Kathaley Jayem Theme

This piece of brilliant music was send in by S.A. Arun , our local music director who had come up with impressive piece of work so far. It’s a theme song, but it’s nice, maybe you can have it as your ring tone. Short but mesmerizing. Valge Mannin Mainthargal!

And Don’t forget to drop in your honest comment about the song, it might just inspire them!


Music Director Sri S.A.Arun exclusively composed a theme song for Film Director BenG (Supreme) movie title Kathaley Jeyam.

Banner : Praveena’s Production
Story, Screen Play & Direction : BenG
Music for Trailer and Theme Song : Sri S.A.Arun
Singer : Sri S.A.Arun, D’ Lina & Shobana Nair

Kathaley Jeyam Theme – SRI S.A.ARUN, D Lina & Shobana Nair

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