands of previous such cases as would have been done to any other criminal and thus sending out the wrong signal that the UMNO controlled government gives them “immunity” and acknowledging the “police above the law” special privileges. A senior police ASP and the investigating Officer who was also implicated was let off the hook. Why weren’t these nine policemen prosecuted for attempted murder? After all 31 peaceful Hindraf assemblers cum worshippers on 25.11.07 at Malaysia’s holiest Hindu temple of Batu Caves had been prosecuted for the attempted murder of just one policeman who allegedly suffered from some “dubious” injuries to his head and received “out –patient treatment again at another pro-police government hospital. This is impossible offence known to even a first year law student but which was made possible in Malaysia with compliments of our very learned Attorney General. Worst still they were all denied bail until an appeal was filed at the High Court. Worst still in Kugan’s case the 11 suspected police personnel (murderers) have merely been assigned to desk duties and not arrested and under remand like any other murder suspects. Thus the administration of justice in Malaysia!

    Cabinet to Uphold Equal Justice
    In the circumstances we hereby call upon your good selves and the Malaysian Cabinet Meeting on the 4th of February 2009 to uphold equal justice and to:-
    1. Forthwith arrest, remand and prosecute the criminal policemen for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code with no bail offered like any other murder accused.
    2. Forthwith suspend and allow the Attorney General to prosecute the C.P.O of Selangor for his heading the massive police cover up of the murder by his subordinates.
    3. Allow the Attorney General top prosecute the Serdang Hospital Director and Pathologist for aiding and abetting in the police cover up of this murder.
    4. The Cabinet directs the Secretary General of the Health Ministry to issue a circular to all government Hospital Directors, Medical officers, Pathologists, Specialists etc of the need to act strictly according to their hypo-crates oath, non compromising with the police, maintaining their independence, to report any attempts of police interference in their duties directly to Parliament, to act without fear or favour of especially the police force and in fact denying and refusing any contact with any police personnel either directly or indirectly. They are to at all time deal directly with the detainee, his next of kin and the patient directly. All examination of a police detainee or deceased must be done out of sight and hearing of the police but can be in the presence of the hospital security and the detainee being handcuffed where necessary.
    5. An independent Coroners Department as in the USA and U.K system be set up under the Prime Minister’s Department (Public Complaints Bureau) to take charge of the body of the deceased in police custody cases within one hour of his being pronounced dead and the same in all police shooting dead of suspects cases. Special Coroner’s ambulances are prepared for this task with a post mortem to be conducted by a Pathologist from the Coroner’s Department and with the proper facilities, back up staff and unlimited funding.
    6. Urgently implement the IPCMC as was proposed by the Police Royal Commission some four years ago. Kindly ignore the police objections and the excuse that the police force would be demoralized. It is more important to dispel the perception that Malaysia is a police state!

    This aforesaid proposal would go a long way in restoring the public confidence in the police force, and administration of law and order and the administration of justice in Malaysia. Above all it would put a stop to the police being above the law mindset.
    Our Struggle Continues
    For also voicing out among others the aforesaid police atrocities over the last seventeen years, our four legal advisers and lawyers especially P. Uthayakumar had been arrested and detained on nine occasions and also prosecuted. Finally on the 13th arrested P. Uthayakumar was “put to sleep” indefinitely by being detained for two years and indefinitely thereafter at Malaysia’s very own Guantanamo Bay Prison under the draconian ISA.
    From behind bars P.Uthayakumar feels vindicated and infact proud that his struggle is continuing at full steam with new and revitalized vigor despite his imprisonment.
    UMNO can imprison P.Uthayakumar but UMNO cannot imprison People Power Makkal Sakthi.
    Kindly revert to us accordingly.
    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy

    Y.B.Dato-‘ Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz
    Law Minister %2

  • the truth

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    All the jackasses do have degrees, they were kangkung graduates that is.

  • Peace

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    Hi, recently we got the news a guy was slashed and killed in his house at klang. Who killed this guy and what is the differences between this two cases. Kugan was killed by police and the klang guy was by…. so sad to see our indian died or killed. need to stop this.

  • surenkl

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    Pekida buat aduan polis terhadap Gani Patail
    Mar 2, 09 6:10pm
    Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Pekida) dan Badan Bertindak Rakyat Malaysia (BBRM) membuat laporan polis terhadap peguam negara yang mengklasifikasikan kematian A Kugan sebagai kes bunuh.

    Mereka mendakwa kenyataan Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail berhubung kematian suspek curi kereta itu dibuat tanpa mengambil kira pandangan majistret dan pakar patologi, lapor Bernama.

    Laporan polis itu dibuat oleh pengerusi Pekida Wilayah Persekutuan, Roslan Dahaman dan setiausaha BBRM Naseron Ismail di Ibu Pejabat
    Polis Daerah Sentul, Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

    Roslan dipetik berkata aduan itu dibuat bagi memastikan tiada salah guna kuasa dan menuntut peguam negara agar tidak mengetepikan pandangan pihak lain.

    “Gani mengetepikan pandangan kedua-dua individu itu apabila beliau mendakwa Kugan mati disebabkan dibunuh dan bukan disebabkan paru-paru berair seperti yang disahkan sebelum ini… justeru kita minta beliau mengkaji semula pandangannya itu,” katanya selepas membuat laporan itu.

    Roslan berkata kenyataan peguam negara itu boleh disalaherti dan dianggap seperti menggalakkan perlakuan jenayah serta memberi perlindungan kepada penjenayah.

    Menurut agensi berita itu lagi, beliau berkata pasukan polis tidak sepatutnya dipersalahkan atas kematian Kugan kerana mereka hanya menjalankan tugas mereka.

    Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul ACP Zakaria Pagan berkata siasatan akan dijalankan oleh polis Putrajaya berikutan kedua-dua badan pernah membuat laporan berhubung perkara yang sama di IPD Putrajaya pada 23 Jan lepas.

    Kugan direman 15 Jan lalu bagi membantu siasatan polis dan meninggal dunia empat hari selepas itu semasa dalam tahanan polis.

  • kiruba

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    Hamid Albar is real bastard….inhumane action by police
    BUT this guy really deserved to die..
    he’z a drug addict n gt many cases robbery , rape , drug ,etc.
    when he was caught by police ,he consumed high dose of drug.when police beat him,these drug helped him to stay alive wen he is in custody.after hilang kesan meanz, he died.
    ivanengge irunthalum onne , illatiyum onne.para paiyen.

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @Kiruba: Just because you claim that he is a drug addict or whatever that you claim he is, does that qualify him to get beaten by death?? No matter what he is a human. He does not deserve being beaten to death ok…How come you know so much about him neway?

  • Sudha

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    Ever since I read about this in the newspaper & also watched the youtube video, I was terribly affected by this. If really he was guilty, he should have been charged as per law, not murdered. This is just sad! And the most disturbing fact is that this is not the end!


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