Beware of DingdingKumar

First of all, Happy Thaipusam to all, I was in Batu Caves on Friday night . Now, tired after ‘Pal Kodem’. Will update next.Cheers.


With so many ongoing issues in politic, let us set our sight into something I’ve always liked to talk about. You would have been tired and bored by now about the issue that is happening in Perak thus let me entertain you, M1 style.

Almost not surprisingly popular issue happening lately is one email that I’ve been receiving almost like every other day. I’ve received hundreds if not thousands of chain mails up till now. Although I do receive something that rates higher than porn sometimes, I do not pay much attention, unless it is send by the readers. And so I’ve been receiving one particular e-mail once too many and since the email had been bothering me as well, I decided to spend some time writing about this.

Well, you would have seen this kind of similar emails and looking at the popularity of this particular email, I believe most of you would have received this email.

Now to the content of the email. The email is about a guy who had cheated girl in the name of love. Typical playboy type of story. We’ve heard this copious amount of times thus there arise no need for me to elaborate further.

Let me tell you what’s written in the email first of all:

I received many similar versions of this email; and out of many, only two was send in by our friends here in RagedIndian, in particular Kamini and Max. Both are actually similar versions. Many thanks to them.

The content:

Pls pass this around. to your frens and family at least can save another gurl life from be victim. please read below

be aware of this guy

Subject: Dear friends,  Pls fwd this mail too all your friends and family members. This guy who is Name Yogendran Marimuthu who is staying at Johor bahru (home town Teluk Intan) is my friends Boyfriend. he cheated my friend . He love my friend only for money. My friend who trust this guy so much she spent to this guy RM15,000 now she comit suicide after heard that this guy got another gurl friend who choose buy his family. And that gurl also knew about my friend. this guy never tell my friend untill she get to know buy her own. He never tell my friend about his relationship Becouse of money. His whole family knew about the relationship, everybody was so nice to my friend. they all cheat her nicely. this pitty gurl now at Hospital with serious condition. He was in relationsionship with my friend for 1 1/2 . cheat her everyday.  So beware of this guy. he is a great your sisters and friends.  Pls pass this arround. TU LA NAK SANGAT BUDAK HIP HOP ke and budak good looking, dont know the real background of the guy.If the boy is abit gangster or lagak like macho, sure you gurls so happy and wanted that kinda of guys.Now  who is loser, when there is guy really sincere and not handsome you gurls dont want, now the guy pakai her puas puas now looking for another victim,so he will get the money and live with weatlhy life.What i can say is blame the gurl also because didt check the guys real back ground or what kinda of frens he have or his job , as long he is handsome or macho you gurls run for it (DAMM STUPID GURLS)…… .both of the are the spoiler of my friends life  my friend realy trust this guy and spen RM15,000+++but he use to pay his bills and use for his gurl friend.the mother also knew about the relationship but she is the wan who see the gurl for his son. nowdays mothers also cannot be trusted.

Together with this particular email were few pictures of the dangerous playboy that we should be aware of. Below are the pictures :

This particular fucked up love-cum-cheat stories originality is very much unknown. I would finish up this case with a simple explanation and conclusion. Here’s the keyword.


Since the email lacks the necessary information on who got fucked, and like when and where, that definitely puts a question mark on the originality. The writer of this particular should have just tried to compose the email using Tamil rather than using this horrifying English which puts another question mark on the credibility of the writer. Let’s forget about the writer’s English for a moment and what if it was actually true?

Some of the by passers of my blog will come and put up this comment:

“Come on Durai, there is even some pictures over here. You talk about our culture had been ripped of by some vultures all the time yet you do not want to help spread the news about a playboy? Just because you have so many chin-chaks around you; you don’t feel the necessary to talk about this is it?”

Laughing out loud. See, anyone can come up with pictures and write something bad and spread the news around. It’s becoming such a norm nowadays. Unless you can come up with facts, police reports, or anything factual that proves this news, I don’t see any need into believing this is true.

My guess is this might be another product of one of the Friendster teenage Meenachis who spends some countless amount of hours a day in Friendster posting bulletin and so on. Since they might be bored posting the same survey’s in bulletin board again and again about the guy they slept with last night, they ingeniously might have composed this particular email and took some pictures from a guy’s account ; and finally spreading it around.


What makes you think that this particular guy will go around and fuck each and every other girl out there? And even if it’s true, do you really think that this is the only guy doing that in our community today? Almost all does it or would have done it once .The email should rather be corrected and intended to all the Indian guys out there. Then it would have served as a reminder.

Heck, you might even receive this next.

Beaware of this guy .

This particular tattooed skinny Indian guy is from Selangor(hometown Batam,Indonesia) and he name is DingDing Kumar.He love my fren only for money. my fren got cheated and now she drink poison and she died ready. My fren name is Viricha. So, plz help kill him before he cheat other Indian gal again.His picture is below.My fren (the girl) picture who got cheated also is below. Plz spread this news around.ThanxXxXxXx. MuaxXxXxXx.

The moral of the story is, in my opinion, this particular mail is fake. This guy is just another victim of false accusations. But that doesn’t leave the option for the guys to cheat on girls and ‘spen RM15,000+++’ of the girls money . Let us all rely on trustable sources, and unless  you receive something which is proven , do not help to circulate it, as it will not only tarnish another’s reputation, but you might also feel guilty one day if you find out that news is fake. Remember the law of Karma, what goes around, comes around.

Allah Malik.

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14 comments to Beware of DingdingKumar

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    samee room le posing…

    15k sapu..

    bagus la..

  • ruth

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    hahaha.. viricha…. keep it on…

  • inba

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    nambe mama from batam, indon.cekapla.
    i guess the dude has mastered skim cepat kaya..

  • chicky.suzieq

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    eh dingding kumar quite handsome also lah…number got ah?…

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    yaare petha pilaingalo.. menjadi mangsa email.. haiz… i NEVER EVER forward this email. actually i got this few months ago.
    Told u rite this feller face look familiar.. then ony teringat, i got read this email last year itself.

    Dingdong bell.. oops dingding kumar matter kuda nalle irekke.. eppove varum email le?

    wei, dulu digelar mama, now mat bunga.. feewit..kalekeringa.. hahahahhahah :D


    Happy thaipusem 2 u too and other readers. i baru balik dari batu caves.. oooh penat. tidur dulu yek. bye.. :D hehehhehe

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    hey ore kelvi, padikera pullaiku 15K kaase irukka.. ? yengayoo logic idikithe..

  • varsha

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    hahaa…Ding Ding Kumar..haaha

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    is “Ding Ding” an euphemism for ur Ding Dongs?

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    DingDing Kumar hahahahha bro u never failed to make me laugh for every post of yours.. i got the same email too.. but i deleted it..

  • Asshole

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    Ha ha, What a stupid bitch!!!

  • Maxx®

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    Hei thanks Durai !

  • Nithz

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    Shabaaaaaaaa…Fyi, i got the same email & never even bothered to read it at all. From my opinion, the word “Love” is misused for their own benefits (a new trend i suppose). The so called cheaters will approach the ‘ilichevaiyi’s’ & take advantage. But, heyyy, if the cheaters cheated them in that way, avungeluku yengeh pochi arivu? So, if you ask me, the blame should be on the ‘ilichevaiyi’s’ more. Anyway, on the Trisha part..Hehehehe..yenatha nadekum nadekethumehhhh :)

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    As you said bro, this guy must have dumped one of his Friendster girlfriend by not bothering her messages, not reading her surveys and not commenting on her new sexy photos, thus she got mad and started to spread lies about this guy.

    Even if the story happened to be true, still, it won’t be true bro. =S

    Valge nam samuthaiyam.

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @udang sambal : Bagus ah?Hehe..

    @ruth : Nandri..nandri..

    @inba : Haha..ippeh mama batam vereyah..

    @chicky.suzieq : Haa..Oppss. He is reacheable by FB.

    @viji : mat bunga..ninggelum puthe pereh vechi tinggela?

    About the 15 k, obviously it shows the email is scam la rasathi..

    @varsha : thanks..thanks..

    @ Kavi : Well, brother, you guessed it right


    @rujjcoomarh : Thanks bro, and thanks again for ignoring the mail

    @Asshole : Well, finally you said something right:

    @Maxx : No problem brother…Thanks to you too..

    @Nithz : Athe sollenge Nithz. As long as people are getting cheated, cheaters will always be there. Nambeh sonnah, muttal ne soldrangge inthe kalathe pilengge, ena pandrethe?

    @Makkez : LOl..Well said partner. Valarge namathe kalacharem…



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