Signs of Death

Death. The moment our soul leaves our body and we’re no longer in this world as they say. No one knows exactly where we will be heading or going, as none had experienced it. True, there are countless amounts of awaken from death type of stories, but the credibility of this stories remains unknown. Some might believe it, some might not.

I was going through few blogs the other day searching more information about the 6 Indians who were shot dead, yet again. Everyday or another, we hear stories Indians gunned down here and there, and while we get angered because of this, there had been nothing much that can be done by anyone. I can assure you most of these guys might be harmless, and innocent, but somehow their life was ended early through unfortunate events.

Have you seen the faces of the dead? I’m pretty sure you would have attended many funerals, or at least one. Pretty much they are all the same. But have you seen the faces of people who had been killed, either by accident or murder? Or for any other reason? People who die of natural causes have calmness on their face because they would have expected their death. Usually people who die at old age wouldn’t really bother you much, as it is expected.

I will tell you a small true story.

See, around 6 years back, my grandfather broke his leg in the toilet because he slipped. He was 81 years old, and was perfectly healthy. He was admitted in Klang GH and you know what service you can expect in a Government hospital. He was admitted for approximately 3 weeks pending operation for his leg. As an old man, lying down for more than a week had brought him enough traumas.

Let’s talk about something interesting. See, my grandfather was admitted in the 11 th floor of Klang General Hospital. Nobody could take care of him because of course, all of them are working. I, Brother Grandmaster (who is also my cousin) and my brother took turns to take care of him.

This is no ordinary experience. I was only around 17 years old at that time, and I have to stay in the hospital on every alternate night to take care of my grandfather. My grandfather was all fine and good for the first few nights, but after that he starts doing things very weird. At night, the curtain will be closed in the hospital leaving only me on my chair and my grandfather lying in his bed. It will be extremely cold. It is really extremely cold, that even with my thick sweater; I still feel my hands go numb. It is that cold. My grandfather wears nothing but an adult diapers.

I would cover him with a thick blanket. After the first few nights, he starts throwing away the blanket and will lie down half nude. I was puzzled by his behavior. Few days went on and he starts mumbling in his sleep, sometimes shouting and pointing something towards the window. All this starts exactly after 12 am. My balls shrank and I related this incident to my cousin. He claims he had seen the same on his ‘shift’ as well.

Things started going far crazier when my grandfather will point at the window and utter something like this:

“Nee po, nee po, na ippe varaleh. Kumar, aveneh po solle, avene po solle !”

“Go away; go away, I do not want to come now. Kumar, ask him to go, ask him to go!”

(My family calls me Kumar)

Imagine sitting alone in the dark, inside the General hospital where thousands of death would have occurred and my grandfather is pointing something towards the window in the 11th floor .I turned and looked at the window where he is pointing. With both my balls hanging in my throat, I feared for the worst. I read a lot of horror stories, and even the last thing I would expect behind the window should not be any white-clothed lady. I turned, it’s nothing. But my grandfather obviously sees something, and it seems it might be the god of death.

No, I did not tell that, it was the conclusion of the elders when I related these stories to them. My grandfather used to tell me stories in the afternoon that he saw a person coming and waiting to take his life away. It seems he can already see things. He knows that he is going to die soon. He only wished to go back home as soon as possible, because he do not want to end up dying in the hospital. As usual, his wish of wanting to die at home was not granted.

He died 2 weeks later, getting weirder everyday and I got somehow used to his daily horror show after 12. On the night before he died, he put away his blanket, wearing only his diapers in an extremely cold environment. He said the guy is calling him and pointed to the ceiling. There was apparently nothing there, but he says there is someone. That was his last night.

We can also conclude the above story saying that my grandfather would have lost his senses and might be talking crap at that time. But I’ve talked with few paranormal investigators and even temple priest; it seems when your death is on its way, you will be shown the sign. Either you notice it or not, that’s what makes the difference.

Have you heard stories like a guy who died in a motorbike accident; he would have done something abnormal only on that particular day? You would hear their family members saying that he was particularly cheerful that day, or he did something odd that fateful day. See, this might be the signs. Yet, how far it is true, no one knows, except for Him.

I haven’t talked about what I wanted to talk yet but this post is getting too long,so..

What do you think? Have you had similar experiences?

To be continued…

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    huh!! pei kathei..
    beraninya mama durai ni… :)
    May ur taata souls rest in peace, jgn jgn dia dtg and invite relatives dia..

    [[[ I haven’t talked about what I wanted to talk yet but this post is getting too long, so… ]]]

    nasib baik u tulis ayat ini, if not i bagi 0 mark for ur essay.. sbb out of topic. :D

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    We never believe until we experience it. But, after we experienced it, we are no more to share it with the others. I guess death is the only feeling we can never share.

  • the truth

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    Yup, it had to be Yama. Or it could have been a family member whom had passed on earlier. I’ve heard all these things before, strangely enough, i do believe its true.

    But from a non-supernatural point of view, its obvious that your Grandpa passed away as a result of negligence by the GH. How on earth can they possibly put an old man on a 3 WEEK pending leg operation?? Sounds like they deliberately left him there to pass on, no offense, but that’s what i think.

    Can’t wait for Part 2.

  • inba

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    im waiting …. for u kumaaaarrr….

    for part 2..

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    perhaps you can get ur hand on this comic by Virgin Comics; India Authentic, Issue #7: Yama

    a good read about how one woman actually brought back the soul of her husband from Yama’s clutches.

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    Hmmm.. a scary one.I had a similar experience. I was about 8-9 years old. My mum’s cousin who was a site engineer fell from 10th floor(people say it’s a murder case but till now no one knows who’s the killer) during the building construction. He was later admitted to hospital, was on koma stage for a month & he only opened his eyes after that. My mum was inside the room (young kids like me arent allowed into ICU) when he told her that while his eyes are closed, he can see bad souls are surrounding him & he can even see a soul on top of the room ceiling wtahcing him. After 2 days, he died.

    Even though i was young at that age, he was very close to me & his funeral was one of the saddest day in my life. Meanwhile, the mystery remains unsolved. I came across a quote recently which says “You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper” !!~

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    Wow…interesting…the hospital story is quite scary…

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    @viji : Takda beranila Rasathi..saya pun sudah kecut worries, I tak lari topic, but what I wanted to write is too long. So, I just thought of continuing it later.

    @Vivek : Very well said , brother.

    @the truth : Well brother, I’ll have to agree with that. When I discussed with one of my uncle, he was telling that he should have been admitted in a private hospital instead.

    Somehow I have to agree.

    @inba : Yan bro ningge vereh…lol..

    @Kavi : Thanks for the suggestion brother..

    @Nithz : Now, that’s something similar to mine. I wish you would have experienced it personally. would have been far more interesting…hehehee..

    @ Veni : Yep, very the interesting.


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    Just waiting for the rest of this article. Really, looking forward to read, what’s your stand point about this matter.

    Keep it up Bro..

  • the truth

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    I’ve read that story before as well, its one of the more popular myths/stories in Hinduism. Can’t believe they made a comic out of it….but should be interesting.

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    Definitely something to think about brother.

    I don’t have any experiences like what some of you had, but personally, I sort of believe in ‘signs’ before dying, in which our brother yaman would be coming all the way from outer space just for the sake of taking our soul away. Having said that, if we have those yamans, how about those Muslims and Chinese? Perhaps they might have their own version of yaman as well.

    As for the cheerful-cum-very-happy on that particular day before dying thing, it is kinda true bro. I’ve read a few articles on newspapers of people dying in road accidents and somehow, one of the deceased family member would say something like ‘he was very joyful today’, ‘he kept on smiling today’ and even ‘he said that he loves me so much all of a sudden’.

    Sigh, enna oru ulegam.

  • dv

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    atlast i see sumthing interestin … :p..
    tis is actually very true..have come across few similar kinda stories…especially in G.H…hahaha

  • Max

    Thumb up Thumb down -1 new here
    its nice reading ur articles…
    full of facts…few that i wanted to convey abt indians in malaysia
    all of them is in ur blog..great
    thats shows we do might have similar thinking on those areas like indian gals,gangsterisms,indian family,hindhu god possession….
    ok…back to ur story
    i was shocked to read that bcoz i had the similar experience
    when i was 19,my grandpa went bedridden…he’s 74
    then he was started pointing things in the ceiling…
    at night he’ll be talking to someone…
    n he’s very2 afraid to be left alone…
    he’ll call someone to teman n comfort him…
    members in my family thinks he has lost his sense…
    but i think he is reli seeing things…
    n once,he told to me one of my family member(an in law) will make trouble n break the family up…
    which everyone disagrees…bcoz everyone thinks she is a very nice gal…that gal is my granpa’s daug in law la…
    well i didnt,bcoz she was too nice to everyone,
    n too too nice to my grandpa…
    he didnt just tell that,he told a few more things like thats gonna happen in future
    in a more riddle way…isi tersirat la…
    sometimes we thinks its crap,but if u think twice he has a point…
    2 months after my grandfather death…the same girl who made prob for the sothe…
    as wat my granpa mentioned…
    n finally my family broke into pieces…
    valvethu pennalae,nasamaporuthum pennalae…
    indian family can leave peacefully if all this vetti indian gals/aunty stops watching serials too much!!…(basically this is out of topic)
    ok..that was my experience

  • babyblue1882

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    i lost my dad nearly 5months ago (heart attack). It was during our Deepavali open-house and he was extra hyper dat nite, laughing n joking n was talking very loudly to all the guests. He went to bed earlier than usual dat night (while the party was on-going) and came down at 0030hrs complaining of chest pain and we admitted him to the Specialist right away. When i was there at the Hospital, i felt extremely cold dat my spine was literally frozen. My dad didn’t make it ! He suffered a second attack ! Rest In Peace Daddy ! I miss you and love you !!! Still cant accept the fact dat UR gone :(

  • kevin de' rascal

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    well im new here…
    its a very interesting post bro…
    frankly sayin, any1 goes more than de 8th floor in klg gh never easily survives.. trust me..
    as for ur topic.. sum says its Yama.. sum says its our deceased relatives..
    i hav a story to share too..
    my grandma was around 60plus wen she past away..
    a few minutes b4 she died.. she was lying on de bed facing de ceiling and was talking to sum1 up there.. sudenly she asked my auntie for the hse address where my grandma was staying coz it seems the person up there is asking for it to double check.. my auntie purposely gav the neighbours address.. hmmm… but grandma passed away moments later…

  • ??

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    I wish I could create blog posts half as good as you 1 because half as good as you is already better than 80 percent of blogs in the world;

  • jacky

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    i’m new here bro. I saw ur blog when i randomly searching for other webpage. i like ur blog bro. it’s nice. Keep it up bro.

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    My uncle was a weed smoker. Imagine having a drawer full of weed.
    one day, he stopped it all. he cleansed himself off it. something like a detox he did himself. one week later, he hanged himself.

    This was coming from a man who broke a policeman’s face and threatened the jail warden supervising him when he was in jail.

    Did his detox mean a sign of death?

  • Naga

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    Preety much sure mind see and perceive things accordingly to the mental capacity of the person on deathbed. The last word uttered by Steve Jobs before he died was “oh wow, oh wow, oh wow”. Caucasians/europeans near death experiances always relates the lights at the end of the tunnel… something beautiful… I think when the mind know its the end of the time, its subconsciously plays the messages (subliminal) that we learn and hear while we were well and alive abt the death… thats how it varies across the cultural platform.

  • rudra

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    innum sollunge…

  • Guganes

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    so is there a sequel for this post after all? :p

  • Teeban

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    The same happened when my grandpa passed away, i was not born yet that time this story was told by my grandma, a week before he starts cutting woods and doing some kindaa arrangement like for a funeral, when asked he would say “who else would do it rather than me”


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