Population Solution

*This post is written with priority given to humor and sarcasm followed by logic. Do not get hyped up reading this post and come down with your rifles just to fuck me up with all the statistics you can find in the world. —————————————————- I’m sitting down here thinking of something to write but I […]

Life’s Good

How many times have you thought yourself to be the most unfortunate living person in this world? You complain and have dissatisfaction for everything that you gain. We’re never been contended enough with things that we have. Although it is right to strive for greater heights, and it is good to be working hard to […]

Deadliest Catch

This post contains a massive amount of pictures, thus it would take time to load. Please be patient. And yes, Happy New Year to everyone, once again! I’m back from my vacation and of course, it’s time to write about it. I have to say, as usual, this was one of my exciting trips I […]

Happy Tamil New Year!

Ok, I know I’m a bit late but I was away as you know. Anyway, Happy Belated TamiL New Year everyone!

Durai Likes This

Let us stop talking about politics and take our eyes off towards something far more interesting. I’ve never bothered much about politics as you know, but it does get a space in my blog sometimes. That is also for some of the biggest highlights and something that I think deserves attention. Take example of A. […]


And so 2-1 was the result. I was disgusted watching the live telecast of election show on RTM 1 yesterday. If you’ve seen it, I believe you would have felt the same thing too. They were so obviously biased towards the Government. See, the live interview was conducted with the so-called Dr. Siva and another […]


Two Hindraf leaders released (Update) KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf leaders V.S. Ganapathy Rao and R. Kengadhedharan are among the 13 detainees released from detention under the Internal Security Act. Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar told this to RTM in a telephone interview on Friday night. The others released included JI members and three foreigners […]