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*This post is written with priority given to humor and sarcasm followed by logic. Do not get hyped up reading this post and come down with your rifles just to fuck me up with all the statistics you can find in the world.


I’m sitting down here thinking of something to write but I just couldn’t keep my focus on anything. Topics are plenty, but it’s just like my mind had got something of a mental block that I can’t just let my ideas flow. Then, I thought again, it’s been sometime since I came out with something particularly interesting. I’ve been boring you with the sort of shit you wouldn’t want to really read perhaps. Perhaps you’re just commenting on each post of mine just to make me happy. I guess so. Sooner or later, perhaps I would be writing only to myself if I keep on doing the same way I’m doing now.

All right, I’ll try hard to write about this then. I’ve thought about this thing for a long time now, and perhaps it might be entertaining and unique for you to read.

According to my own calculated statistics, I think Indian guys dies faster than Indian girls in our country. I’m not talking about worldwide population because I can only write about things that revolve around me. Thus, it’s Malaysia then.

See, why do Indian guys die faster than Indian girls or woman? I’ll tell you why.

1. Indian guys smoke and drink alcohol.

The first reason for this is of course basically, we, the guys think that smoking and drinking is cool. Both of which influences the condition of our body directly and contributing to a number health cases. This however, would not stop Indian guys from stopping these ‘cool’ habits.

Either the guys dies by health related problem before they could get married or after getting married, due to constant drinking, they might get a heart attack and die. With a combination of mutton, cigarette and beer, we go up faster than you can imagine.

I’m not saying Indian girls do not drink and smoke either. But the fact remains that most of the Indian girls do not drink and smoke, and even though they do, it’s usually occasional. Thus, they live, longer.

2. Indian guys drinks and then fights

And then we have some of the famous wannabe gangster who thinks they’re some superheroes once they’re drunk. All they might want to do after a session of drinking alcohol is to stare at another Indian. Probably in an attempt to start up a fight.

Every Indian should stare when they see another Indian. This is rule number one of being an Indian. And if you ‘catch’ someone staring at you while you’re drunk, you must at that very moment hurl some vulgarities towards the other Indian and try to start up a fight.

These fights sometimes do not just end up with injuries, sometimes it ends up with death. So, this concludes that drunken Indian is dangerous to be kept around. They can end up beating you lifeless with a beer bottle. And yes, I’ve seen that. Read related:Smiling and Staring

3. Indian guys fights and die because of woman

See, there is a saying in Tamil, which is actually vulgar. But then, I never refrain from talking profanities either. So, it goes like this.

“Tamilan sandeleh sagevan, illenah pundeleh sagevan.”

To tell you in plain English with a direct translation, Indian guys either die by fighting or because of a pussy. We have too many Indian warriors in our country that is more than willing to give up their life just because of a woman. See, any positive thing and the guy gives up his life, I would applaud that. For an example, in the mean of trying to save the woman from a robber, he was shot and died. This is a positive death. He had done something proud.

But on the other hand, we have some pussy-hunters who would fight up with another guy just to gain attention of a girl. We also have some other guys who would fight up with another guy just because this guy might have said something about his girlfriend. In both cases, fatalities cannot be ruled out. Here, the guys die, while the ‘pussy’ gets away unharmed.

The above pictures describes what other people think when Indian guys fight

4. Indians guys’ suicide

It goes beyond fact that Indian guys are the most likely to commit suicide in the event of misery or love failure here in our country. I’ve talked about this. Reasons are plenty, but Indian girls had always been lower in statistics compared to Indian guy’s suicide rate.

It might be because basically those guys are simply sentimental idiots, or cowards who do not want to live anymore; scared about what the world might have to say. And suiciding because you couldn’t get a girl? Fuck the dead ones. I’ve got no respect.

Indian girls on the other hand do not end up suiciding once they fail in their quest of love, want to know why? It’s because they’re smart and they use their brains.

5. Indians shot dead or die in custody

Last but not least, we have quite a number of Indian shot dead blindly by the uniformed guys. Not saying that all of them were innocent victims, but even the criminal ones should have been given a fair trial. Sigh, they’re dead. No point talking bout it.

Hardly any Indian woman or girls are being shot dead, and so yes, Indian guys are getting lesser even because of this. Or let say even if the Indians are caught, most of them die in custody anyway. So , whether caught alive or not, chances for you to come out alive is pretty much poor.

6. Indians gets killed by hired killers

If you have enemy, then you should have one that would not harm you in anyway possible. I mean physically. Of course you might have enemies , but make sure you have someone who will not go to the extend of hiring someone to finish you up. If someone is willing to put up a bounty to your head, then mate; you have serious problem here.

Most of the times only Indian guys/mans gets killed by hired killers. Take an example of some of the Indian politician that got killed in recent years. And also the number of Indians shot dead in coffee shops and so on. We hardly hear any hire-and-kill for the woman’s/girls anyway.


And that’s what something that I can summarize from the lots of thinking I’ve done for this topic anyway. Please take note that I have no facts to support this post of mine, and I’ve written this based on my own observation and things that happens around me. I’ve a massive number of friends and thus pretty much I’ve some information on things that happens.

The same thing might be happening to other races as well, but again, I do not feel the importance of writing about it because this topic is not meant to be that way.

I guess it’s time for the Indian guys to just shut the fuck up of trying to be a ‘Singgam’ in the public and fight for each shit they can find reason for. Remember, the calmer you’re, the better it is for your life. It might just let you live a little longer. No need to be fucking wannabe gangster and end up getting beaten to death by another Indian or getting shot dead by the man in the blues.

Perhaps Indian parents should try for male babies to balance up the statistics. Girls, we, the Indian guys are getting lesser, thus it is time for you to act, get one of us as soon as possible.*Grin

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    Durai, good topic however i would like to add 2 more:-

    1)Affair(socially) – Indian guys dies faster as they love to have other lady@companion in their life besides their wife.Inteh tension leh sikerema ‘ticket’ yedeterevangeh.

    2)Food pattern (biologically) – Indian guys dies faster as they love to wallap’ all types of food(mutton,chicken @ whatever that’s high in cholesterol) especially while drinking.Furthermore, indians(guys are believed to have higher percentage than womens) are categorized as the one who has diabetics,high pressure,etc more than the reast.No proper diet actually :p

    Nandri. Vanakam :)

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    What ever the reasons are, you did a great job Durai…Damn, you really think a lot Man….Its ok. Well describing guys fighting for “pussy” with that monkeys picture, ha ha ha, its a pic with a funny twang Bro..I like that.

    Anyway, when you mentioned that girls use their brains more,than guys especially when it comes about love and relationship yes, girls are better, but Bro for me personally, sometimes i will undergo an emotional sensation that Guys do have knee to make sense better, I mean far much more better than girls..

    For me, an important secret to live longer is stay happy and don’t hurt other’s feelings and smile….

    Nice topic to be discussed Durai…Even you dont have enough data and statistics to support your research or what evr you call it, your observation really describes the real scenario here in our country,so it is a great topic… keep it BRO. and my favourite …

    “Girls, we, the Indian guys are getting lesser, thus it is time for you to act, get one of us as soon as possible.”WOW , Yeppadi Bang ippadi laan yosikiringgey, he he… anyway take care Durai bang, have to go…thanks

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    Haha, yes brother, our population in this country is definitely decreasing but yet, girls would still prefer to go for 1 guy although they know that he is being surrounded by 10 other girls.. Sigh, enna ulegam ithu…

    Dear Indian mandes, please stop being one and puhlease learn to live a decent and peaceful life.

    Valge Indian guys, valarge Indian girls.

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    Har?? Indian guys are getting lesser? Never notice aso…kekeke

    “Girls, we, the Indian guys are getting lesser, thus it is time for you to act, get one of us as soon as possible”

    Are you available? Kekeke…. :P

  • the truth

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    “It might be because basically those guys are simply sentimental idiots, or cowards who do not want to live anymore; scared about what the world might have to say.”

    To scared to face the truth but brave enough to take his/her own life?

    Anyhow, are you sure there are more Indian guys committing suicide compared to the girls? I thought girls are the ones famous for killing themselves because of stupid reasons like failing in exams.

  • Roy F

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    Well ….here in India girls are the ones who are disadvantaged, refusal to a

    proposal can end up in a disfigured face by acid throwing or death by multiple stab

    wounds or gangrape

    these happen to innocent girls which again is a minority in this country too(not-so

    -innocent ones always have a bunch of penises protecting her pussy). India is not as

    open as malaysia and so the girls have to lie low but given a chance they have time

    and again proved that they can beat guys in almost any field, 95% of them are MBA

    qualified no not the one in which you have to attend boring lectures and pay hefty

    fees here MBA stands for “Master of Bad Activities”. Only thing is that they are

    more careful in execution and after that, not to leave a trace and even if they get

    caught they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves(should I say blouse?)to wriggle out

    of the soup. Nope I’m not a girl hater but can’t stop admiring Girls and boys and

    their Games. Maybe I’d do some research on it and write a book (Game Theory :

    Grandpa all Games) and maybe who knows I may be the next “bloody Indian” to win a

    Nobel prize for Economics…Hmmmm.

  • varsha

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    well…didn’t noe dat Indian guys r getting lesser in Msia..
    ”We have too many Indian WARRIORS in our country that is more than willing to give up their life just because of a woman”- this is true bt they way u described it ..is funny..
    keep it up…:)

  • the truth

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    @Roy F

    Hi buddie, its always nice to have the opinions of an Indian, though i wouldn’t say that girls here in Malaysia are disadvantaged, but i think everything you’ve mentioned about those girls can be applied here as well.

  • Sheriff Of Ballsville

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    The guys die, while the ‘pussy’ gets away unharmed.

    hahaha…statement of the millenium laa bro…makes absolutely perfect sense…

  • savundra

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    nice topic la anne…i laughed alot…. a very different topic… damn proud, my anne can think this much.. :p


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    Superb ending brother.. “The guys die, while the ‘pussy’ gets away unharmed” inthe pombalengelea ippedithan.. kuthenggeh yejama kuthenggeh! Todays indian Pussies cant be stopped as there are alots of “KUTTHI KAVELAN’s” out there..

  • Dhurga

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    I’ve always been a silent reader of your blog, but this post was just too good. A truthful view of modern society. Well done.

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    @Nithz : Thanks nithz. I guess your two points is well said and of course, its true. But I think ah, some of the guys who has affair sometimes happy lo, because got two wat…hehehe

    @mallesh: Thank you brother. I echo your words brother :

    “For me, an important secret to live longer is stay happy and don’t hurt other’s feelings and smile….”

    @Makkez : Hahaha…seriya soningge bro.

    @-coolvaneegurl- : Am I available ? Eneke appeh vechitinggeleh…hehehe..

    @the truth : Bro, I forgot about that. But putting the amount of girls suicide versus the guys one…I think the guys are more la bro…athan..

    @Roy F : Thanks for visiting and putting in your opinion brother. Lol, I’ll wait for your book then brother..

    @varsha : Hehehe..thanks my dear..

    @Sheriff Of Ballsville : Glad you enjoyed it brother..

    @savundra : You’re most welcome thangachi…

    @ITKID : Kutthi kavelan…i’ll write something about that soon brother…ehehehe

    @Dhurga : Thanks dhurga…keep your comments flowing after this then…:D

  • lizard

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    durai : not kuthi kavelan la… jaga kuthi… JK

  • Asshole

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    What to expect from pariah indian fellows. They only got the balls to fight each other but when come to another race, their balls shrink. A bunch of stupid fucks!!!

  • Asshole

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    Bloody para payen’s

  • Rich dude

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    Speak for yourself……not all indians guys are like that…some are SOPHISTICATED

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    I think Indian guys dies faster than Indian girls in our country.
    –> agreed

    Perhaps Indian parents should try for male babies to balance up the statistics. Girls, we, the Indian guys are getting lesser, thus it is time for you to act, get one of us as soon as possible.*

    –> gap le aeroplane oota pakeringala?? application podera maatri irukku.. :P

    Whatever u said above is true. Very true. something we (anne and me) had discussed before too in our supper time.

  • malaysian666

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    I feel indians behaves like a heros , villians, boy/girl distress over love failure based on the characters shown in a tamil movies.i think malaysian government should barred movies like that on tv channel . Its quite extreme but sorry to say our indian fools will always take the negative roles instead of positive one .Roles as gangsters shown in movies like the one Aaru,thotil jaya,bheema to name few. Directors in tamil nadu think all indians are either gangsters or lovers .Malaysian indians must realise we are not tamilnadu indians, they are fools,ungrateful and traitors to their own kind,so should only take what is good and positive for us . We have many NGOs to help the indians who have been negatively influence ,remember everybody have a right to change the lives from bad to good .GOD will give everyone a chance those take it have a wonderful lives ahead ,those who miss it RIP.

  • Vivek

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    Bro, no matter how many times you tell this to our Indian brothers, they will never listen. Alcohol has been synonym to Indians and that’s why the term ‘India Mabuk’ is so frequently used. We aren’t getting angry towards that term because that is true. We truely contribute to the alcohol business in this nation. Just roughly go through some of the guy’s facebook on weekends, it will be photos of them drinking their liver off in pubs. Sambarikkarathey rendu moonu kaasu, athelaiyum raaja vaalkai venumnaa eppadi??


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