Life’s Good

How many times have you thought yourself to be the most unfortunate living person in this world? You complain and have dissatisfaction for everything that you gain. We’re never been contended enough with things that we have.

Although it is right to strive for greater heights, and it is good to be working hard to achieve things in life, but how many times have you thought about the needy? Or leave that for a second and think about this, how many times have you thanked God and done a prayer before you touch your food each day?

Honestly speaking, I’ve never done that. Or perhaps maybe yes, once or twice. But that doesn’t make me any different than the person who does not pray at all. Anyway, how many times you have complained when your mother cooked something which you dislike? How many times have you throw away food which you couldn’t finish?

Life had never been good enough. Life sucks, life is that and life is this. Have you seen people who do not have all this and still live with happiness?

Watch this video.

My heart goes to these children’s who smiles despite the harsh condition they’re living in. We have people living under this condition even here in Malaysia. Thanks to our Government too.

To all the young and small sluts who thinks life sucks and announce it to the whole world by posting it all over your Facebook and Friendster wall, perhaps you should go live in one of this places and see what is the real meaning of ‘life sucks’. I just couldn’t stop taking a shot at these retarded youngsters, because they’re really annoying.

Life will never be complete , we humans would never be satisfied. Be happy with what you’ve got, and be prepared to help others if you’ve got more than what you need. You can change, the way the unfortunate ones are living.

Praise the Lord for what you have in life.

P.S: Wait for my future post.

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  • dev

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    This post definitely helped me to complete my project..
    Yup, life IS good :)

  • the truth

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    that was hard to watch.

  • Malar

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    very meaningful video… thanks durai. The video is very true n i have seen such kids in my life. Its very painful to see them. Eyes full of hope n the innocent smile… if any of u wants to help the kids from dying of poverty pls visit this website and do ur part… Let ur action speak in helping these kids.

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    I’ve watched this video before.

    I already hapy with what i have. i have more than enough. always appreciate my life. I hope the readers appreciate too.

    BUT, i really have no comments about the video. I CANT IMAGINE IT. MY MIND CANT TAKE IT. May god bless people who are living unfortuned life..

    p/s: i dont waste my food. We do always give food for those who needed.

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    Well said Durai,

    Sometimes i also tend to complain why my life is like this…..but then again GOD will make me realise i actually have much more then others….so people should stop complaining and start appreciating

    Oh ya….your entry on your vacation is cool….just hanging out with friends surrounded with nature…a must have vacation for all.

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    i watched this video before … god help human please …

    valge ellam …

  • OG

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    Me too,I’ve watched this video once.
    I dare not to watch it again.:(
    Im also not excepted.I was also that ‘annoying youngster’ who complaint every single thing in my life.But,Im glad im changing now and more appreciating what I have.:)

    And yea
    Life is good :)

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    Life is great…May God Bless people, those who are living in this condition especially…OMG

    If we dont like something or unhappy with anything which happens, we will start to express this displeasure feeling to everyone and as soon as we realise that we are living a better life than others then, the entire perception about life might change, I mean already changed!!

    Thats why these particular kind of video really necessary for self realisation among us who dont seem to appreciate life to the fullest….

    Thanks Durai abang..

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    You are absolutely right!! I have seen so many people who tend to complaint on how their life sucks & blames everything around them for no reason. Their most famous proverb will be ‘Yelam yen thalai yeluthu/yelam yen neram/na yena pavam senjeno’ to name a few..

    I guess it’s better to appreciate with what we have now & continue with our life.Be happy with what we have & cherish the gift of God..Cheers :)

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    Alamak, terasa la pulak. kekeke….Its true, if you dwell on everything you don’t have you will miss out on everything that you do have. Cheers =D

  • Mga

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    i thank God everyday for the life i have and the simple, sweet things that make that happen. Life is ALWAYS beautiful, no matter wat :)

  • Asshole

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    What a pile of bullshit!!!

  • kohila

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    yea..ur certaintly rite..anyhow complaning is jus in our human nature rite..but will try to reduce it anyways..yupe, we should be grateful and lucky enuf to wht we have might not be having it in the future..

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    Thanks for posting the video bro. Very touching indeed. =(

  • Asshole

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    What’s so touching about a bunch of people eating crap!!!

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    @dev: No problem. Nalle pereke nalathe nadantha ethevum thappe ile..hehe..

    @the truth : Indeed.

    @Malar : Thanks for the link , Malar. Not only here, there are so many other places that we can contribute to other than the temples.

    @viji : The problem is God did not bless them perhaps, thus might be the reason they lead such a life.:p

    @Veni : Yes Veni. Oh yes, about the vacation, its indeed fantastic. Go on there someday.

    @Singempuli : Ningge konjem help panengge bro..hehehehe

    @OG : Well done OG, way to go.

    @ITKID : Lol..

    @mallesh : No problem brother..

    @Nithz : Well said Nithz. When they can’t change their life to the better, they complain about everything around them.

    @-coolvaneegurl- : Aiseh. Kenapa terasa pulak?

    @Mga: Beautiful words :D

    @kohila : Haa. You better reduce :D

    @Makkez : Indeed brother, indeed.

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    Terasalar..sebabnya saya pun suka mengcomplain-complain….Dulu la…..sekarang sudah thiruntheran sikit… =D

  • Renu

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    Im so touches.. after dis i wont complain again… God pls help those people..


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