Savadi – Kap

I pledge to write this review as honest as possible. It might offend the girls, but then if I do not do so, it will contradict with my writings all this while.

And so, I was in Thailand.

The whole thing started off with long time dream of Brother Lizard to visit Thailand to see what so much in it; that had drawn so much attention from everyone. Or I can say a lot of guys wanted to visit this place. See, I would tell it off simply, we simply just crossed the border of Thailand to a small town cum village; called as Betong.

Little general information:

We drove all the way to Betong, we left around 12 pm and arrived in Betong at 6 am. Journey in Ford Escape was all too exciting and never tire us down. They were only four of us this time, Brother Lizard, Brother Vasu, Deva a.k.a Kuttali and me. Total money spend on this trip is RM 600 per person including everything from petrol to drinks. Let us start.

Betong is a district of Yala Province, situated in the southernmost province of Thailand in Sankalakhiri mountain range. With an are of 1,328 sq. km, it borders the Malaysian states of Kedah and Perak. Enough about statistics.

This place is home to the following few things:

0. Massage parlors
1. Escort or call girls
2. Cheap beers and foods
3. Temples and tattoos
4. Strip bars and pole dance

All those above five things would excite only guys. None will suit the word entertainment in any girl’s dictionary. So, in summary, just like everyone had said it before, Thailand is heaven on earth for guys. Although in the wrong way I have to say.

0. Massage parlors

Massage parlors are everywhere you can see. If you enter the wrong one, you might end up in a red light area. So, be careful on where you are stepping into. Although my body can be massaged using only fingers, nevertheless I still opted to do the Thai massage, It cost you only RM 26 to do full body massage. Albeit the fact they should only charge me only half of that because of my body size, the massage was every penny worthy. It was wonderful, tremendous, extraordinary, mesmerizing, relaxing, Karpal Singh,Shebby Singh…..

1. Escort or call girls

First thing that you see when you arrive in Betong, is hundreds and hundreds of Thailand escort girls. From what I can roughly interpret, the total percentage of young girls in Thailand might comprise of 80% call girls and the rest might be normal restaurant workers and so on. You don’t have to go far for girls anyway, anywhere you walk, and these girls will hint you something. They’re never without a smile, and sure enough, they’re damn blady friendly! I should not forget to mention that they’re extremely pretty too.*Smile

Almost 90% of the guys here work as pimp. Walk anywhere, even the hotel bellboy will offer you girls. See, it’s their profession there. They do take it seriously. From the Tuk-Tuk drivers (It’s a kind of taxi in Thailand) to a normal guy in the street, the only thing they will ask you when they knew you’re a foreigner (we were not really foreigners, but black skin in Thai land seems foreign enough for them), this is the only thing they will ask:

Perempuan mau ka?
Sareke sudah ambik ka?

Escort girls it seems will cost you from RM 180 to RM 350 per day. The accuracy of the previous information is not certain though. It might be more, it might be less.

2. Cheap beers and foods

In Thailand, you’re always a VIP wherever you go. Everyone in Thailand treats you real good, and takes good care of you. Imagine walking into 7-Eleven, I tell you, 7-Eleven and picking up a big bottle of Heineken beer for only 62 baht. That’s only a freaking RM 6.20! The same beer here will cost you more than double of that amount!

With beers wherever you go, it is never a bad time. No wonder people of Thailand are very friendly; they might be sober all the time. We visited a hut-type village restaurant on the way to temple on our first day in Thailand. I will have to tell you this:

Rating for food: 10/10
Rating for customer service: 10/10
Rating for people who fear of God: 10/10

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was like an event. The aunties there were dancing and singing with karaoke and not forgetting, their own style of unique liquor mixture. The mixture seems to be weird though, it’s mixed with a glass of Regency whisky plus this thing down here:

How do you think the taste would be? We did not try this out though. The people who served us were not even waiters in the restaurant; they were just regular patrons to the restaurant. Somehow they felt excited seeing us there in a remote village in Betong.

The food, I have to tell you again, is fantastic. There is nothing like Thailand Tom yam. You have to be there to taste it! I can’t describe it by words. It’s just, it’s just, fantastic.

I also had the chance to eat frogs. Well, I’ll have to say that too, tasted really good, very spicy and crunchy.

3. Temples and tattoos

Temples is aplenty in Betong Thailand. What I meant by temple is Buddhist temples. They’re commonly known as Wat. This translates directly as temple in Thai language. As one of our top missions includes finding one of the rarest and best amulets around, we never missed the chance to do it. I did not opt for any tattoos though this time, because ‘yant’ tattoos is already occupying most of my body. Same goes for Brother Lizard.

The friendly Thailand aunty in the restaurant guided us all the way to the Wat Sonom Brom. We did go to the famous Wat Pudtathiwad which is located in the centre of Betong town previously but somehow the temple does not have any monks there.Wat Sonom Brom is located inside the jungles of Betong and it is quite hard to find out, unless you have any local guides showing you the way there. You can ask your way out too, as I said, Thai people are friendly. *Grin . She even refused to take any money despite forcing.

We bought quite a lot of amulets, particularly focusing on one amulet which is the most famous of the lot. Jathurkam Ramathep is one God Thailand people worship in craze nowadays. Directly interpreting God Jathurkam Ramathep in Hinduism, he is Mahavishnu .Mahavishnu and Jathurkam Ramathep is the same, but worshipped differently. I can’t show my amulets here though, but I can show you similar pictures.

Jathurkam Ramathep :Above Phra Pitta : Below

I also bought Phra Pitta, another God of invading bad lucks. We proceeded straight with prayers and blessing by the ever-friendly monk, and we also nearly witnessed one of our guides being possessed by God Hanuman.We were lucky enough the chanting of the monk did not continue for a long time. Yes, you heard it right; the guy claimed it was Hanuman. Heaven yes, even his body is tattooed with Hanuman. Buddhism gods and Hinduism gods share a lot of things in common, lots and lots of things.

Thailand amulets are considered one of the most sacred and powerful pieces. It is from Thailand that amulets are brought and sold here in Malaysia, Singapore, and any other countries.

4. Strip bars and pole dance

We did not miss the chance to go to the above places. We went to a club called Kiss Me Pub which is a massive club in Betong . This is no ordinary club like those you see here in Malaysia, this are massive ones. I can safely say it can accommodate at least a crowd of 2000 at one point of time. It’s huge, like a “Dewan Masyarakat” complete with a stage. For pole dance that is. Thailand girls and supermodels comes and does the pole dances on the stage, you just drink and dance. After maybe around 30 minutes, you will get tired of watching it. I can assure you that. The music is extremely, extremely loud.

We also went to a nearby strip bars where they will play you Indian songs! Yes, Indians are so famous in Betong that they even play Indian songs there. And you will see strip girls dancing for Dailamo Dailamo! Ena Kodumeh Ithe…The beers here were a bit more expensive, probably because of the strip show. It will set you back 800 baht for 5 big bottles of Heineken. After getting drunk, Deva and Brother Vasu decided to take the center stage, where they climbed the pole dance table and danced to the rhythm of Indian songs. The crowd did not enjoy the Indian half-nude males though.

All in All, although we were just after the border in Thailand, we enjoyed our journey to Betong Thailand and I have to say, Betong is a wonderful place despite the fact people are living in poverty there. Never had we seen any Thailand people staring at us, like those Indians here in Malaysia.

That is all about Betong Thailand.If you guys are planning anything after this, let me know. We might be able to arrange something.*Grin

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    *arrange something*..ketdka nalla irukke..:D

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    ## It might offend the girls, but then if I do not do so, it will contradict with my writings all this while.##

    1.Ningha elutunga pa.. taralama elutunga.. Unmaiye yaaru venum naalum elutalam. =) nangelum elutuvom le

    2. appo ange AIDS, FOC nu sollunga. :D:D:D

    3. yucks!! frogs aah? wuaak.

    4. the temple pictures cantik la..

    5. ##The crowd did not enjoy the Indian half-nude males though.##

    aiyoo pavem.. :P

    6. ##We might be able to arrange something.##

    what kind of arrangement MAMA.. :P

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    Adera Sakkenana!!! Thailandin Vicithira Valkaiye valtnthede vanterikkiringe bro..cantik mcm bunga la.

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    Yengeda gals pathi..opss Thailand pathi post kanam nu nenichen. Shabaaa, ipoveh kannu kathuthey. Anyway, everyone in earth especially young BOYS knows what can Thailand offers them (in a pleasure way). Since you have talked soooOOO much about gals & their customer service level, hope you have taken the precaution (Say Tak Nak To AIDS) :p Hehehehe..

    Kurrippu : “We might be able to arrange something” <— We refers to boys ONLY or gals? Kunjom edit pani Boys mathum nu poterengeh.Koddi puniyama poghum. Nandri Vanakam!!~

  • the truth

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    Once you guys are sober, try and plan a proper trip to visit the REAL Thailand. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, of course you’ll have to work harder to find those kind of ‘entertainment’ you guys drool about, but, if you’re a hardcore backpacker like me, you’ll find heaven(the food,culture, people, scenery & etc.) the moment you step foot on the places mentioned above.

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      Hi there, you shared this long time ago. I. Prefer to try out threesome at Thailand. Complications on me is EJ@ early ejaculated. Certain drugs helped me, as you know it is illegal everywhere. But, i just use them to make sure i am able to fuck around 1 hour per shot. Please advise me on what i need to do in order to get the perfect girls and to avoid the immigration checks. Thank you brother

  • Maxx®

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    Roll down the rubberman , roll it down . Save sex , save life . ‘Dr Alban’

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    Also visietd that place 3 years back,they got an indian pub a m’sian owner.
    The pub name was Focus 1 Indian Pub.

    Maybe next trip u should go to Chiang Mai,nice place Bro..

  • Maxx®

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    @anthony – when the last i went betong 2yrs ago i came across an indian cafe by the name PJ Minnal .@durai- Is that still there ? Same M’sian owner (indian guy)

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    Never been to Thai before…great info….thanks for that….for the rest (no comments).

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    I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but you have not been to the real Thailand yet. The border towns along the Malaysia border are famed for their prostitution. In Malaysia I hear they are more strict on prostitution and in Thailand they are more strict about gambling. This is why the Malays go to Thailand to get laid and the Thais go to Malaysia to gamble. Hence the border economy of gambling and prostitution.

    I would say that the number of prostitutes are probably less (percentage wise) in Thailand than most other western countries. I read somewhere that USA is nr 1 in prostitutes per capita. But you’ll see that as you move up north from the border. As some people have suggested already you should try to make it all the way up north to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Bangkok is also worth a visit (many places in Thailand are!) but don’t hang out only around the red light districts or you will continue to think that your tainted view of Thailand is true.


    PS. Check out my friends blog. Bangkok Escort, A Thai Girls Diary.
    For the other side of the coin. She is a great Thai girl that is trying to turn her life around and she needs all the promotion and support she can get. Thanks!

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    The topic is quite trendy in the net at the moment. What do you pay attention to when choosing what to write about?

  • Jack

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    I am into yants&amulets as well. got a gow yord, reusi, metta & 5 faced hanuman yant.

    one of my indian frens suggested me to do a special prayer during thaipusam. was aghast as that never crossed my mind but somehow keen to do it. found a guru, fasted for a month, prayed both morning & evening. got into trance at one of the temples near the river till i reached the entrance of the cave. many devotees asked my frens if im chindian and they were even more astonished when they found out im a chi.

    left Msia after that and got into trance again at a temple in NZ (i dont know why). will definitely come back for TPS in 2010.

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    i hv been there 3 times…
    very good place to be… esp. for the beers, foods, massage & gals… guys, must go there…!!!

  • saesha..

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    the last picture is like “Naan Kadavul” … its a Medical Miracle…. Fantasic, yean kanne ennaleye nambe mudiya vilai…. <<<>>>>

  • saesha..

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    pin Kuripu>> betong ponnal, inthe saamy kitte asir vatham vangelama?? kanikai, yeanna???

  • Tom

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    I would like to go to Betong Buddhist temple and learn more about buddhism from the monks there. Which temple would you suggest me to go. do you have any contacts there (betong) which would be able to help or guide me when i go to betong.
    My trip will be solely for religious purpose.

    @Tom : I’m sorry bro, but I do not have any contacts there. In Thailand, there is no specific temple that you have to visit. You can visit any temple, and but if you’re going to tell me about learning Buddhism, I suggest that’s not the place to go. If you’re going for prayers or tattoos, then it’s all fine. Learning any religion is not a matter of going to the temple or pilgrimage site, rather keeping a high faith on whoever you choose to pray, and then reading any source and materials will guide you along the way to your quest of seeking spiritualism. Betong is a small town, so you can just ask any of the tuk-tuk driver or taxi driver to send you to the nearby temples. I’m sure you will be blessed. Good luck brother:)

  • Tom

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    The reason i would like to go to the temple is to know and learn more about the Sak Yant Tattoos and its benefits which is part of the Thai buddhism. Would it be likely for me to head to Wat Sonom Brom to learn more about tattoos and its benefits ?

    @Tom : As I said before bro, Sak Yant tattoos secrets would not be revealed by any of the monks. Plus you will have difficulty communicating with them because they speak scarce English, and only fluent in Thai language. If you take a guide with you, he might cheat you up for money of course.

    This I have explained to lots of people, but they still do not listen and head up to Thailand in thirst of knowledge. I would personally advice you to do up some reading on your own, there’s a wealth of knowledge about sak-yant tattoos if you’re willing to Google it.

    For a starter : . Learn up on your own and prepare yourself brother, because it’s not something you can tattoo and take no care about it. Once you know what you want and prepared for it, go up to Thailand, meet any of the monks there, and tell them you want to get that the tattoo(which you’ve decided to be done). They would gladly do it for you.

  • ben

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    hye bro.just browsed through your blog and i find very interesting to read about your trip to betong. bro just wanna ask about sak-yant tattoos. is there any place in kl or nearby you know can do the sak-yant tattoo? thanks

  • Shasi

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    I foud your information really useful. Narrated nicely and its look like wonderful journey. Thanks alot bro for the useful info.

  • Sudha

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    I guess yes, its true, there’s nothing much for girls @ Thailand. I went there last year Oct and it was a pleasant experience but nothing I would shout about. I enjoyed the lovely & cheap massages/manicures/pedicures/salons though! =)

    I hope you didn’t attempt to get any extra services in Thailand!

  • niggy nagen

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    bro…thank you for the useful info’s and photos……its a plesure to have your blog online…..i’m planning to visit Betong next week i.e.29th July…..we (with my frens) are there for relaxing and for “maja” of course….we are leaving stressful Singapore for a week vacation….i hope it will be a nice location fro us…..i’m just wondering if you have any contact number of the so called “TOUR-GUIDE” =)

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    Saya p betong orang d sana baik dan walau pun pekannya kecil tetapi bersih. Dan orang d sn menghormati pelancong.perempuan cantik:-) juga ada yg baik dan kurang baik

  • MRK

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    Dear Brother, i would like to know whether, tattoo is really bring luck or not. For myself i need it for the purpose of good luck n protective from black magic (santau). hope for your fast reply and pls suggest me the right temple in betong. Thank you

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    Can I just add that Betong has the only surviving Indian CT (communist terrorist)ex MCP . The tunnels and training camps are now a tourist attraction and worth a visit . Its about 15 minutes out of town.
    The wet market is worth a visit to compare prices, freshness and variety of local produce. Tourists often stock up with cashew nuts (from southern Thailand) …..alot cheaper then Malaysia. Did you know that this business has claimed lots of local lives !?! From the early afternoon the local kuih and bubur is sold. Freshly made and loads of variety. Takes you back to what early Malaysian tastes used to be. Betong is cool in the mornings and evenings….and you will the general population exercising in and around the stadium area. A very good standard tennis club. Motorbikes for hire for under 20 ringgit. Peaceful and quiet …the perfect break.

  • Ballacq_d

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    Helo bros,
    Little to add up.. If u get a chance , try to put a night stay at the RIVER INN Hotel( well it is more like chalet than a hotel). Pretty nice, cool peacefull. A way from the bustling of noise and hassle free. Situated just before the Betong town , about 2 KM from Malaysian border on the right hand side. Trust me guys, those ppl who loves greens and tranquil will definately love this plc for sure. This is my favourite lodging whenever i m at Betong. Prices range frm Rm 68, 78 to 100 pernight . Well worth more than the price offered for the surrondings and the atmosphere.. Try it guys and share with all. Gud luck…


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