I’m an Ox

For those who haven’t subscribed to my mailing list yet, please do so. My current subscribers shows only 20% of my daily readership. It will be a big help and after all it’s free, please do. Go here. ————————————————— Although I try to write each time I have the ‘time’, unfortunately all the time is […]


Hell Yeah, I’m back. Please hold till I update my next post, which is a very important one nevertheless. —————————————— Recently I received a testimonial in Friendster from one of my guy friend which proved the fact that Friendster had been badly affected by spam. Not only Friendster, Facebook is the same as well.

Thailand and Thaipusam

I will be going on ‘vacation’ to Thailand this coming Friday. Thus, I’ll be writing about Thailand later. Now, read about Thaipusam. ———————————————— You must be expecting this post about Thaipusam this year since I had informed you in the previous post. It was not like any other year, I must say. At least for […]

Beware of DingdingKumar

First of all, Happy Thaipusam to all, I was in Batu Caves on Friday night . Now, tired after ‘Pal Kodem’. Will update next.Cheers. —————————————————– With so many ongoing issues in politic, let us set our sight into something I’ve always liked to talk about. You would have been tired and bored by now about […]

Dream come True

Have you ever waked up in the wee hours of the morning because of a nightmare? Were you full of sweat even though you were sleeping inside a completely air conditioned room? I mean not because you’ve masturbated, but because of your nightmare. Have you often pondered and tried to interpret what the dream was […]