Hell Yeah, I’m back.

Please hold till I update my next post, which is a very important one nevertheless.


Recently I received a testimonial in Friendster from one of my guy friend which proved the fact that Friendster had been badly affected by spam. Not only Friendster, Facebook is the same as well.

I never knew my friend got boobs that good anyway.

Anyhow , Yucks for Friendster and Yay for Facebook!

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  • Maxx®

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    Jeeeezzz ! Damn man .

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    Ur fren boleh bagi award WORLD SEXIEST MAN award la. LOL.

    Friendster tak boleh la.!!! mcm mcm nowadays..

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    Dear people. this is something serious and maybe u need to read an article from my friend blog.

    Once a user clicked on the link or image, It will redirect the user to their fake Friendster`s log-in web page. Those who are not aware on this scamming technique will enter their personal information in order to log-in on the fake web page, thinking it’s the actual Friendster site. Your username and password will be sent to the fraudster or scammer and obtained by them once you click on the ” Log In ” button. Indirectly, Now they have full control of your account on Friendster.

    Lastly, They will spread out the link using your account to others especially those who are in your friends list. They may do it manually or using any robot. So, please don’t be shocked if you receive any unusual or weird e-mail, post or comment from your friends. Because it has done without your friends knowledge because there is someone else gained control of their account and occasionally misusing it to get more victims.

    That`s it! I have explained how they phishing an account on Friendster. Remember, even though Friendster has some vulnerabilities, Phishing has do nothing with it. It`s all about our lack of awareness when surfing internet and entering personal details on internet.

    So if you are a victim of phishing, It`s still not too late for you to undo your previous mistakes. What are you waiting for?? Act fast before it`s too late. Save your account now!

    * Solution :

    * Your current username and password got hacked by the fraudster ( Scammer ), All that you must do now is change or reset your current password to a new password. ( Do it frequently to avoid yourself from be a victim of phishing, in the future. )

    There are some easiest ways to avoid from being a phishing victim, i have listed it down. Hope it can help you to secure your privacy on social network sites.

    * Precautions :

    1. All Friendster ( or any other social network sites ) users should thus be wary and should always check whether they are in the actual site before logging in. As a precaution, the Friendster site should be bookmarked and should not be accessed using any other external link.
    2. Passwords for the Friendster account and email address should also be and different and frequently reset it.
    3. Surf the Internet more securely by using Mozilla Firefox ( 3.0 or above ) web browser. This web browser has built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online.

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    @Simgem puli

    That’s really helpful, listing down the solutions.

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    oops typo.. previously… not preciously..

    sumtimes this can just be avoided wit common sense laaa.. people are just too ignorant…

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    I got this same doinky thing as well. But not bothered to look at it & just deleted it the moment i saw it.

    p/s: Viji avargaleh, yeah i knw u luv your pet game ib FB 100times than Friendster. Hehehehe..

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    @ Nithz : yekka… shu shu…public..public..

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    I cant remember when was the last time I logged in Friendster.

    Bro durai, waiting for your thailand experience post.. heheheheheh

  • Tamil puli

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    hey durai y u went 2 thailand la.

  • Maxx®

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    @Tamil puli : vereh yetekeh bro , ellam addi kudekehthan …. hehehehe

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    @Maxx® : Ah, I had the same reaction too…

    @viji : Betul betul…gay boy award kudekelam..

    @Singempuli : Brother, thank you very much for the detailed explainations. Guys, I hope you can take note of this.

    @Kavi : Thanks for the link brother..Cheers..
    And well brother, many lack even common sense nowadays.

    @ Nithz : Good decision Nithz.

    @rujjcommarh : Haha, bro, thailand post still in the process. No worries, coming soon…

    @Tamilpuli : enapa kelvi ithe…perechenele matti udringgeleh..

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    Same here brother.

    Friendster semakin pupus.. While Facebook semakin membangun…

    We should keep our fingers crossed hoping that all those Friendster retards would not hop to Facebook bro, including those extremist Malayalees. Even if they do, we would not hesitate to blog about them and their ‘secret talks’ in Facebook! =D


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