Dream come True

Have you ever waked up in the wee hours of the morning because of a nightmare? Were you full of sweat even though you were sleeping inside a completely air conditioned room? I mean not because you’ve masturbated, but because of your nightmare. Have you often pondered and tried to interpret what the dream was about the previous night?

Chances are most of us would have had dreams in life. Unless you’ve never slept in your life, there is no way as a normal human being you’ve never had a dream. That is as far as I’m concerned. Now, different people react differently in their attempt to interpret their dream.

Many opts to look for advice on what best describes their dream. Usually they would seek the advice of the temple priest or ‘feng shui’ masters.

Some even look for people like below for advice.

Depends on who you seek for advice, your dreams might be interpreted differently. For an example, if you dreamt about being involved in an accident and the end was fatal, you would be scared, wouldn’t you? Or let’s say you dreamed that your  ‘bird’ got cut off in a fight, you will surely freak out won’t you?

And so you go hunting for people to interpret your dream. A ‘Killi-Josiyem’ aka bird-fortune-telling guy tells you that this is a sign of upcoming disaster in your life and you should stay at home. Also you’re prohibited from driving and even cycling is forbidden.

Ungge ‘bird’ kapetherethe kageh, innore bird kithe advice kepingge…

When you go and seek advice from the temple priest, they tell you this:

“Ambal ke ore archene pani, vara varem saniswaraneke ore veleke ethengge”

See, totally opposite dream interpretation. How would I interpret it? I do not really put high hopes on dreams. That is by far my opinion.

See, ever since I was small, I had this dreams of sleeping with Aiswarya Rai. Although many similar dreams come and go, I’m yet to sleep with her. And no, seriously, this is not just another fantasy; it was really a serious dream ay.

Look at how I'm smiling, looks pretty desperate ay...

Interpreting my dreams to sleep with Aiswarya goes like, perhaps I might get a lucky chance of sleeping with someone similar, but heck no, none. So, this clearly indicates that dreams cannot be true. At least for me.

Please do not get serious about the above example and think that I’m a sexual bastard.

What does Malaysian Indian Kamachis and Machans has to say about this:

Muthu : Punjoleh, yesterday I dream of you da.

Punjoleh : Ama va mama?

Muthu : True da.

Punjoleh : What dream mama?

Muthu : I dream we were happy with each other. I’m hugging you. We were both hugging each other. Very happy you know.

Dei, dei, dei, dei, etheke da inthe poiye?
Why do you have to lie to her? Most of the time in real life itself you’ll be thinking how to fuck and get rid of her, moreover in the dreams you and her doing a duet? See, this type of typical pick up lines will lure the Indian girls. They get excited that the guy was dreaming about her the previous night. Unlike any other people, Indians tend to get extra-excited when they come to know that their partner had dreamt of them. I know most of you might have done that anyway. No, I’m not making assumptions, I can justify this with the amount of stories I hear about all this kadhala-kadhali dreams.

I can safely say, if each of you willing to share your experience, how many of you had dreams about you and your partner (girlfriend or boyfriend)? I can safely say that I can close the count using the fingers in my one hand. Rare.

How many of you had dreams about your girlfriend’s friend that you met the previous night? Ala, the one you fantasize and ‘do-something’ before you sleep la. Come on, be honest. I do not have to tell more, your own conscience should reveal the truth.

Punjoleh comes the next week.

Mama, eneke ore dream last night.

What dream da?

I dream we were both hugging and I’m lying on your shoulder. It was so romantic.

Thui. Personally , I hate this kind of lame stories ay. But the truth is, I’ve seen and heard girls telling such a thing.

How many weeks you’ve to hug and lie in each other shoulder? For your information , this type of dreams is easy to interpret, even I can do it.  I interpret that in 3 months time the girl gets pregnant and the guys run away. How?

Let’s get serious.

The moral of the story is; Trust that if something happens related to your dream last night, it might be a mere co-incidence. Dreams, when interpreted wrongly, can lead to a disastrous ending.  Like the case that Makkez wrote recently. But then, there are some people who think that sometimes dreams can be true.

Had it happened to you?

24 comments to Dream come True

  • OG

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    Ungala maddum tan inta matiri ella eluta mudiyum!
    Yea true bro.
    I strongly believe that if somethings happens related to my dream,it is a coincidence.
    I dont have any experience but maybe others do have experienced.

    bro..aishu???itelam konjam overa illa..Lol

    Superb post!Keep on writing bro:)

  • OG

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    ey..im the first person to gv comment here!!!!!!!!!
    la la la..:)

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    HEeehhHEHHHheee… Ithu kuda nalla irukke… Ipedi kudathu nadakuthoh?

    :( but mostly i tak ingat my dreams once i woke up la. do u have any josiyakarar to tell me what i dream-ed a day before.. kahkahkah…

    alaaa OG BERLAGAK. I’m the second.

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    Ehh..ey..i lupa la.. i hope UR dream comes true one day. :D

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    while u were at Aishwarya, I was dreaming about Jenna Jameson…lol

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    the oni dream tat wud make me go do something about it will be dreams about numbers… then it’s off to Kuda, Toto or Magnum!

  • Asshole

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    Everyone wanna fuck Aishwarya Rai. So What!! I wonder if her pussy taste like strawberry. I would like to lick it! and fuck her!!

  • moog

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    jeez, “asshole”, grow up. Get laid or something, seriously. You make yourself sound very juvenile. Seriously? Strawberry? You’re obviously a virgin, mate.

    Anyway, Durai, it’s me again. I laughed at your post – good job mate, you never fail to make me laugh. I’ve had the same arguments regarding dreams with my mom – the way I see it, dreams tend to be random compilation of thoughts and ideas inspired by something you were thinking about and something that happened recently. My mom, however – in her infinite wisdom – thinks that dreams are messages from God and thus has to be interpreted, which is usually done by my aunt over the phone. If the dream involved my sister or I – we’re both in different countries at the moment – she’d call us and ask us to be careful and watch out for the thing that was in her dreams: whether snakes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or sharks.

    Of course, I just humor her and listen to her advice anyway, and there’s no harm being watchful for things that can affect you… especially since I’m in a tornado prone area and I go surfing quite often :D Besides, her advise is always out of love, so I always accept it. Even if she wants to go to temples and buy stuff and do archanais to the Gods… hey, if it makes her happy and gives her peace of mind, why should I stop her? If spending a little money makes her happy, then I’d say it’s worth it, even though I personally think it’s a bit silly.

    You look like a cheerful dude. If my Tamil didn’t suck so badly (I understand it perfectly, but years of not using it (and being in a country of people who have never heard of Tamil, let alone speak it) made the tongue sluggish and slow, if you get what I mean. Besides, as one of those coconut Tamils (brown on the outside, white on the inside) I’ve somewhat of an irrational fear of groups of Machas roaming around. Yeah, I know it’s discriminatory (and towards my own race as well!) but given my lack of skill in Tamil I always feel that I wouldn’t be able to converse with them very well…

    I’ve never disrespected them, though. I’ve cousins who are average joes, and I’ve always treated everybody with respect… Like I said, it’s an irrational fear. You might dislike whatever stereotype you think I fit into, but I’m just an average joe myself… well, somewhat.

    I digress.

  • Faaz

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    Damn Fkr, really u are cute and stunning yaar, ur poto with rai seems romantic.

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    Well,dreams are inner works of our brain. I do agree with you, mere-coincidence.They have nothing to do with telepathy,paranormal activity or seeing into the future or “god trying to warn us.”, kind of thing.

    They have no effect on the physical world outside our own mind.I really think that doesnt matter good or bad dreams, sometime they might explain what is on your mind, but not always. Thats why I said nothing spiritual about this.

    It’s because you had it in your head that it might happen, even subconsciously, and you end up dreaming about it.
    Talking about nightmare dreams we had,
    nightmares are like your mind’s way of running a scenario to process your chances of survival. That is why they are almost always about things that you really are afraid of or have been thinking alot about lately. You generally always wake up when the scenario gets too intense, or in rare cases you can die. It’s kind of like the Matrix

    So no archanai no saniswaran,but this doesnt mean i’m an atheist. Just my opinion that dreams doesnt connect anything to spirituality..

    I do know some people who really have different kind of perception on this issue..No 1 in the list my mother.She really believes, dreams do give some impact in our life. She gave me alot of examples, but i dont want to mention it here, as it can be misintepreted as an insult. So guys, there is some people are more attuned to the world than most and can predict or see things which are to happen – it would make sense to take note of what it is they are trying to say in this instance, perhaps my mother is one of them. What these kind of people has to say is the subconscious is a powerful thing. We are aware of many things we don’t realise on waking.

    Any how Durai, nice article, keep up with your good work.

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    I dreamt I slept with Kushboo once. Well I dont mind that for real..

  • nobody

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    ahhh… dreams!! once ma mom dreamt tad i died! so she called me and asked to stay put in ma room! n i complaind this to ma fren and was told tad it is actuali a gud sign, im gona get married! n ma mom bcame dysfunctional the whole day(i blame te dream!) conclusion: im not dead yet!o married (touchwood). so, im one of the living proof tad dreams are jz dreams! :P

  • nobody

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    ahhh… dreams!! once ma mom dreamt tad i died! so she called me and asked to stay put in ma room! n i complaind this to ma fren and was told tad it is actuali a gud sign, im gona get married! conclusion: im not dead yet!o married (touchwood). so, im one of the living proof tad dreams are jz dreams! :P

  • IndianPonnu

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    Wait…wait…wait…first of all you don`t go to a nadi jhosiyam or killi jhosiyam fellar to interprete your dream. This fellas wont know but will still act like they know how to interprete dreams just for money. Dreams does have meanings. Just for your info…not only Indians beleive in this, a lot other cultures does too. There is no denying that certain dreams are just your sub concious mind crap at work during your sleep, but certain dreams do have meanings. And whether your dream has meanings or not can be interpreted if you approach a “guru” or yogis not some killi….If dreams doesn`t have meanings than why do we have them??? What? God created dreams so that human can get ideas from their subconcious mind izit?? Just because you have soo many “chin-chaks” around you doensn’t mean you can say anything you want….Get your facts rite…

  • Maxx

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    @Durai – Ever since when lar you invite senior citizen ppl to leave their response for your article ? Evveh enna patti mathiry pesikettu irruka .

  • Nithz

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    Hey Durai..Dreams have a long history both as a subject of conjecture and as a source of inspiration. Throughout their history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams. They have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from God or predictions of the future. Many cultures practiced dream incubation, with the intention of cultivating dreams that were prophetic or contained messages from the divine.

    The Hall data analysis shows that sexual dreams occur no more than 10 percent of the time and are more prevalent in young to mid teens. Another study showed that 8% of men’s and women’s dreams have sexual content. In some cases, sexual dreams may result in orgasm or nocturnal emission. These are commonly known as wet dreams (you may want to analyse this). Hehe..

    Next, if you ask me. I dont remember most of my dreams. Short term dream memory loss poleh.. :)

  • IndianPonnu

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    Dear Maxx,

    Yeah, this is what I usually get to try and defend our rich culture and heritage from
    people like you who take it for granted. So whoever try speaking the truth are senior citizenslar?
    So what if I speak like a paati anyway? Ok fine, let me try this your way ok?

    YO!! Dude!! Maxx, wassup man?? Did you read this fucking article fucker. Man this shit is wrong man…
    I mean, the indian culture crap and all…I dun think this is fucking right dude. Modern doesn’t mean
    you can go fucking your mother dude (or maybe you do), Just like that, certain cultures should not be
    fucking lost man….

    So? Hows that working for you Maxx? You should be young at heart but mature in your words. Stop trying to be a
    westerner and get a life!!

  • Maxx

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    Chellumeh IndianPonnu ,

    Addiyei Thevideya Pun_amavaleh , gomma unneh pettangalleh elleh pendangalleh . Pitchakaran oddeh pul_h yeduthe vaileh utteh mathiri loda-lodahne pesikette irrukeh .

    Is this mature enough darling ?

    see ! i never f@#k my mother and wont do kinda sin like your sibling doing with their mom . only once i slept with 1 married B5 and thats ur mom and i promise to my self not to do that again since i pity ur dad .

    ps: @durai : sorry .

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    kathe vere thisaiyai noki sendre konde irukerethe..

    naarayanaa narayaanaaa….

  • IndianPonnu

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    Dearest Maxx,

    Hahaha. OMG!! I cant stop laughing! Thank you soo much for such an entertaining speech. By the way, your speech only goes to show how immature you are. People would have thought that you were older. Now, its sooo obvious that you are some teen westerner wannabe. LOL!! If I reply back using bad words like you did, mine would probably be worst but i won’t coz i am not some 15 year old kid. No, Maxx, seriously…you GOT TO GET A LIFE!!!

    My friends would like to thank you for your wonderful speech which they cant stop laughing as well. Stop making a fool of yourself.

    p/s: Thanx for admitting that you are a mother fucker!!!

    With Love

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    @ OG : Thanks OG. Your words had always been encouraging.

    @viji : My dream comes true va? Well, :P , hopefully.

    @Vivek : We share similar dreams brother…Haha..

    @Kavi : I remember dreaming about some numbers as well brother, none ‘kena’, as usual…


    @ Asshole : I think you should listen to moog.

    @ moog : Well brother, first of all, thank you for your complients.

    I can’t agree more on the part when it is out of love and makes them happy, why not…after all they’re our parents and elders.

    Yes brother , you were correct about the cheerful part. From the way you express yourself, I can see that you treat everybody with respect. Cheers to you brother.

    @Faaz : Ah, thanks.

    @mallesh: Brother, most of the mothers share the same sentiments. They are very particular about this, cant blame them though, it’s how things had been for centuries.

    @rujjcoomarh : Kushboo now, or the Kushboo in the 80’s bro?


    @nobody : Well, you’re yet another proof for my words too brother..

    @ IndianPonnu :

    You were all right with your constructive critism up until you came to the chin chaks part. First of all, it’s all fine if you believe that dreams can be true. Well, you’re entitled of your opinion.

    What makes you think ‘guru’ or yogis are actually interpreting your dreams accordingly? Almost all of them are fakes, don’t be such a naive person . Don’t you watch news? See, it’s because we have people like you that we continue to have people getting cheated.

    All right. Since your so -called guru or Yogi can interpret my dreams, please explain my experience with Aiswarya. Perhaps you can ask your yogi to come up with some justification.WTH…

    Where in this article had I talked about culture? Why do you have to drag about our culture here? Sesat ka?

    And stop calling people who come here as chin-chaks, as I do not want to start throwing some harsh words on you either.I’m pretty good in that too.Thank you for reading.

    @Maxx : Cool panengge bro…ore beer podengge..Hehehe…

    @Nithz : You’ve just explained in a more detail view about dreams. Thanks Nithz and about your suggestion (wet dreams), well, expect something to come up soon .Hehehe…

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    Even I had a dream about me flying around with wings bro, ippe varikum yethume nadekele….

    Anyway, I bet the only dream that Indians would ‘dream’ for would be romantic dreams as well as dreams that would somehow give us some toto/magnum/kuda numbers. I don’t know if any other people notice it or not but those ‘kili-josiyom’ guys are making hell lots of money..

    One day, both of us go and sit at Brickfields bro with each of us having a ‘kili’, approm varumanem yepidi nu parpom bro…

  • pearl86

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    kanavu…manathil irukkum aasaiyai namakku velicham pote kaatum :D
    u’ll know ur true desire/wishes thru ur dreams…

  • Max

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    ther are two type of dreams…
    one we remember,the other one,we dont…
    the one we remember is the nightmares,fantasies,XXX
    stuff that hav no chance to happen
    the other one,which we forget…
    we tend to recall wat we dreamed,as it seems to be important
    n sometimes i hav come to a situation,
    at that very present moment,i knew i remember this moment happening to me
    something like dejavu
    at it happened to me many time…
    how abt u guys


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