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Let us stop talking about politics and take our eyes off towards something far more interesting. I’ve never bothered much about politics as you know, but it does get a space in my blog sometimes. That is also for some of the biggest highlights and something that I think deserves attention. Take example of A. Kugan case; since our Government had found out that his death is not due to foul play, I think the case is pretty much closed, as what we had expected. Did we expect something different? No. Anyway, don’t worry guys, MIC is chasing up the case, well, at least they’re pursuing something rather than doing nothing. But you know how it will end up anyway, the reports will be send out to Aussie and it will be back; in my dreams.

I do go through a lot of blogs when I have my free time and I do spend a lot of time in Facebook. Somehow, it had kept me addicted because I’ve nothing much to do during working hours. It’s rather a sad sign, but I have to say, Indian guys are going through a period of lameness to the max. Some of the attitude shown in Facebook and over the Internet had been much too humiliating.

Have you ever seen some guys go all over Facebook, hunting down any of the chicks that is seen there, and then adding them, spending time writing comments for each of the fucking photos that he sees in her profile? Well, I’ve seen this once too many. These guys are not even leaving out even her parent’s picture.

The moment the girl takes a quiz and publishes it over, in a few seconds, this guy would say, XxxX likes this.

And so on and so forth.

The moment she publish a new picture;
XxxX likes this.
XxxX likes that.
Xxxx likes her pussy.

Enapa ithe ellam? Thonggere , thanggere, etheke ithe ellam?

I understand your intention is get as many pussies as possible. But then shouldn’t it be done in secret, for the sake there is something like messages? You can always send out one. And we even have hundreds of poems which was copied from I-dont-know-where and it would be in the girl’s Wall-2-Wall.

And then there some of the ones who act like physiologists and mental analyst in the Facebook.

Kamachi is sad.

Thonggi : Why dear what happen?

Thangga : Why da? Tell me.

Thengga : Da, dont worry . I’m here for you.

Thevangge : Everything will be all right da. God is with us.

And then Kamachi replies.

@Thonggi : Nothing da.
@Thangga : No mood to talk .
@Thengga : Thanks for the concern dear.
@Thevangge : Thank you dear.

And the pattern is very much similar with all the guys. And the same pattern is shown by all the girls as well. How funny is that? She wouldn’t want to know

And so Durai tries the same thing:

Durai is sad.

Machan No 1 : Nakkathe da dei.

Giri : Naye dei, yanda sad ah iruke. Sareke othericha?

Raja : Kotte dei, ena achi.

Yanda pundenggelah, girl sad potta thanggeringge, nangge sad potta okkehringgela?

See, maybe you can blame me for having friends as such. But this are the same guys going around commenting in other girls profile.

But you’re not a girl, Durai? We can’t fuck you. So, what’s the point of asking if you’re really all right or not?

Ade pavigelah. I rest my case.

I do not get infuriated by these things. But I think that’s quite funny. Not like I expect attention to be coming the way it is going for the girls, but I find it funny how much low a guy will go just for fucks. And so comes another Kamachi saying, this guy is very caring.

Just because he put up a one liner like that over in Facebook, means he is caring la, while the rest of us are boring la?

And then we have another bunch of losers set loose going around the girls blog trying to loath and hate them with whatever means necessary. See, long have I explained that constructive criticism and pure loser’s language do have a lot of difference.

Above is one perfect example

We have some guys over on the Net who would go to a girl’s blog, and try to challenge the girl. How? By throwing in some rather nasty and vulgar words. These types of guys are in the category of attention seekers. They would try to fit in as much as vulgarities in the comment box section and then wait until the blog owner replies it. Once she replies, like a sex starved fuck he would reply immediately. Now, that sums up two of the interesting characters guys seems to be having on the Internet nowadays. They originated from Friendster where they go around girls profile and put forward nasty comments. Later then, they graduated to blogs. I did not have enough time to talk about this, but sure enough, once I’m back, I’ll elaborate more on this.

As I’ve always said, although not all of us are like that, but some are getting infected daily with this disease. Maintain your dignity guys, if you have some left. Never go as low as that for the sake of fuck.

Valkele fuck irukelam, anah fuck eh valkeyah ayire kudathe.

With that said, I will not be around for few days because I’ll be going for vacation to Kenyir Lake and will only be back on the 16th of April. Have fun my brothers and sisters! I’ll be back with a bang.

Oh, and before I go, I just thought of something. Since I wrote about Facebook, I remembered one of the unforgettable mistake I did in Facebook. And so, there was this girlfriend of mine, she put up a shout out as follows:

My father who is my close friend passed away 2 days back. May God bless his soul.

I accidentally clicked and this line followed next:

“Durai likes this.”

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  • kaigez

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    sappeda pudengi… mayire matiri kathe eluthe..sunni..nan ore sappi

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    @The commentator above is the perfect example of a guy I’ve written in the article. Sappi payelegeh.

  • LB

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    LOL..walking proof..more like typing proof! Partner, seems like you target audience was the first to comment!

  • inba

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    nice…i wanna copy this…..

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    Bro .. nalle ore article … Devilz King @ patpeter … hehehehe…
    another thing bro … reyvan send that message to vijiya @ sruthi seems to be that the from IRC … coz she is the one will use the nick sruthi …. anyway i do agree in some of the part the guy said about viji ‘ don’t think u like genelia in santosh subramaniam ‘ … hehehehehe …. valhe valemuden …
    p/s : Durao bro … tangkap one big fish for me from the lake …

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    Hahahaahahah.. i like this post very much. :P

    What u’ve said is 300% true. i’ve already talked alot about 2nd guy. now, about the first one.
    I’ve seen alot this kind of boys in my friends profile all, even some cuba with me even (someone who u kenal very much too) :P
    REAL JOKERS la mama. Dia orang ingat semua gals sama ke. nak jatuh for their sweet words/ fake caring? What the point kan. real ****er’s la. Eppo thaa intha jaring poderatha vide poranungalo.

    Durai dun get angry with the first comment. But u kena hairan, tgk tu how much closely people following you. Unga blog voda traffic eh ithu maatri aalu nela thaa increase aaguthu. so happy about that lo. =)

    common la! just recall back u know me first or the santosh subramaniam movie out first? U’ll know the answer. i dont imitate anyone. and what the hell u care how i behave?

    p/s: i still dont have idea who r u.. But, if u can remember my nick means, definately someone kena from me or hate me. DHIL IRUNTHA PERA SOLLUDA. dont be another rayven. =)

    ennale chumma chumma intha maatri alukellam post pode mudiyathu u c… :P

    @ durai mama,
    sorry comment konjam long aah poiducu. :D 16 april thaa balik wa. =( going to miss you. :P:P:P aahakz.. sila per kuda sernthu nanum ipadilaam pesa aarembicithen.

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    chello sruthi^^ …. ‘terasa nampak” …. write one whole UPSR karangan …. i never kena anything from you or wat-so-ever ! sometimes uneke overtha nenepez … friendster’s lee ore whole karangan …. bulletin open pannah, its all about wat u did, wat you like and who do call u the last time … hehehehe … Durai ore topic ithe pathi write pannerare, neram irunthal konjem paree .. ” Indian Machis ” ” Virgin “.. ok bye bye …

    i love you chellam ….

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    @ SIngam PULI : dey if u dare tell ur name la macha.. friendster tu MY PERSONAL , suka hati aku .. nak tulis karangan or rangka karangan. ko sibuk apa hal yek? Bulletin la eluturathe vitte nearly one year edy la syg. my friendster profile inactive now and i am pretty sure, you r not in my list. go and have a look darling..

    FYI, i hate GUYS like you, who always wear masks. here ore maatri pesikithu chat le oru maatri pesare.. u think i havent guess you? =) get a life darling.

    Thank you. i love you too.

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    LOL….then what happen after that with that girlfriend of yours? Nice article..

    P/S: Innoru kalavarethe arambhichitange ya…. =D

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    @ viji : hmm … im trying to be respectful with my words here since i respect our ” ding dong durai “.I know the reason why you stop from post chucking bulletin in FS.hmm … as i remember, some1 hack your fs account since can’t stand up with your lame post … hahaha … but now there is a lotsa of people stop getting some lame post posted in bulletin since u had close your account.

    FYA, i’m not wearing mask and im not chatting to you in any other chatting space. im living my life !!!!

    p/s : since when u enter CSI team from doing teaching ?

    Welcome, i always will love you chellam …

    @-coolvaneegurl- : Biasa thane vanie ….

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    ragedindian.com Estimated Worth $1773.9 USD

    wewit… bro durai congrats …

  • OG

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    @Viji kak!!
    The second guy is that ‘sir’ right??
    Ppl,Read,Laugh and move on.
    Teva illata sandai ippo tevaiya..

    @Durai Bro
    kaigez dah terasa tu.
    ‘sape makan cili dia rasa pedas’

    Good post:)

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    Haha.. Your last line pwns everything brother.

    What you wrote is 101% true bro.. When a girl in FB writes any shitty shoutout, there would be a few guys ‘liking’ them, although I highly doubt that not most of them would have understood what the girl is trying to convey, and followed by another set of high-class pulithis commenting with their supa-dupa English trying their level best to grab that girl’s attention. This goes on like a circle bro.. Thangge mudille!…

    But when we, the guys, tried to ‘shout’ something… yevenome kandukematangge.. mairandingge…

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    i havent close my account. i just DELETE off people like you from my list. =)
    Okey, what for public conversation and flooding durai mama blog.
    anything call me if u have my number or email me. tc!

    Thx for the care. aahakzz..!

    @ adik OG,
    yes ma. sir eeh thaan…

    add me in ur list. nan inime comment poderen or atleast i will click the ‘vijaya likes this’ :P manase udanjidaatinga.

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    hahaha….great one durai! i’m laughin hilariously on ur unforgettable mistake! wud hv been a lot to explain to ur friend!! ;)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    viji ,

    sorry i don’t have any friendster account and i never register for you to delete me from the friend list.
    i don’t wish to waste my money to call you as you will respond well to me.

    You’re always welcome … And Tamil Puthandu Naal Valthukal !
    – Satnam Sri Waheguru -

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @ singempuli,

    great la u, without having friendster account, u can know about my private profiles updates. You must be an inteligent.
    well, let it be, whatever u said is true. Thanks for the blame. =)

    i really dont care/worried about the thorn’s on my path. it is just helping me to learn how to face to pain when i got hurt. so, i appreciate you too.

    a post for u,


    i didnt asked u to read, but if u want u can. :-)

    p/s: this is my last comment on this post. Thank you. chittirai putandu valtukkal to u too.

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    Dear Vijaya,

    I’m sorry for wat ever took place .
    I know you won’t forget me ever after this.
    You showed that you’re a ” Survivor “.
    God bless you …
    ‡««« ¥¤GÎ [B] »»»‡ ™

  • townguy

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    fuiyoo, semme perecenela. viji vs singempuli..

    durai, king of observation, ellam anubeviche materiyeeee sollerareya, bravo bravo.

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Hi Durai….

    Am not feeeling well….but still come to work….just wanted to relax myself….come over here….you have made me laugh so loud all my colleagues are wondering whether i’m sick or crazy….

    You are 100% right….i hate the ‘like’ feature in facebook and the silly quizzes they have there like ‘how you will die’, ‘when you will die’,’what’s the right age to get married’ and other nonsense.

    Thanks for making my day…. enjoy your vacation : )

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1


    Late ah vanthetenoooooo? Shabaaaaa, Viji rilex ma. I think he’s Reyvan part2. Cant believe that Durai post tat fella’s comment on his blog.Hahahaha..

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1


    viji knows me well … and its none of your business to interrupt on this.
    nange adichekevom, idichekevom … uneke enna ?

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1


    She knows me well too..does that matters dude? Looks like you are a short tempered guy..Who cares anyway.Ouchh.Shalalalalaaaa(ignores the doink)!!~

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    # Nithz : ure commenting ‘ Looks like you are a short tempered guy ‘ even you don’t know who am i … does i care for your lame statement .. i don’t think so .. so go away shooo …

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Ennoru kalavarathe arambichithange yaa… =D Enge poi mudiyumo Eeswara…kekekeke!

  • Jam

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    Jam likes this… ;p

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @LB: Ha, Partner, well said. Somehow he sesat here , and it happens to be he was being talked over here.

    @inba : Please do brother..hehehe

    @SingemPuli and Viji : You have personal things with each other and I guess you should take it offline. I don’t mind your war of words here as long as it does not lead to personal attack towards each other.Thank you.

    @coolvaneegurl : Aperom ena acha? Kalaveremeh unda achi vanee.

    @OG: Well said OG.Memang dia terasa.

    @ bytes : Glad that made your day. Of course, I did have lots to explain after that.

    @townguy : Hehehe…ellam valkey pahdem bro..valkey pahdem…

    @Veni : Oh, I’m so touched. Thanks for the compliments.

    @Nithz: Nithz, the topic was touching about this type of guys. Atheke seriyaneh example I thought I can be the guy that was talking about viji. Athan potten.

    @Makkez : Aha..athe seri bro. Nambeh settah kudeh kandekeh matanengge, sareke thumbenechina kudeh thanggevanegeh…

    @Jam : Lol …


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    I came a cross this “Tan Sri Durai likes this.” on FB Deepa Naidu’s Photo’s. ill think twice before even commenting on fb ever since i read this post annaaaaa ningeleh “i like this” pannenaa eppedi lar



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