And so 2-1 was the result. I was disgusted watching the live telecast of election show on RTM 1 yesterday. If you’ve seen it, I believe you would have felt the same thing too.

They were so obviously biased towards the Government. See, the live interview was conducted with the so-called Dr. Siva and another Malay guy whom I don’t want to remember. They were supposed to be talking issues in general and put forward their opinions without siding any of the sides.

But obviously, that wasn’t the case. I hated the way they were stressing the point that victory in Batang Ai was because the Ibans there wanted to see continuous development while the win the Bukit Gantang and Selambau was due to pathetic and sentiment votes.

What the hell? What a bunch of losers.

I no longer see any point of continuing to watch the live interview but out of curiosity, I just continued watching till the end where they conducted their own version of post-mortem about the issue.

Some important points to note:

1. DS Anwar had played sentiments and hot issues to stir up people’s feeling

2. The victory in Batang Ai , was because Ibans had achieved what they wanted under BN and wants to continue enjoy that.

My father said people over here in the Peninsular have got everything in a ‘click’, while BN had kept the people in Sarawak out of loop from the technology world. And you’re telling me that is continuous development? Fucking lot of crap ay. Even my father who does not use the Internet knows this.

Let’s see:

Both the places PR had won is in Peninsular Malaysia. I had expected this.  It was a good win too, with voter’s turnout of 41626 in Bukit Gantang and 24597 in Bukit Selambau. The winning majority totals to more than 5000 from both places.

Like how the Chinese Uncle in a shop told me:

Itu Batang Ai takpala. Kasi sedekah sama BN. Kita tolak tolak BN , dia boleh menang kat hutan saja. Simananjung Malaysia kita konkekkonker, sabah sarawak kasi sama diaolang.

And BN is going to conduct the post-mortem today using independent inquiry it seems.

Oh Yes, they should.

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    BN is expected to win in Sarawak, just like how those dugongs(BN) won last yr in Sabah & Sarawak. Things they will do in the near future:-

    – Build more rumah panjang’s
    – Save ‘Orang Utan’ campaign
    – Visit Kuching The Cat City Year 2009/10
    – Reserve more forests
    – Give more quota for for further studies in Govt Univ for ethnic people(orang asli)

    And, the list will go on…

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    Boycott MSM. They think they can buy the public with screening one Indian movie a week. We need to send the message that we are no beggars and will not fall for the garbage and venom they dish out in MSM.

    If you want real news, tune in to MT, Malaysiakini, and Barisan Rakyat (not PR, mind you) bloggers such as Zorro, Haris, and others.


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    I was LOL with the ‘alasan’ they gave for lost. moreover, before election itself ‘SOMEONE’ has already told to media, election results do not have any relation with NEW PM. rakyat should not inter-related. haaahaaaa… mcm la we dunno what’s going on in the country..

    yepadi thaan nu terle, evalooo adi vaangi kupera viluntaalum, meesai le mannnu otalenu taan build up kudukeranunga. haaakz.. rombe nallavanga pa.

  • the truth

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    It has been more than a year since i stopped watching TV1, TV2, NtV7 and TV3(the main bastards) news/political talk shows especially. Lies, and nothing but lies keep flowing out of the newscasters’ mouths just like sewage flowing out from a pipe.

    Once Pakatan takes over the country, i will personally write to the new PM and request for these TV channels and daily newspapers to be banned for all the years of spreading lies and hatred within the Malaysian community. Contracts should be awarded to those with free and unbiased journalism in mind.

    The nation’s mass media needs a complete overhaul and can only be done with a change of government and local authorities.

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    Haha, poor BN.

    I thought Samy Vellu was so happy at one point when he said that “Indians are now on our side”.. Look what has happened now?

    That’s it MIC, it’s all over.

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    its really hard be a politician, both BN or PKR . Have to face politicking( cakap kosong ) of peoples in kedai mamak, in front of TV(house) with family, geng cakap banyak but do nothing, and bias media. aiyayai, difficult time of politicians, mane mane ape ape pun politic. good and bad coming to us in a pair.


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