Each one of us is unique. Some might have a lot of similarities, but the fact remains that every one of us, vary from each other. Even twins possess only similar physical value, but mentally or characteristics’ might differ. Just like that, some people might like watching porn. They might allocate 1 hour per day […]


I would like to remind all of you that the due date or the closing date for the charity donation would be on Sunday (28/06/09). The execution had been postponed to next week Friday (03/07/09) since we could only purchase the items next week. Just in case, if there is any last minute donation that […]

Kemalangan Ngeri

Note : This post contains some extremely disturbing ‘graphic’ pictures. Viewer’s discretion advised. So, Durai was out with his cousins and uncle for a wild beer party. A massive amount of beer free-flowed and Durai, as usual licked the beer glass till the last drop like he had never seen beer before in his life. […]

Eyes of Kali

I was indeed shocked when one of my office mate showed me this video the other day. I’m not someone who would believe blindly on things but this video is indeed something that shouldn’t be brushed off aside .This video had not been circulated around as of now. If this video is indeed true and […]

Sequels 2

First thing first, I’m terribly sorry towards some of you for not being able to reply on some of your comments. I know it’s like a terrible thing to do, when I post something, you comment, and when I don’t reply towards some of your question, then it’s wrong. It’s not like I do not […]

What’s God and What’s Not

This story is dedicated to all the blind fools who follow everything that other people say without doing a research or without any advice. Like what people say plunging into death blindly, this is how this people does things and also influence others the same way. This story is based on what I’ve studied in […]

Muar Kali- Redefined

This topic was hot in Makkez blog the other day and I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it because it is obvious that stupid followers exist everywhere. Even if I get in trance tomorrow and claim that I’m actually Lord Buddha, then I would have at least 10 stupid fucks following my back thinking […]

Pechayiamman Temple, Klang

I’ve decided to close down my other blog about exotic temples and combine it together over here in This is due to millions of hits I’ve been receiving for the other blog and I guess closing it down would bring the millions of hits to instead. I would talk about all the temples […]

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