Thailand and Thaipusam

I will be going on ‘vacation’ to Thailand this coming Friday.

Thus, I’ll be writing about Thailand later. Now, read about Thaipusam.


You must be expecting this post about Thaipusam this year since I had informed you in the previous post. It was not like any other year, I must say. At least for me. The reason being because together with my friends, we decided to carry the ‘Pal Kudem’ (milk pot) this year to show our gratitude towards Lord Muruga who had brought us good luck all year around and main reason being; for everyone to live with happiness and joy. And;

Perhaps also wishing for me to put on some weight.


Preparation for this started as early as a month back when all my friends started being vegetarian except for me. I was only a herbivore for the last 9 days. Not that I lack the attitude, but looking at my current body condition, I decided its better not to push myself too far and let everyone else play guitar with my body. Of course, being vegetarian also means pushing alcohol aside which was another major blow down for us. But then, why not, after all it’s for a month.

I do not want to bore you on what is Thaipusam is all about, or why are we celebrating it and so on because it will be pointless. Let me get straight to the series of event that happened during our ‘Pal Kudem’ rally moments.

We decided to finish it off on Friday itself fearing the massive crowd that will flock in on Saturday and Sunday. We left around 7 pm on Friday and were in Batu Caves by 9 pm. Brother Lizard, Grandmaster, and few other friends decided to shave their head before carrying the milk pot. Again I opted out of this because

1. I had never vowed to shave my head

2. My hair is already dropping for reason unknown

3. With my head shaved(you can guess how I might look like), I might end up in jail for drug related cases and die in custody.

We proceeded with sight-seeing and dancing to the rhythm of Urumee. I’m a big fan of Urumee so I never want to miss out that. Right after that, we headed to the riverbank (Atteng-garai) for the prayers before taking the milk pot.

I can sense you’re getting tired reading my explanations of how we were there and so on;

So yes, of course, I have some pictures to share with you. Pictures speaks a thousand words, here we go:

Upon arrival – Group camwhoring session

Brother Grandmaster shaving his head-  Most probably he is indicating world peace on his hand

Brother Lizard : Depicting Sivaji the Boss

This was during the Pooja in ‘Attengarai’ before carrying the milk pot. All was going fine until….

I was possessed!


Brother Lizard with his self-home-made Pal Kavadi.

Me with my Pal Kudem

The childrens who joined us

The rally

Final camwhoring with all the botaks

I have to say all in all we had a wonderful time, even though we were there to fulfill our vows. Up till now, everything that I’ve done and will be doing in the future, I had never regretted any. Enjoy even the tiniest thing in life, for that is what I call ‘enjoying life to the fullest’.

I wish you all a blessed life  and have a wonderful time ahead!

“Thai piranthal,Valli pirakkum”


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    ###Perhaps also wishing for me to put on some weight. ###

    atheke ninga vinayagar ku le pal kudem edutu irukkonum. :D

    p/s: YAAR ANTHA VALLI?? – valli vara poraaaaa…. :P

  • Maxx®

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    Savadikap durai !

  • Ramesh

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    Cool bro.. Good post.. Enjoy your day in Thailand.:-)

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    nice skdurai …. hope all the wishes for this year become true … mayb some additional for the vegetarian @ herbivore thinggy .. no matter u b vege for 9 or one months the important this is the heart willingness to do so.Anyway you did it and safe journey for the Thailand trip … send my regards to all the chicks there … hehehehe

  • inba

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    any cekap urumi releases?

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    panas kaigel ithe pothem , panas kaigel ithe pothem …. ( boomerangx ) hahahahaha

  • Nithz

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    Yelam nalethey nadekem…Vel Vel !!~

  • varsha

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    Children or childrens ar??
    Anyways..I hope that u will put on some weight after this..
    Good Post:)

  • Maxx®

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    @ varsha – ofcourse la childrens , I can see 2 lil gurl carring milk pot maa .

  • kannan

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @ Maxx- But there is no such word as ‘childrens’..

  • Maxx®

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @ Kannan – Morning buddy , i’ll be very happy if you could go to google search engine and type (CHILDRENS) and see .

    Thanking you in advance :-)

  • lizard

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Durai: next year we carry again la bro… we do it every year ….

  • famous amos :P

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    well, honestly ‘childrens’, that word doesn’t exist. and singular – child, plural – children. it should either be with an apostrophe s or none at all as children itself means many. in this case, children without an apostrophe s would be the correct word.

  • kannan

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    Couldn’t agree more with ‘famous amos’.

  • sanjana

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    we r in need of a body for surface marking…..can v use yours????normally v use mummified body bt urs look alredi tis is time saving n i hope u will help future malaysian doctors…

  • gujubu

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    c’mon guys… english lesson again?? its just a miserable “s” which maybe got sesat.. y so much hoo haa about it??

    oh ya.. don worry bout the person above.. wateva said, u RAWK man!!

  • famous amos :P

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    haha. maybe it wasn’t an english lesson to begin with. it’s called clearing a doubt. and as far as i’m concerned, there’s no harm in that, plus we weren’t directing it to the author, it was more for the person who commented on searching the search engine for something apparently wrong. i’m sorry you got it otherwise =] adding to that, i do know it’s an error, and that too, by accident, we’re only human c’mon.

  • gujubu

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    @famous amos :P
    ok.. my wrong.. i misunderstood ya..
    Cheers man!!

  • OG

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    happy ending :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @viji : Vinayager kethane…thukitha pothe adethe varesem…

    Valli ah, yengge pa valli?

    @Maxx : Savadikap brother..:D

    @rujjcoomarh : Nandri bro…

    @Ramesh : I really enjoyed brother..

    @SimgemPuli : Thanks for the wishes brother. And about sending your regards to the Thailand chicks, ah, you should come do that yourself brother…Hehehehe..

    @inba : Nothing much la brother..all the old ones they remix to the new ones..nothing seem to be impressive..

    @Nithz : Kandipageh..

    @varsha : There were few children’s in the group. It’s just a typo error, I missed the apostrophe.

    @kannan : Agreed brother. You are correct.

    @famous amos :P : I cant believe you used this nick ,girl. Haha. Anyway , you were correct.

    @sanjana : Do you want to use my dick for your daily blowjob need as well?

    @ gujubu : Ah, thanks gujubu. I missed the ‘ . That’s all. Lol.

    @ OG : Athe sollenge.


    To all, I missed the ‘ (apostrophe) in that word. That’s all. As much as I try to make sure all my post to be error free, I’m human nevertheless. I do have a wish though, to stop war of words and to start learning between us here.

    No misunderstanding anymore between us please. If you wish to point out my mistake, please provide it with facts so that everyone else understand what you wish to convey.

    Thank you.And yes ;I’m still learning.

  • famous amos :P

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    doooorayyyy, were you angered by what i commented on or perhaps the way i did so? i’m sorrry kay, just like i said, it wasn’t directed to you :( and we’re humans, even i make innumerable mistakes, so no hard feelings kay. smilee =D and yes yes! it’s a nice nick right? haha! hope the nick made you smile besides making you frown thereafter.

  • sanjana

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    do u have one?????

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @famous amos : Oh dear, of course not . I was not offended. In fact I directed that to all of us here, and I was not intending to anyone specifically. I just do not want more war of words here. Luckily it ended up in a nice manner over here in this post.

    Relax girl, will never get angry with you. :D

    @sanjana : Oh funny. Ok, you won. Duh.

  • sanjana

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    i was juz kidding in the beginning… i forgot to mention tht time…
    im sorry for being for rough

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Nice trip and nice pictures bro. Thanks for sharing them! =D

    Hidup Urumi.


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