Two Hindraf leaders released (Update)

KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf leaders V.S. Ganapathy Rao and R. Kengadhedharan are among the 13 detainees released from detention under the Internal Security Act.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar told this to RTM in a telephone interview on Friday night.

The others released included JI members and three foreigners – Myanmar nationals San Khaing and Amir Hussain; and Indian national Sundaraj Vijay.

All three foreigners were detained in 2007 for alleged falsifying of documents.

The other detainees released are seven members of Darul Islam Sabah and one from Jemaah Islamiah.

The Darul Islam Sabah members are Mohd Nazri Dollah, 34; Mohd Arasad Patangari; Pakana Selama; A. Artas A. Burhanuddin, 41; Francis Indanan, 41; Idris Lanama, 34; and Binsali Omar, 43.

They were among 11 members arrested in April 2002 for allegedly helping to organise the 2002 Bali bombings.

The sole Jemaah Islamiah member is Wan Amin Wan Hamat.

Well, yes , of course, I’m happy about that and applaud the move ala Barack-Obama by our new Prime Minister. Of course, it is Datuk Albar who released them, but who do you think he listened to? What a load of crap, people who were arrested in charge of bombing had been released, but the rest of the Hindraf leaders were not released? WTF?

There is also news that the ban on Suara Keadilan and Harakah had been lifted .

What a perfect timing isn’t it?

We have 3 by-election, we have a new prime minister, and he is now officially in the seat. No one can stop him now(that is at the moment), he orders the ban lifting of two opposition medias (because he knows there will not be any point stopping the opposition medias since now he is officially the Prime Minister) and he released 2 Hindraf leaders to gain political mileage in the seats BN is contesting. What a superb tactic to win the heart of the Indian voters.

Looks like BN is releasing the ‘hostages’ one by one.

Hopefully we’re not fooled again. Let’s see what happens.

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  • Jam

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    I think it’s one of the politics’ games… I hope the other leaders also will be released soon… May God bless our Indian community ;p

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    Only two of them released? Sigh….

    May god save this country.

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    Its already expected bro.Even my old neighbour (68 yrs old) can predict what will happen if the new PM take charge, 3 days ago she told me all 5 hindraf leaders will be released, but so far only 2. Thats the only difference, so are you happy with the power transition or do you think that still we need to improve a lot?
    What ever it is Bro, I hope this will lead the entire nation towards success, and not destruction…

    Oh god

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    Hmmm so whats stopping Najib from freeing all the remaining 45 or so ISA detainees?

    And I also think instead of demanding for the release of the the other 3 Hindraf leaders, we should start demanding the release of all detainees. Its time we drop our ethnocentric demands, coz that’s the only weapon Najib has over us – divide and rule.

  • the truth

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    I’ll have to agree with Sactyr there, najip thinks he can easily trick the party. Any right minded people (or should i say, politically alert Malaysians) are definitely aware that there are still innocent people behind bars at Kamunting.

    He has released 2, while P. Uthayakumar, with diabetes and a left foot laden with puss is still suffering in there, being fed BEEF everyday.

    Even if the new Crime Minister is putting on an act, he should act properly unlike now, where the mass are able to see right through him and his dirty tricks.

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    durai mama,

    INDIANS no more padikatha muttals, ippo we all padica arivali’s. Kaatule poo suthe ille, vekka kuda mudiyathu avangalale.. may god bless him. we will meet him soon in next election.

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    It’s soooooooo crystal clear that our new prime minister is doing this as a ‘strategy’ to win the hearts of millions of indians who are currently Anti Govt. But sad to say, his action is so predictable. Even a small child can predict it. Guess he’s trying to wash away his sins(Altantuya’s case) by doing this!!Current prediction is that, if BN wins the elction in Batang Ai & another election, the rest of the Hindraf detaines will be freed. Let’s wait & c..!!~

  • the truth

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    RPK was right about Indians in his recent fiery articles which lambasted both the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia. In this country, the Indians can be easily ‘bought’ over. Just show them some money or drinks, and they’re yours. In these case, releasing only 2 of the 5 HINDRAF guys is merely an act of dangling the carrot in front of every Indian’s eyes. Nowadays we hear of MIC Goons claiming to have ‘Hindraf support’, but i thought HINDRAF was banned by them and their dogmasters what? Suddenly the organization and word is legal again? What answer do the Dogs from MIC have for this?

    Instead of voting BN in all 3 by-elections just to get the other 3 out, and suffer long term, i suggest we send BN a clear warning by voting against them, and in a few years times, send the BN coalition packing from Malaysian politics. Not only will we get our dignity and lives back, but our remaining 3 heroes back(thats IF no one else is jailed in that time period).

  • sha"na

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    yeah i agree wit ya nithz.. najib is making up things in his mind n moving gently.. he is waiting 2 check mate.. n bout d altantuya case??? emmmm.. nope i dont think so.. u can even read his face..

  • sha"na

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    the truth ur awesome.. “we send BN a clear warning by voting against them, and in a few years times, send the BN coalition packing from Malaysian politics”. Is dat possible?? n hw ??

  • the truth

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    “is dat possible?? n hw ??”

    As long as Indians stop falling for liquor and miserable amount money, nothing is impossible. It is all in the hands of the voters of the 3 ‘Bukits’, and in few years time, the whole of Malaysia will decide if we’ve had enough, living in pretense.

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    PKR AND PAS WON IN TWO BUKIT’s. LOL, even kat Batang AI also with 1K vote difference ajer. :-)

  • apple

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    i’m so sure most of you guys would have read it…i’m just posting for those who havent.. :)

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    Im curious on what Samy going to say?


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