This post is dedicated as a piece of advice for those SPM/STPM students who might not have gotten the result they expected. I never meant to offend any excellent students and it is entirely my point of view. I’ve also not downgraded the value of education in this post and if my tone sounds so, I would like to stress that it was done without any intention as such. The continuation of the previous post will be in a later date.


And so, the SPM/STPM result is out. My sister was among the one who had written the exam. Of course, that means trouble nearby. I received tons of calls today regarding my sisters’ result, as usual, the Indians; will always be concerned about the others. Rather than saying concerned, all they will want is a topic to discuss for the day.

I will relate an incident. During my secondary school, when I wrote my PMR examinations, many expected me to pass with flying colors. They expected me to score full A’s, when I don’t even think it is possible to achieve even an A. I don’t really know what’s wrong with this people asking for full A’s in the ass as though they themselves had been top scorers during their schooldays.

If you notice; most of these Indian aunties and uncles them self would have been school dropout. Now, when you have taken a bad result, you become the topic of the day, because other than that they might not have any better work. Or say their children had taken a better result than you, comparison starts and you will end up getting humiliated.

When my PMR result came out, I scored a miserable 2A’s and 5B’s. Now, I do not want to sound like I’m trying to be cute by saying that result is bad, but people’s expectation had not been met. I was happy, very much happy with the result, but the fact remains when you were to confront your relatives and elders; they mock you saying that you didn’t study better enough.

How else could I have studied? Stuff the books into my ass? Or shall I gulp some History books with a glass of water? They don’t see the point that you have worked hard, the only thing that matters to them would be your result in the end. Because it seems that shows how hard you worked. Come on, I hardly even spare some time to masturbate at the time I was studying for my examinations.

Above : Depicts your mother before your examination and before you've taken the result
Below : Describes your mother once your result is out

And you have Karupiah Mama and Saroja Siti who comments that they expected me to get a bad result. I should have asked what they’ve got for the exams, but then they say I do not respect the elders. Have you seen that irritating smile on their face when they see you have got a miserable result? They make you feel so down.

Back to the story. When I got 2 A’s for my PMR examination, with my entire cousins and relatives getting more A’ss than me, I was mocked in the name of advice. Few dialogues that I still remember:

“Eneke apeveh theriyum iven enathe edeke poraneh”
I expected this result from him.

“Padicha thane”
He never studied.

“Ureh suthikithe irunthan ,  pariche apeh”
He was loitering around during examinations

See, people who expected me to take a result with all the colors in the world, now claiming that they expected me to get a bad result.

I say, these people are useless.

And so, couple of years after that SPM results came out. Again the Indian aunties started their gossip saying that I will be getting a bad result after all. I got a bad one during PMR, right?  I was already too corrupted by then. Even I knew it. Somehow, by luck, seriously, by luck, I got 4 A’s for SPM.

And the same Karupiah Mama comes and said this:

“Iven nalah padipan ne eneke theriyum la”
I know this fellow studies well.

And the others stick with their quote:

Eneke theriyum, kumar edhethervane.

Pundeleh edethereven…

How hypocrite can people be? They change in an instant. Does that clearly show you that we shall not be living for others? A person who guides you in life is very few, but the one that can put you down is massive in numbers. Yes, of course, listening to the elder’s advice is actually very good, considering their experience, but then they themselves are more or less the same. These are the people that you should just ignore.

I have heard countless amounts of suicide stories by Indian students after they’ve failed in their examinations. Why so? Is that the end of your journey in this world? Oh come on, that’s just a fraction of what you need to go through in life.

All the degree’s you have is a mere justification of what you studied. How do you apply it in your real life is real value behind what you have studied. There is not point studying so much if you can’t put that to play in real life. Education is merely a scale meter in life to justify your knowledge in something. IT IS NOT LIFE!

What I wanted to emphasize in this post is if you have someone, your relative or your little cousins who had taken a result, try to put in some positive words towards them. Try to make them realize that there is still lot more to go. Do not drill them till they lose confidence on them self.

With the amount of pressure they go through after taking the result, you should not burden them more with your classic advices. They might end up feeling so pressured that they decide there is no point living anymore and resort to something stupid like suicide. Our population is already getting lesser being gunned down here and there, and dying in the name of love. That’s another story. The thing is, I do not want to add another category to the suicide statistics.

Enough of classic tales of “I-will-Rotan-you” if you get bad result. Take it easy. We can’t reverse anything that had happened. I’ve personally experienced all this Indian-sentiments-about-result shit, so drop it. I do not want to see another Indian teenager suicide story in Nanban or Makkal Osai after this.

True , education is like a key towards a good life, but is certainly not the only key.

And yes, by the way, my sister scored only 1A.

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    Bro, education is not the key thing to excel in life. There are many other ingredients. Have you noticed what the top scorers will be saying after getting the TOP result? Naan daily padipen. Naan daily samikumbuduven. Naan paatham parpu matdum thaan saapuduven..But in reality, we knew how hyprocritical that is! Konjum A-ve enakku mookkum..Ithula 17/18 A’s..Enna kodumai ithu??

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    {{ always be concerned about the others.}}

    nalla sonninga mama.. jaga tepi kain org is biasa for indians what.

    [[[ Education is merely a scale meter in life to justify your knowledge in something. IT IS NOT LIFE! ]]]]

    aairathil oru varthei mama

    pesiye they will kill their children. Then will give an interview in tv or newspaper antha doctor olunga treatment kudukele, athe panale, ithe seiyala.. athunele thaa enn maga sethu poita. BUT, did they realised, unga maga saave, ava kudica vishyam kaaranam ille, ninga pesuna pechu thaa karenam.

    antha 17/18 A’s all chumma kathei. i heard the gal who got 17A’s didnt pass enterance exam to continue her studies in foreign. LOL

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    hey just noticed..why suicide picture girl so sexy wan?? setta kooda sexy ar thaan saganumaa?? lol

  • the truth

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    I do not know about you Durai, but my parents showered me with love and provided me with more then i could have possibly asked for. The least i could do was to make them proud by performing well in school and university examinations, and i did not disappoint, trust me.

    Apart from your immediate family members, the rest have hidden agendas behind their backs. Yes, and typical of Malaysians, they always want something to gossip about as you mentioned yourself. So did you enjoy hearing all those comments during your time and when your sister received her results as well? Of course not, so why couldn’t you have just put in a little bit more effort for SPM, or even pushed your sister to work harder based on ur horrible experience? Even if your results are still poor, at least your parents know that you’ve tried your best.What others think should be none of your concern. In fact if relatives keep bugging you for results, you can always ask them to ‘fuck off’, trust me i would have done that. Don’t care if its your periamma periappa attai or maama ,just tell them off. Exam results are private info and its none of their business, as if they bought you the books to study and fed you everyday.

    But as you said, SPM results, and University degrees aren’t major decisive factors for your future, but you can’t deny that they do play a role by providing the 1st impression of yourself to future employers.

    As for your sister, i would like to congratulate her for completing her sec school studies, and she shouldn’t be too taken aback by this results. I do not think she should continue Form 6, unless she is willing to work 100 times harder. There are plenty of private Us/colleges around where she could apply for a PTPTN loan to further her studies in courses of her choice, which is the next most important thing. If she was a science stream student, she should reconsider her area of interest now.

  • inba

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    betulla bro….bladi indians…my family also same case….always comparing me with smarter students/pakethe veetu paiyen…wtf..i’m me….they’re not me….
    and wat on earth makes them think that going to med school is the biggest deal ever…?

    anaa unggele nenaicha romba paavama irukke bro…no spare time during peeyemarr..
    “Eneke theriyum, kumar edhethervane.
    Pundeleh edethereven…”

    peyee kathaiyye continue panungge bro….

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    well, cant blame the “indians” totally, ya know…. you know the saying, that out of the 3 major races in malaysia, one race has the government to help them, another has the money to help them, while we indians have only our education and knowledge. Though this may not be true in all cases, it does hold some water in a general discussion.

    So we cant be too hard on our parents if they had high expectations. But when it concerns Karupiah Mama and Saroja Siti, you have the right to not to give a flying fuck about what they say.

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    I totally agree with your post. These relatives will only remember ‘us’ when the result is out. Rest of the day, ‘ni yaro nan yaro’. And if your result is excellent, you will be the “talk of the month” be it in any function, outing, wedding, bla bla. Everyone will be showering their praises to the child’s parents. And of coz, parents are proud & they will talk happily on how’s the future plan and whatever not. BUT, if the result was bad, you will totally forgotten & you will be looked down forever.

    One best example, ME. I had straight A’s in UPSR & PMR. I received tons of calls & some even organized virunthu(dinner) & bought gifts for my achievement. A year later, my younger bro sat for PMR & his result was unsatisfactory. My relatives made a fun of my brother’s result & he was looked down whenever we go for functions. At one time, he was having this inferiority complex & no one is bothered to say hie to him. Nonsense right? Whatever it’s, my brother took a course & he’s working in Singapore now in a good post & earning triple then me. And now, those SHIT relatives are very much caring whenever they sees him.

    If you ask me, you can be having a bad result during your young age but you can never know what you will be in the future. time & faith decides it. The rest will be history!!~

  • seevas

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    hello truth about our runs in the blood i guess coz im a victim 2…why cant they except that sometimes we would have tried our level best…& not to forget ‘who’ is marking our papers..i got a special result i would say..STPM 1A 1D 2F…i guess the F stand out more than the A..but i know its not the end…most people have high education but bad, wat is the point?? you still get a bad, just give a rest & take it as a experince..

  • the truth

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    straight away blame—>Indians. What the hell is wrong with you guys, this is something that is common among all races in Malaysia, and not just the Indians. malaysian parents are FAMOUS for loving to compare their kids with others’ and get a cheap thrill out of it.

    You said “…& not to forget ‘who’ is marking our papers..i got a special result i would say..STPM 1A 1D 2F..”

    Now that is a TYPICAL Indian attitude. can’t make the breakthrough, so blame others and then take to the streets as the last resort. Sometimes the ‘best’ you are talking about, may NOT be good enough….it is always so easy to point fingers at others for your own mistakes.

  • kannan

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    ..seriously respect you bro Durai..

  • seevas

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    @the truth
    actually im referring to the whole lot not me myself blaming the one who marked my paper..i give my very best & yes, i can’t make the breakthrough but im not going to stop just giving an opinion..thats all..thanks for the comment..cheers..

  • the truth

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    “actually im referring to the whole lot not me myself blaming the one who marked my paper.”

    This is why i think that ‘the whole lot’ should just stop blaming examiners. Have you read Raaja’s latest post in his website?:

    A deaf student getting 11As in SPM. Even I felt embarrassed reading that piece of news, and here we have people proudly stating that majority of Indian students feel they were hard done-by examiners. Only god can save Malaysian Indians la…..

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    Good post…nice taughts…useful message to all : )

  • lizard

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    i scored well in STPM 2002….
    i was offered a course in UUM but i ran away from the uni due to some reasons..
    and i enrolled in a college for law studies and to tell the truth, im a college drop out..
    at that moment i thought im just a failure product.. i thought im gonna ended up in street but somehow ,thank god and few friends like Durai im doin very good now…
    education cant measure who you are… its u who can decide what are u goin to be …

  • lizard

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    sorry… *STPM 2004

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    @Vivek : Lol. Well said brother. Those normal things that they say after getting the result is all the same. They never differ.

    I wonder why…

    P.S : Lol. Bro, I took the picture from the net la bro.

    @viji : Correct rasathi. Putting extraordinary in the heart of the young’s will further depress them. We should use a different approach, which unfortunately Malaysian parents are lacking in.

    @the truth : Well, brother. I’ll have to agree with the first impression towards the employer part. Everyone will have to go through that in their life.

    The thing I emphasized in the post is about what you should if you fail to impress, or put it in another word, if you fail to get the result you expected.Cheers brother.

    @inba : Peiyi kathe thane bro..continue panitha pothe..coming soon..

    @Kavi : Well said bro. You got a point about the 3 major races and how they get through in life, which is why , we the Indians sometimes failed to make the breakthrough. Because part of it involves the support by the Government.

    @Nithz : Bijak vane student than ningge…dasyat ohh..

    Good that you kept a low profile and know that not everything in life depends on examination result. We need more people like you Nithz.

    @seevas : People seem to be more interested with the negative thing rather than the positive things brother. What to do, life’s like that…

    @kannan : Respect ah…yetheke bro…By the way, I have the same respect towards you too brother..

    @Veni : Nandri…hehehe

    @lizard : Sentiments ah ayat potethan la…Vide machi vide…

    You also thought me smoking drinking and the rest also wat..Apeh seri samemah pochi…Cheriya..

  • OG

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    ‘Education is merely a scale meter in life to justify your knowledge in something. IT IS NOT LIFE!’

    Well said bro.

    and im eagerly waiting for the ‘sambungan’ of pei yii kathe..:)

  • thinagaran

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    very true…i’ve experienced!!!!!

  • Renu

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    Pa.. exactly rite. I’ve gone through the same experience during ma schooling days n oso now even in col… I duno whn all this people will change.. I will say, spm is just the thing which will decide our career but not our life. Lets take an example: Ma place ( Cameron Highlands), as u all know most of the people here are self employed mean most of them are farmers.The chinese n indians frens whom from last classes during schooling time r much more richer compared to the educated 1. This is because most of them are farmers and thy r earning more money thn the doctors. Its true man.. so, education is nothing actually.. we can success in life if we r able to take the challenge and hardworking.. :).. gals n guys out there.. dun ever give up…:)

  • skygirl

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    yaa…200% true…. jus few weeks ago i gotta ma result…. haiyoo….i x tk ma result oso,it was bout 10am but ma aunties n uncles r started to call la…. haiyooo goooood….
    i tot i won gt (A) n will fail in ma sejarah…. but atlast i pass in sejarah n gt 3a’s… heppy la… (; but ma mom still scolds me…noe wat….
    “ungeleh padikkey vekkirathe kaasukku kedu tha'”…. (;(;(;

  • delylah

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    my story is even tragic..i scored 11A’s for spm…and my family got torn a nutshell,my dad and my uncle were doing business together(without any black n white agreement as my father was like,”nambe machan thanne,emathevaa poraru)..and when i got this result,my dad requested me to do MBBS and my uncle’s side was worried sick that “enge ithuku 500k selavu panni nambeh sothteh alichchiruvaangalo’nu” they fought n left the home with their share of the assets and money leaving barely enough for us..and my other relatives started accusing me..”ithu 11A’s edutha neram,kudumbemeh pirinji pochi!” and “unnaleh thaan kudumbam pirinji pochi” n stuff…imagine,at the mere age of 18,despite getting the result most people would die for,i had to carry this “guilt” and “name” on my shoulders..nevertheless,god was and still is on my side…never got to do medic but no regrets…i am in one of the top institution in the country now and will be finishing my masters soon earning no less than rm7000 a month at the age of 23..:) ALL IS WELL

  • Shaveena

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    Hola Durai,
    I m back ;)
    Talking about this SPM, I also have a flashback. My parents force me to score all A’s just cos they dun wanna get embarrassed in front of their relatives. And that was really so sad. My parents are regretting now for whatever they hv done to me and my siblings.
    Just would like to advise all the brothers n sisters out there, no matter whatever is the result, just stay calm n think about what you are going to do next . What type of course that you would like to pursue? Please don’t give up! I wish all of you all the best. My prayers will be always there for you .
    Durai, good job. God bless ya!
    ~Sai Ram~

  • neuro nimal

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    padichavan lam summa irkan,padikathavan lam sathichi kittu irkan.
    nambe padichi yarukume uthavi seiyalana apro enna payan?

  • Asamboi

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    I have a funny story to share about my SPM results. When one of these mamas called my house as soon as I arrived home after getting my results – I told him I had 3 Cs, 3C5, and some F9( I am a slighly older guy than most of you lah…), basically a very average or slightly average result. He went on a ‘ennuku appeye theriyum da…….’ to ‘nee ellam padicthi, kilicthi’…. ‘Poi lori license edduda!’ and so on…..

    By the way, this mama is in no way related to me whatsoever – he just happen to be a close family friend who I sincerely think was interested to see the down fall of my family more than anything else – don’t know why exactly though. Anyway, within 3-4 hours time, I had tons of calls from people whom I hardly knew pretending to be concerned about my results. Some of them even wanted to speak to my parents etc, and I told them they are too upset to speak about the results. When one of them managed to speak to my mum directly, the maami was even saying that she knew this is gonna happen because she had a dream about it before my exams and she advised that my parents to make me start working immediately.

    You see, my dad is a government servant and my mum is a housewife. My dad and mum was so focused on our studies that I think 70% of the household income was spend on our studies. I remember my dad was earning less than RM 1000 in the 90s, which means about RM 2000 in today’s terms and my mum had pawned all her jewelleries to help us with our daily struggle. My dad doesn’t drink or smoke and my mum was so calculative with the expense. Long story short, my parents sacrificed their entire lives to make sure we did well in our studies. Everyone who knew our family knew this is the case, including the mamas and maamis I mentioned above. My dad and mum knew the only way they can get us out of hardship is through education.

    Today, all their children are graduates, employed in good companies, holding good positions. My parents have also worked on us from young on applied living education – including helping the needy and giving back to society although they themselves had very little to give – but they still gave. Every now and then they do remind us the same, even till today.

    Coming back to my results, see I actually scored very good marks for my SPM. After learning this a few days later, the mama said “enneku appeye theriyum’ – the same that he said earlier but now in a different context……talk about putar belit…..I am just wonering the maami that had a revelation through dream……what did she have to say?


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